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It is that time of the year when I stop reflecting on last years travel and start focusing on the amazing places I want to visit this year. If I listed every single place I would love to visit this year we would both be here for some time! However, I have managed to whittle down my long bucket list into the top 10 best destinations to visit in 2017 – enjoy and get travelling!

Amman, Jordan


Amman, Jordan

With Jordan growing in popularity, Amman is growing in tourism meaning cheaper hostels and hotel options along with a more welcoming, safer community. Whilst here, take a trip to Petra – one of the Wonders of the World. This is one of my top picks and needs to find a way onto everyone’s Bucket List.

Average prices for Amman

Daily cost: $50

Dorm per night: $10

Hotel per night: $45

Taxi: $2

Meal: $7

Pint of beer: $2

Things to do

King Abdullah I Mosque – Day trip to Petra – Roman Theater – Jordan Archaeological Museum – Ancient Ruins of the Citadel – Learn to cook Arabic food – Try Sugar Cane Juice – Visit a Turkish Bath – Desert Castles



Dublin, Ireland

Dublin has been on my radar for some years now so what better destination to include on this list of destinations for 2017. Known for its Guinness and Jameson Whisky, Dublin is worth a visit just to explore these factories! Besides the drink, you can also tour the Trinity College Campus and impressive Library that is home to the Book of Kells. Our love of old prisons may also take us to Kilmainham Gaol, full of prisoner stories but also used in films, programmes and a U2 music video. As the super geek I am, this ‘Nerd Guide’ is really helpful.

Average prices for Dublin

Daily cost: $70

Dorm per night: $15

Hotel per night: $90

Taxi: $10

Meal: $15

Pint of beer: $5

Things to do

Trinity College – Dublin Castle – St. Patrick’s Cathedral – Old Jameson Distillery – Guinness Storehouse – Drinking Irish Coffee – What to do in a day?



Santiago, Chile

This city is a photographers dream with bright homes, gorgeous skylines and amazing opportunities for those perfect shots. Santiago is one of South Americas most stable and profitable cities, meaning prices have never been better for travellers. The hostel business is very competitive too, so you can snag a great deal.

Average prices for Santiago

Daily cost: $40

Dorm per night: $7

Hotel per night: $35

Taxi: $4

Meal: $12

Pint of beer: $3

Things to do

Santa Lucia Hill – Wine drinking -La Moneda Palace – Parque Forestal – Santiago Metropolitan Cathedral – El Yeso Dam

NIAGARA FALLS border crossing



Full of stunning National Parks, incredible cities and breathtaking landscapes; Canada is a destination that should be on everyones list. 2017 sees the country celebrate its 150th Anniversary so what better time to visit and enjoy the celebrations.

Average prices for Canada

Daily cost: $70

Dorm per night: $20

Hotel per night: $50

Taxi: $10

Meal: $17

Pint of beer: $6

Things to do

Spend time in Toronto – Get soaked in Niagara Falls – Explore Banff National Park – Photograph the gorgeous Quebec CityEnjoy British Columbia – Chill in Vancouver – Enjoy Ottawa



Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is our all time favourite city. You can never get bored of this city with its variety of temples and shrines, modern high rises and technology everywhere. Literally. You can’t walk more than 10 steps before coming across another vending machine, selling everything and anything you can possibly imagine. Head to Tokyo now before the prices sky rocket as their Olympics draw nearer. Phenomenal Globe share their detailed itinerary of their 3 days in Tokyo. 

Average prices for Tokyo

Daily cost: $100

Dorm per night: $30

Capsule hotel: $60

Hotel per night: $120

Taxi: $20

Meal: $30

Pint of beer: $9

Things to do

Eat at authentic sushi restaurants in Tsukiji Fish Market – Visit Meiji Shrine and Senso-ji – Go shopping in Harajuku on a Sunday – Get the best views of the city from The Metropolitan Government BuildingFirst time tourist?

Russia cheap travel vacation



With 2017 marking 100 years since the Russian Revolution, this is a great time to visit the expansive city that often gets overlooked. Explore the amazing cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg or explore the country via train.

Average prices for Russia

Daily cost: $60

Dorm per night: $15

Hotel per night: $45

Taxi: $5

Meal: $20

Pint of beer: $4

Things to do

Visit the famous St Basil’s Cathedral  – Winter Palace – The Red Square – Go skiing in the west -Watch the stunning Bolshoi Ballet Company – Tackle the Trans-Siberian Railway – Trans Siberian Express

La Tour Eiffel



After a rough 2016, France is still a destination full of beautiful countrysides, cute villages and of course, the romantic Paris. With less tourists in the country, the cities are quieter and cheaper and still worth exploring.

Average prices for France

Daily cost: $80

Dorm per night: $20

Hotel per night: $70

Taxi: $15

Meal: $30

Pint of beer: $6

Things to do

Enjoy the beauty of Paris with its Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame De Paris and Arc De Triomphe – Palace of Versailles – French Riviera – Eat your weight in Macaroons – Drink champagne in Champagne – Be a big kid at Disneyland Paris – Visit enchanting Colmar – Relax in Nice



Taipei, Taiwan

Often compared to Japan, Taiwan is a great hybrid between old and new. Taipei is home to some incredible skyscrapers and serves up the best dim sum there is but beyond the capital are some incredible mountains and countrysides to explore.

Average prices for Taiwan

Daily cost: $50

Dorm per night: $10

Hotel per night: $45

Taxi: $4

Meal: $6

Pint of beer: $2

Things to do

Eat Dim Sum – Get lost in Taroko National Park – Relax at the Sun Moon Lake – Head up Taipei 101 for the best view of the city.



Cairns, Australia

If you have ever dreamed of diving in the Great Barrier Reef, go now! Global warming has caused coral bleaching, ruining the corals of the Reef. This place is on our list for 2017, so we can witness the Great Barrier at its greatest. Cairns is also surrounded by rainforests worth exploring, gorgeous beaches, picture perfect national parks and even whale watching.

Average prices for Cairns

Daily cost: $70

Dorm per night: $15

Hotel per night: $60

Taxi: $15

Meal: $20

Pint of beer: $5

Great Barrier Reef day trips start at around $130.

Things to do

Daintree Rainforest – Dive in the Great Barrier Reef – Cape Tribulation – White Water Rafting, Cairns Wildlife Dome – Helicopter tour

Giraffe Manor


Nairobi, Kenya

Not only is Nairobi a perfect destination for wildlife and nature but is also a fun and exciting city. The Giraffe Manor is a spectacular hotel that is definitely on my bucket list of places to stay!

Average prices for Nairobi

Daily cost: $40

Dorm per night: $7

Hotel per night: $20

Taxi: $6

Meal: $5

Pint of beer: $1.50

Things to do

Nairobi National Museum – Drink Kenyan Tea and Coffee – Nairobi National Park – Maasai Market – Giraffe Manor

So there you have it, 10 of the best destinations to travel to in 2017!

Where are you heading to in 2017?! Share your plans in the comments below.

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  1. Some fantastic places Katie! Will have a good read! Very interested in Cairns! May be living there this time next year!

    Dublin is fabulous I am sure you will love it! It is also the home of my favourite shop name ever!

  2. So many awesome places. I think I’d like to add all of these to my wish list, especially Japan. Thanks for the ideas and inspiration.

  3. Dublin is a lovely city, you should definitely go visit! Chile is a top travel wish-list destination for me, maybe 2017.

  4. Oh Amman is just wonderful! Jordan as a whole is by far the friendliest place I’ve ever been to! And despite what’s going on around it, not once did I feel unsafe which nobody believes when I say but hey ho. I’d love to go to Russia but something about the country kind of scares me!
    Towards the end of your article I misread the cost of beer in Nairobi as $150 and honestly almost headbutted my laptop, I sat up that fast. Fingers crossed you get to knock a few of these off the list this year!

  5. Love this list.

    Except your prices on Australia. Try doubling most of those prices. On average the lowest you’ll pay for a pint of beer is $10. Dorm room $40+ Hotels rooms $100+ $15 for a taxi might get you around the corner.

  6. Such a great roundup! I’m hoping to tick off Chile from my bucketlist. I’ve been to a couple of these places already & I see that you’ve mentioned Japan (my favourite country in the world). Make sure you go there during cherry blossom season, it’s gorgeous!

  7. Lot’s of inspiration for booking a flight here! You got the most important part of information on each listing too. How much for a price of beer!

  8. Nice and considerate put together! Jordan is probably gonna happen quite soon for me, but also Kenya and Canada would be extremely interesting for me. Decisions, decisions!

  9. Of this list, I’ve only been to France. Best wishes for you to travel to all these places in 2017. Hoping I’d get to travel as much too!

  10. FYI…..Canada is celebrating its anniversary by offering free admission throughout the year to all its national parks. Please include Montreal (that’s where I live!) on your places to visit – it’s a great multi-cultural city and a definite foodie destination. I would also really like to go to Chile and anywhere in Africa would be amazing! Here’s hoping you get to fulfill all your travel dreams in 2017!

  11. Awesome list!! Definitely want to visit all the places on here that we have yet to go to including Chile, Kenya, Jordan, and Japan.. oh and Taiwan! Ah! I’m like you if we started listed all the places I wanted to go, we’d be here all day. So many wonderful places to discover and it’s so great that you’ve been able to see so many so far! Love this list and the affordability of it. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Fantastic and inspirational list! I agree to all of them, great places to discover, my personal favourite would be Australia.
    What I really appreciate here, is that you already give some good inside tips. Pity is just, that I could easily add 100 more places to this list 😀
    Anyway – lets hope you can see all of them in 2017, happy travelling 🙂

  13. Lots of interesting options to travel in 2017. Tokyo, Taipie and Chile is going to be on top of my list for this year along with Norway and Iceland. Thanks for including the tips for every place in the list, makes it so much easier to make up my mind :).

  14. I have visited all of those places except for number eight (Taipei). And I’ve been to Canada multiple times! Looks like I’ll have to put Taipei on my list. I’ve been hearing lots of good things about it. Jordan is fascinating and Petra is absolutely amazing.

  15. Wow, so many great destinations! It would be a dream to visit all of these in 2017! If I have some travel plans, I’d refer to this list for sure!

  16. Lots of fine choices here and I’ve been fortunate to see half of these places. Jordan is definitely a place I want to check out, and I recently came back from Scotland, so I need to visit its neighbor in Ireland. I’d love to go to Russia but I heard obtaining a visa is quite a hassle.

  17. Wonderful list. I’d love to visit Jordan, Russia and Japan! I had a great time in Dublin and in Toronto when I was there. I live in Paris and I agree that after the attacks in November 2015 the tourism industry in Paris suffered for quite a while. Things seem to be going back to normal now, though. I think the tourism industry in Nice is recovering as well. In Normandie and Bretagne tourism is as busy as it always was 🙂

  18. Happy to say that I visited Tokyo and Santiago in 2016 but not visiting any of your other destinations in 2017. Beautiful photos and suggestions though. Hopefully Canada for 2018!

  19. Love the list! Do add Masai Mara to your list when you go to Nairobi…Nairobi in itself isnt a great place. Taiwan was such a surprise destination…went there last year and loved it!

  20. Totally agree with Amman, and while anyone is there, shall rent a car and drive to south and Petra! Canada is a must since it’s our anniversary. Great list!

  21. Great list. I’ve been in a few of your recommended destinations: Dublin, Taipei, and Canada. One of my greatest travel regrets was not venturing into the mountains of Taiwan when I was there (I love hiking and trekking). Dublin is a great city (my grandmother was born there in 1890) and I still have some family there. Good post. I hope all your travels in 2017 are safe and happy!

  22. Interesting list! I’m so glad you included the average cost of things. I haven’t been to the majority of these places (about time I do though) so I’ll be adding them to my list. Canada is indeed a dream for me – I’ve seen so many beautiful photos of their national parks. Hopefully, I’ll tick off a few places from your suggestions this year 🙂

  23. I love that Santiago made the list, I actually lived there for two years. I definitely want to see a bunch of the places on this list, especially Dublin and Jordan! My number 1 for 2017 is Lisbon 🙂

  24. A great summary of places to visit in 2017! Jordan is definitely one of my favourite places to visit – such a beautiful country. So glad that this made the list! I have also hear fantastic things about Taipei and I hope one day to make it over there.

  25. I can not agree more with number 8 Taipei. I love the whole of Taiwan. I would even go as far as saying that this is one of my favourite countries along with Myanmar. So much to do and see.
    Taipei is great for cycling. They are very health conscious and have made excellent cycle tracks. It also has it all with the feeling of the city as well as beautiful parks and mountains to climb nearby.

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