They say that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer but having the funds to travel the world can be a challenge. For those wanting to spend as little as possible on their travels in 2017, here are 10 cheap destinations to explore this year.

Nepal Cheapest travel destinations


Kathmandu, Nepal

Often overlooked by those heading to Asia, Nepal has a wealth of history and culture but won’t break the bank. In Pokhara, private rooms in nice hotels cost an average of $15 whilst some private rooms can cost as little as $5 a night. Similar rooms in the capital Kathmandu cost an average of $24. Food is cheap with street food costing under £1/$1 and sit-down meals costing anywhere between $1 – $7. The Common Wanderer shares their view on why you should visit Nepal in 2017 and for those adventurous hikers, you can learn about hiking to the Mt Everest Base Camp.

Average prices for Kathmandu

Daily cost: $ 22

Dorm per night: $4

Hotel per night: $12

Taxi: $1.80

Meal: $4

Pint of beer: $2

1L Water: $0.37



Budapest, Hungary

Growing in popularity, Budapest is a gorgeous city and makes for a romantic city break. The prices are still lower than other major cities around Europe, with 2017 being no exception. Visit the thermal baths and treat yourself to some amazing cakes. Learn more about Budapest with the Gypsy Couples Guide or find out about the Top things to do during a Budapest Weekend trip. 

Average prices for Budapest

Daily cost: $ 60

Dorm per night: $13

Hotel per night: $30

Taxi: $6

Meal: $20

Pint of beer: $1.60

1L Water: $1

Angkor Wat Ruins in a day



A favourite country of mine, Cambodia has always been a cheaper place to visit – Phenomenal Globe breaks down the budget you will need for a trip to Cambodia. With more and more flights in and out of the country, visiting the amazing Angkor Wat temple complex or learning about the countries history in Phnom Penh has never been more accessible. Siem Reap offers 5 star resorts for under $48 whilst a typical private room in Phnom Penh averages at $10. Check out our blog about a gorgeous and cheap hotel in Siem Reap or learn about the beautiful beaches of Koh Rong.

Average prices for Cambodia

Daily cost: $ 30

Dorm per night: $2

Hotel per night: $10

Taxi: $3

Meal: $5

Pint of beer: $1

1L Water: $0.70



Halong Bay, Vietnam

A poplar choice for backpackers in South East Asia, Vietnam is still a cheap option all year round. With dorm beds starting at $4 and double rooms costing around $12 a night on average. Trains and coaches across the country are aplenty, meaning competitive prices and actual luxury coaches rather than ‘luxury’ (cram yourself into any space available) coaches. Halong Bay cruises can be booked for as little as $100 per person for 2 night tours. For off the beaten track experiences in Vietnam, read Fiona travels from Asia’s blogs about cheap but beautiful destinations around this gorgeous country.

Average prices for Vietnam

Daily cost: $ 30

Dorm per night: $6

Hotel per night: $15

Taxi: $1.80

Meal: $10

Pint of beer: $0.70

1L Water: $0.40

viewpoint in South Africa


Cape Town, South Africa

With more and more flights heading to Cape Town, what better time to go and experience this incredible city. Get the best views from Table Mountain or sample some of the incredible street food. Read Safari Junkies blog post about the cheapest backpacking places to stay in South Africa to save some money on accommodation.

Average prices for Cape Town

Daily cost: $60

Dorm per night: $8

Hotel per night: $40

Taxi: $6

Meal: $25

Pint of beer: $1.63

1L Water: $0.90

Grand Palace & Wat Phra Kaew



Thailand is a popular and cheap choice for many and is definitely worth visiting in 2017; particularly the cheaper cities in Northern Thailand such as Chiang Mai. Prices in Bangkok are rising, so visiting this year before hotels reach the prices of Hong Kong and Singapore is a must. Read about Bangkok’s Grand Palace or learn about the best Phuket day trips to take in the South.

Average prices for Bangkok

Daily cost: $60

Dorm per night: $5

Hotel per night: $25

Taxi: $4

Meal: $7

Pint of beer: $2

1L Water: $0.40

Merida, Mexico


Mérida, Mexico

Ancient ruins and beautiful beaches greet those who visit Mérida each year. As the capital city of Mexican state, Yucatán, there is plenty of museums and cultural sites to visit along with exquisite but affordable food.

Average prices for Mérida

Daily cost: $50

Dorm per night: $10

Hotel per night: $45

Taxi: $2

Meal: $7

Pint of beer: $2

1L Water: $0.50

Naples, Italy


Naples, Italy

Italy is renowned for being one of the most expensive countries in Europe, with it’s major cities stealing that title. Even with all its beauty and charm, Naples often gets over looked by the many tourists visiting Italy, meaning prices are much more affordable than many places in Europe. Read 2 food trippers post to learn more about the amazing food Naples has to offer.

Average prices for Naples

Daily cost: $65

Dorm per night: $15

Hotel per night: $50

Taxi: $8

Meal: $9

Pint of beer: $4

1L Water: $1.50

Crete, Greece


Crete, Greece

The economic and social problems in Greece at the moment have kept the prices lower than your average beach getaway in Europe. Crete has enough going on to keep young groups entertained or if you’re looking to relax, head to one of the quieter islands. Check out the Best Hotels in Crete under €100 too and find out about the Top things to do in Heraklion, Crete.

Average prices for Crete

Daily cost: $60

Dorm per night: $15

Hotel per night: $50

Taxi: $4

Meal: $15

Pint of beer: $4

1L Water: $0.60

Best hotels in Las Vegas


Las Vegas

Some people love it, some people hate it but one things for sure, the prices are getting lower and lower! With more and more hotels propping up, hotel prices are become more competitive than ever. Who knew a week in a hotel on the strip can cost as little as $500?! I am a big fan of Vegas and urge everyone to visit it this year. No it is not as cheap as other places on the list but it is so much fun! They also have some of the best buffets the world. See how Jet Settera spends her time in Las Vegas here or read about the best casinos.

Average prices for Vegas

Daily cost: $60

Dorm per night: $15

Hotel per night: $50

Taxi: $10

Meal: $20

Pint of beer: $4.50

1L Water: $4

Too many places, too little time and cash! If you want to find countries where you can spend as little as $30 a day, read Allison from Eternal Arrivals post here. Or, you may decide to purchase a timeshare resale online for the destinations you love returning too. Timeshare resales online are a great bargain, and when you’re no longer interested in a particular destination you can always perform a timeshare exit.

 Where are you heading to in 2017?! Share your plans in the comments below.

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  1. Great post! I love how you included the average costs of some travel basics. Combining Halong Bay and Cambodia could be an amazing trip! Personally, I’d love to visit Budapest and Crete this year! Happy Travels!

  2. Nice itinerary for the New Year. Merida Mexico has been on my radar for awhile now. I’m glad to see Budapest isn’t too pricey either, definitely want to visit there. Thanks for sharing and happy and safe travels to you!

  3. I almost booked a flight to Vietnam and Cambodia last year but had to cancel my plans when something else came up. Maybe this post is an indication that I need to head there this year. 🙂 I love how you have broken the costs of each activity and this is quite helpful.

  4. Great post ! Ive only been in Las Vegas and Thailand from your list, but would love to see the rest! Especially South Africa and Vietnam ! Have you visit them all ?

  5. Great list! We went to Budapest in 2016 when we needed a break from more expensive cities in Europe. We ended up spending less all around but doing even more! Mexico is on my list for 2017. This is a really great list – I just wish flying from the States was a bit cheaper to places like Cape Town and Vietnam. I’d be going there immediately! Cape Town is a dream of mine, so I’m always on the lookout for flight deals.

  6. In these days of cheap airfares, it can be one thing to get a bargain price to a great destination, but finding you’re laying out a fortune just to be there. Youth hostels are marvellous places for value, and fellow guests can give you more pointers.

    The “pint of beer” metric is a useful one. Nothing makes for a great holiday like sharing it with fellow travellers over a mug or two of the local stuff.

    Mind you, the extras can be a killer. Las Vegas hotels can be ridiculously cheap, sometimes with buffet meals thrown in. But they are counting on you to step into the gaming rooms…

  7. We’ve traveled to Vietnam and Thailand and found both to be very inexpensive. I just returned from India which was even cheaper yet! The most expensive part of traveling to these parts was of course, the air fare getting there! 🙂

  8. Wow, that is a great list for a budget traveler like me. I have been to Kathmandu and I know I cheap it is. Well, my country India is also one of the cheapest destinations in the world. Have you been to India yet. Most of the destinations here are cheap, including Himalayan treks.

    • I haven’t been to India but would love to go! Thanks for sharing another cheap destination for 2017!

  9. I didn’t know that Las Vegas could be a cheap destination until I read this! Thanks for putting together such a comprehensive list for those travelling on a budget. And of course, for me SEA is always the best region for budget travelling 😀

    • Hi Fiona, yeah Vegas isn’t the cheapest on this list but can be done on the cheap! SEA is our favourite place to explore with the prices being a big reason!

  10. Really great list. I’ve always wanted to go to Nepal, to see this on your list makes it even more tempting. Already planned a trip to South Africa this February, so that one is covered. So excited for this year of travel!

    • Have an awesome time in South Africa, it is on our list too!

  11. Nepal and Mexico are two places I’d love to go to, so I’m very happy and hyped to see them on this list. And wow, I agree with the person above that its strange to see Las Vegas on this list, but I understand how it is and am again very happy to see it here. Only problem for me is flights from London haha.

    • Yeah we are based in the UK too so flights are pricey but keep an eye on Virgin, they have some great deals every so often!

  12. I am leaving for Thailand in a month. Will play it safe with the cash. Was surprised to see Las Vegas on the list. Always thought it to be expensive destination.

  13. Great list! I’ve visited 5 of these places and agree with them all, especially Thailand! I’m visiting Las Vegas in June so really looking forward to that! Bali is another really cheap destination with lots of amazing pool villas 🙂

    • Enjoy Vegas, it is so much fun! Thank you for sharing Bali too, we will have to add that to our bucket list!

  14. This is such a great post! I’m so surprised to see places like Vegas, Italy, and Greece on the list, though. Good to know that you can travel to those places on a budget! Definitely going to add Crete to my Greece list!

  15. I bought a plane ticket to Budapest yesterday! Gotta love European budget airlines. Sofia to Budapest roundtrip for $43.

    This post is great. I’ll ahve to save it for my next trip planning!

    • Oh a great deal! Have a fantastic time 🙂

  16. I’m going to Budapest at the end of May, so it’s good to know it’s not too expensive. I really want to visit Crete as well. May try and fit it in somewhere!

  17. Wow, that’s some list I couldn’t have imagined of. Didn’t know places like Las Vegas, Crete-Greece and Naple-Italy could feature in there too. I’m bookmarking your page and will save these destinations surely for my future trips. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Nice informative list. But I did not knew that Las Vegas will also be part of this list. It was surprising for me as for me it is one of the costly place to visit. Loved to know that it can also be done in the budget trips.

  19. Great post. I have visited most of the places on this list and agree they are some cheap destinations. Central and South America are also very affordable destinations. I have never been to Budapest but thought it would be cheaper than the prices above, that sucks! haha. I am hoping to vsiit Greece and Hungary this year so this price guide will come in handy!

  20. You can tell I am a budget traveller as I have been to 7/10 of these places 🙂
    A great list of places some people think are expensive (especially Vegas) but do not have to be. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Love that you have average costs for everything! I’m dying to visit Nepal but this year we will be exploring Vietnam and Bali!Budapest is at the top! Great list!

  22. Glad to see Greece on your list, although that is because Europe for us means very cheap flights (sometimes as little as £10!) I’d add the north of Zante in Greece to your list as its beautiful, relaxing and local, so you can stay for great value.

  23. Inspiring list! Have been to about half of the places. Still much to explore. I didn’t expect Cape Town and Naples being on the list. Something for future consideration. Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  24. These are excellent options – I actually have a few on this list to tick off my travel bucket list. I didn’t realize that some of these European countries can be budget-friendly. I guess it’s all about planning especially when it comes to deciding which attractions to visit and where to eat. In the end, you can decide whether you want to keep your vacation within budget or splurge. Great post to get that travel bug going!

  25. I get destinations in South East Asia are cheap, but some of the others came as a surprise to me. South Africa and Naples for example! I will definitely keep them in mind. I am actually going to Nepal in April so I am stoked to read you have included this as a cheap destination! I think Indonesia would have made a perfect one too! Thanks for putting this together!

  26. Great post! Countries in SE Asia are definitely great for cheap holidays – I’m going to Malaysia later this year, and compared to some other places, it seems ridiculously cheap! Budapest is lovely too (I grew up in Hungary), although other Hungarian cities are even cheaper!

  27. I would have never expected Cape Town to be this cheap. We went there on our honeymoon and spent a fortune … but then it was our honeymoon! I would love to revisit the town though!

  28. I have visited Las Vegas, Budapest, Thailand, Cambodia … somehow South Africa is popping out lately and I have never been in Africa … Maybe I should put South Africa on my bucket list in 2017! 😉

    • I am trying to find a way to get us there this year too!

  29. Honestly, most from your list I would want to visit and stay. Nepal because of Dr. Strange movie. Ihihi. Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam are my fAvorite places to see asap. I find these countries enjoying a somehow laidback lifestyle and would want to see some ricefields, monks, and elephants.

  30. I like that you did a breakdown of prices for each city rather than just saying they’re cheap. Personally I’ve been to Budapest myself and I can agree 100% that is definitely budget friendly! Almost all my meals cost me less than 5 euro!

  31. Almost all those places and countries are on my list too! Except for Las Vegas which I never thought would be that cheap. I guess, flight will be my only problem. Coming from Manila, flights are expensive that I have to save a lot in order to go there. Hopefully few years from now, I can go! Great post! Will bookmark this 🙂

  32. This is a great collection of places, though I have been to most, I was quit surprised to see Vagas on the list. I would expect it to be rather on the pricey side. I may re-thing my travel plans 😉

  33. wow great list! I hope i atleast get to one of them this year 🙂

  34. Thanks for the tips! I love travel and plan to do so this year, so will definitely check these destinations!

  35. Kathmandu and Budapest are totally on our list! But the complete list is so amazing and well thought after!

  36. Great list with average prices. I have only been to Budapest in this list.

  37. Great job for collecting and collating this list! A must for the travel bug on a budget!

  38. It’s amazing how cheap some of these countries are – perfect for the budget-minded traveler. I’ve been to a few of these but the one place I would really like to go to is Nepal. I hope to make it there very soon!

  39. I’m always looking to travel on a budget, so this is a great list. I’ve been fortunate to visit many of these places and I agree that they should be on there. I think Naples and Cape Town would surprise me as cheap destinations, so I’ll have to really put them into consideration if I’m looking for budget travels!

  40. I definitely want to visit Thailand this year!

  41. Nice list with some good tips, I am a big fan of Budapest and fully agree with your mentioned prices! Next time include also Lisbon, tickets there are normally quite affordable from the US 😀

    • Oh really?! that is great! Will include that in the part two! 😉

  42. Great list! Thank you for sharing. Nepal looks good, will have to check out your links.

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