Australian Landmarks

Australia is a land of many wonders with many popular Australian landmarks. It is a country and a continent on its own. It holds rare species and most of them are only unique to this part of the world. This is the land where you can find the Kangaroo, a beautiful porch mammal. You can take a lot of time to explore this amazing land and I guarantee you that you will not exhaust all its wonders.

A lot of people backpack around Australia every year. If you are an Australian and you want to explore your country more, this list is perfect for you. For foreign tourists who wish to know the best tourist spot in Australia, hang on as I take you on a guide through this land of magic.

The Sydney Opera House

This is perhaps the most famous landmark in Australia. When someone spots this in a picture and is asked the name the country of origin, Sydney will be the definite answer. A marvellous structure is shaped like a bunch of shells. Not only is it a crucial landmark for the Australians, it is the first stop for tourists who come to Australia.

Australian Landmarks

Uluru – Kata Tjuta National Park

This is a national park that is mainly made of monoliths and descending dry hills. The park is one of the most photographed natural sites in the world and you will know why when you visit this amazing place. If you are escorted with a good tour guide, you can have one of the most exciting nature tours of your life.

Australian Landmarks

Blue Mountains National Park

This is another impressive site that you should see whenever you visit Australia. It is so revered that it is preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The site is wonderful. When you visit these mountains, they appear blue from a distance due to the eucalyptus trees. The rest is made of amazing waterfalls, gorges, aboriginal rock paintings and many kilometers of hiking trails. This is a 600,000-acre heaven on earth.

Australian Landmarks

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

This is another listed World Heritage Site. It is one of the largest living structures currently and it was put under protection by the Australian government to avoid its destruction. It consists of more than 3,000 coral reefs and inshore mangrove islands. The park is a site to behold and I do not think if there is any left in the world as this one. You can dive and explore this majestic view with regulation from your tour guide.

Australia Itinerary

The Sydney Harbor Bridge

Although Australia is well known for its natural tourist attraction, it has some manmade features to marvel at. The Sydney Harbor Bridge is one of these man-made wonders. The bridge is the largest steel arch bridge in the world. It connects Sydney’s north shore to the central business district. It has two railway lines on the bridge with an eight-lane road also on the bridge.

You can also have a guided walk on the bridge and enjoy a spectacular sunset view of the city.

Australia Itinerary

Nightlife of Melbourne

When you are in Melbourne, it is like you are in a city mixed with two completely cultures. The day life of Melbourne presents the cultural life of the Aborigines and the night life is rich in entertainment. You can shop, get a cocktail and visit the marvelous parks present throughout the city. Do not forget to visit the Melbourne Cricket Ground too.

Bondi Beach

A vacation is not complete without a day out to the beach. The Bondi beach is one of the most popular beaches in Australia. It is just a few minutes’ drive from the Sidney city center. Here, you can get your nude on and enjoy the Australian sun at its best while swimming in the hazy waters.

Australian Landmarks

The Great Ocean Road

A road trip in this scene is one of the best experiences you will ever have. The great ocean road was not built for exploration but it serves that function perfectly. Stretching over 300 kilometres along the Australian Southeast coast, the drive will surely leave you with satisfaction. The drive will take you through the towns of Torquay and Allansford and you will go through Port Campbell National Park. You will also get a chance to see the famous rock mountains along the way. You can acquire the services of easy rent cars for a good car which will get you through the entire road trip.

Fraser Island

The Fraser Island is another must visit place when you tour Australia. The island has crystal clear water and is covered with ancient rainforests. The colored sandstones of the Cathedral, the Champagne pools and a long endless beach are some of the things you expect to see when you visit this island.

Kakadu National Park

Another must visit place in Australia. The Kakadu National Park is Australia’s largest national park covering an area of approximately 19,000 square kilometers. The park has it all from rainforests, swamps, ancient rock paintings, wetlands, waterfalls and a diverse collection of wildlife species. The park is enormous and you can explore it from bus, air, a car or by boat.

Australia has so many amazing sights to offer, it is hard to know where to start! Remember, there are various ways you can explore Australia on a budget too. 

Where is your favourite place to visit in Australia? Let us know in the comments below!

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Australian Landmarks
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Australian Landmarks
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