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Beijing has a lot to offer, so we share 10 things to do in Beijing, China & some unique things to do in Beijing, to get off the beaten path. 

If you are new here, you may not know that we spent two years living in the city of Tianjin, just outside of Beijing, China. We loved exploring the capital on the weekends and found it hard to narrow down the top 10 things to do in Beijing, but we managed it (and included a few extra unique things to do too!).

Things to do in Beijing, China

The Great Wall of China things to do in Beijing

1. The Great wall of China

There are several spots around Beijing that offer different perspectives of the Great Wall. From the fully restored Mutianyu to the wild and challenging Jiankou, check out the different options for those wanted to experience the Great Wall of China. We wrote a post about the best way to visit the great wall >> Everything you need to know about visiting the Great Wall of China.

Choose one section of the Great Wall to explore on a day trip, with plenty of tours available from Beijing. If you want a unique experience in Beijing, you could opt to stay on the Great Wall, either in one of the guest houses or you could opt to camp on the Great Wall too.

Those photographic shots and your experience of the Great Wall will change with the seasons but I suggest Spring or Autumn visit the Wall. This means that the weather is fairly sunny and the sky is clear without the heat and tourists that arrive from June to August. April and September are great times to visit because it is warm but not too hot and the sky is clear.

AVOID the National Holidays in China:

  • Golden Week: First week of October
  • Chinese New Year (February)
  • May Day (1st-2nd May)
The Forbidden City Beijing

2) Forbidden City

This palace complex is China’s largest and best-preserved collection of ancient buildings. Once home to two generations of Dynasties, the Forbidden City is now a popular spot for tourists and Chinese alike. The entrance fee is RMB 60 and you can pay a guide to talk you through the palace or get an audio tour for RMB 40.

Meridian Gate is the main entrance for visitors and can be accessed from Tiananmen West or Tiananmen East Station on Subway line 1.

The Forbidden City is closed on Mondays but opens every day otherwise from 8.30am. We recommend arriving here for opening time to avoid the tour buses or visit in the early afternoon, around 2pm.

Make sure to bring your passport, wear comfortable shoes and wear layers.

Summer Palace in Beijing

3) Summer Palace

Open 6.30am – 8.30pm, entrance fee RMB 40 (low season), RMB 50 (peak season). Take Subway Line 4 to Beigongmen Station for the North Palace gate or Xiyuan station (exit C2) for the East Palace Gate.

This Royal Park is the gem of Beijing and is perfect during the summer months. The Summer Palace is expansive and can take 2-3 hours to walk around. Take a camera and capture the rich landscapes and cultural heritage.

Tiananmen Square

4) Tiananmen Square

Home to Chairman Mao’s Mausoleum (Free), the National Museum of China (RMB 15), and The Great Hall of People (RMB 15). Take subway line 1 to Tiananmen Square.

After touring the Forbidden City, check out the rest of Tiananmen Square. Historic for its bloody history and a focal point of the communist’s reign, the square can not be missed. Just don’t discuss its history in earshot of any officials!

Temple of Heaven in Beijing China

5) Temple of Heaven

Divided by two encircling walls, this magnificently detailed building will take your breath away. This is an imperial complex that was used by Chinese Emperors to pray to the Gods.

The entrance fee is RMB 35. Catch Subway line 5 to Tianan Dongmen Station.

The temple of Heaven Park is open to the public from 6 am to 9 pm but the actual temple doesn’t open until 8 am. With most attractions, we suggest going early but for the Temple of Heaven, the Hall of Prayer gets crowded with tour groups and visitors from 8 am, so either head here for opening time or visit the temple from 3.30 pm onwards.

Hutongs in Beijing

6) Hutongs

The two best sites to explore in Hutong are the Shichahai Area (north of Beihai Park) and the Dazhalan Area (south of Tiananmen Square).

Visit old city lanes and courtyards, known as Hutongs – that can be found throughout China. In fact, some of the best courtyard guesthouses can be found on these narrow, twisting streets among the markets, family restaurants, and traditional homes.

Things to do in Beijing

7) Ming Tombs

Open 8.30am – 6pm, Changling Tomb RMB 30 and Dingling RMB 40.

Escape to the countryside and visit the burial site of 13 out of the 17 emperors of the Ming Dynasty. The Dingling and Changling tombs have been excavated and opened to the public, but be aware that the Dingling tomb has a steep climb down to the burial chamber itself.

Things to do in Beijing

8) Donghuamen Night Market

Open 4pm – 10pm, snack prices range between RMB 5 -15, take the subway to Wangfujing.

This bustling night market is the perfect place to try some of the delicious and unusual Chinese food, from meat skewers to strawberry kebabs, quail eggs to chicken hearts.

Things to do in Beijing

9) Peking Duck

Found in restaurants across the city, Peking duck is a must whilst you are in Beijing. You can find some amazing authentic restaurants that aren’t too pricey and offer some of the best ducks you will ever have.

Universal Studios Beijing

10) Universal Studios Beijing

This brand new theme park opened at the end of 2021 and is a must-visit for anyone who loves theme parks. Explore Jurassic Park, head to Minion Land, enjoy Kung Fu Panda and become a wizard in the world of Harry Potter.

There are plenty of shows to watch too, including the Hogwarts light show, WaterWorld Stunt Show and Lights, Camera, Action.

You can choose to go for a day trip or stay in the Universal Studios Grand Hotel. Make sure to check out the Universal CityWalk Beijing, complete with restaurants, entertainment complexes, and stores.

Things to do in Beijing

Unique things to do in Beijing

There are plenty of things to do in Beijing but many are crowded with visitors. Why not get off the beaten path and explore some of the unique things to do in Beijing:

  • Olympic Sights – Tour the sights of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and marvel at the ultra-modern architecture nicknamed the ‘Bird’s Nest’.
  • Visit Chairman Mao – On Tiananmen Square, you can find Mao’s Mausoleum, where China’s previous communist leader lies in state, embalmed and laid to rest in the grand building since 1976.
  • Taoist Temple – Head to this Taoist temple just south of the Workers’ Stadium. This temple is full of colourful states that represent the 76 departments of the supernatural world.
  • Kung Fu show – You can see locals practising this popular Chinese martial arts form all over the country. If you want to see a demonstration at its best, head to the Red Theatre for a glitzy performance.
  • 798 Art Zone – This art venue can be found in a reclaimed factory space, sharing special art exhibits, stores, and restaurants.
  • Beihai Lake Park – Right next to the Forbidden City, this gorgeous park is full of beauty; expect carved Chinese bridges and plenty of flowers to admire.

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Saturday 17th of November 2018

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Sunday 10th of June 2018

Wow ! Few places on earth can match the extraordinary historical panorama on display in Běijīng :-) I read that there are six Unesco World Heritage Sites in this city alone... it's just amazing as it is just one less than the whole of Egypt ;-)


Saturday 9th of June 2018

Such an amazing list, so intrigued (and dying to go) to Peking Duck!

Char xo


Saturday 9th of June 2018

What an amazing list! Thanks for writing/compiling this, will be very handy when we visit China

Will pin this as well for future reference

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