Travel Mistakes

After 7 years of travel, there have been quite a few mistakes I will own up to (and a few I daren’t make public, manly because mum may read this!). Anyway, here are our travel mistakes from over the years.

1. Wrong month – straight off the back, we booked our first trip together after dating for three months. We were still in the early stages of our relationship and had booked them separately. So there I was, at the airport on the 18th of August. Calum checked in.. something was wrong with my ticket. I had booked a flight for the 18th July!! I had to buy a last minute ticket costing far too much!

2. Not checking ingredients – When we first started travelling, I was a vegetarian and had been for 10 years previously. I didn’t even consider that a vegetarian meal would have meat in it! Note to self – when you are in a foreign country, vegetarian may sometimes be a mistranslation and just mean vegetables. 

3. Getting burnt – This one catches me every time! LIKE EVERY TIME! On every trip to a hot place (especially in cities), I say to myself “Oh, it is an overcast day, we are in the city, I won’t need lotion”. EVERY TIME. Hence why there are many photos with both Calum and I looking rather peachy. 

4. The wrong airport – Shanghai has two airports. New York has three airports. I do not know why I didn’t think of checking the airport before getting into the taxi. Not once but twice now, I have taken us to the wrong airport, done that awkward thing of looking at the board and not seeing our flight then making a mad dash like lunatics across the city to the correct airport. 

5. Not packing essentials – Yeah… so last summer we moved to China. I unpacked all of our clothes and items we had brought with us in our four suitcases… I did not pack one single bra! I don’t know why! I had put them in a pile to pack and just didn’t put them into the suitcase. Thank you Super Mum for sending me a parcel of bras!

6. Not reading hotel information carefully – We checked into our Hanoi hotel to find that the room did have a window… but it overlooked the corridor! And the curtains were broken! In fairness, booking.com did have a note about the window, I just didn’t read it!

7. Underestimating distances – Oh the Walmart is just up the road, that will take 5 minutes. We were in Orlando, we wanted some food from Walmart as our resort room came with a kitchen. We took the 5 minute stroll which turned into a solid hour walk in the summer Florida heat. NOT NICE!

8. HATS – Can anyone else get the hat thing right? Every holiday I decide to bring a hat; the first trip we went on together, I forgot my hat, meaning I had severe sunstroke when walking around Washington. So from now on I bring a hat… but then never put it on! And, because putting a hat on in the middle of winter at Heathrow is not a good luck, it often gets squashed in my suitcase. Any tips on keeping your hat the right shape?

9. Not checking the weather forecast – When you plan a trip to South East Asia, you immediately presume it will be hot all the time. AND it was! We didn’t take account of that fact we were going to China and Japan afterwards and it was March. The second we landed in Shanghai, we instantly got colds and had to run to H&M to buy extra layers! We were then grumpy from being sick the rest of the trip!

10. Travelling in the school holidays – OK I am a teacher, I can’t get away with this BUT perhaps I shouldn’t have booked a week in Paris during the October half term. There were people and queues everywhere!!

11. Packing my passport – Yep… this made for a really awkward “unpack suitcase in front of very long queue whilst looking for passport in the depths of suitcase” moment. One massively stressful moment! 

12. Data!! – So there I was, at Camp America, missing home and finding every spare moment to message Calum. A month later, I checked my online bank account to find a MASSIVE bill! Turn off your roaming data!!

These are 12 of my mistakes, what are yours? Hopefully these may help you not make the same mistakes as us! 

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Travel Mistakes
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  1. There are many mistakes people make such as yours above. What comes to mind immediately is Electrical, Vaccinations, Security, Cultural etiquette and more.

  2. I have so done the “it’s just five minutes” walk. Notably on the outskirts of Nashville, where we ended up hiking by the light of our phones, while crickets sounded as if in the Twilight Zone. It was for a fab meal though.

  3. This was such a fun read! Luckily I haven’t left my passport at home it’s a great fear of mine. My boyfriend sunburns sooooo quickly. I’ve sadly become the obnoxious “did you put sunscreen on” every 5 mins person. Hopefully, your future travels run smoothly.

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