As Valentines Day approaches, you may be starting to wonder what to get your better half. If you have found yourself here, then it is likely that you and/or your partner also love to travel! So what do you get your travel loving partner that is practical but thoughtful and romantic?! Here are some travel gift ideas to help you our!

Money Bank


Travel Money Bank

Let’s face it, we all need one! If your partner is desperate to travel but are still saving for that dream trip, why not treat them to this cute, affordable gift to help them along the way.

Destinations of a lifetime


Destinations of a lifetime

For me, nothing beats an amazing book to inspire our travels. National Geographic have put together an amazing collection of places to visit in your lifetime.

Lemon Travel Kit


Lemon travel kit

My number one rule for travel is to bring Lemon! Yes that sounds weird! In many places around the world, I find I get bitten at every given moment from pesky little flies. Well Lemon is honestly the only thing that stops me being bitten. This kit uses lemon in all its products to help protect your skin as you travel around the world.

Waterproof Makeup Bag


Waterproof makeup bag

If you are looking for a more practical gift, this cute waterproof travel kit is perfect!

Anywhere Travel Guide


Anywhere Travel Guide

This is such a fun, affordable and slightly random gift but I kinda love it!

Cocktail Kit


Carry On Cocktail Kit

I love this! If you want a little gift for your partner, this is a fantastic gift – especially if you are taking a long flight soon. May need to get this for Calum before our next long haul flight.




When we first travelled Asia, we started up a little blog for our family and friends. It is the best thing we did because we could look back at our time and remember all those little moments you can so easily forget. A journal is the perfect gift and make sure you both use it during your adventure.

1000 Places To See Before You Die


1000 places to see before you die

This book is a classic (so double check your Valentines hasn’t already got this!) and is full of amazing places to add to your bucket list.




Yes this is a classic but why not make a homemade dinner of the your partners favourite food from your travels. This year I plan on cooking Calum and I a Penang Curry – his favourite Thai dish. Get your recipes from this Street Food book.

Squeeze Pods


Squeeze Pods

For those who stay in hostels and/or travel on a budget, this is a really helpful gift. These are little toiletry pods that you can take on flights or easily slip into your bag, saving money/space/weight/spillage worries.

Experience Days


Experience Days

No matter where you live, you will always find some exciting experience days nearby. Whether it is a helicopter ride or learning to fly a plane – there are lots of options to choose from.

City Breaks


Mini Break

If you have a bigger budget, why not treat your other half to a weekend break! There are so many fantastic short city breaks to be had – just avoid Valentines day itself, as prices really do rocket!

World Of Tea Collection


World of Tea Collection

For those tea lovers, why not buy a World of Tea collection with tea from various places around the world.

Heart Marks The Spot


Heart marks the spot

How cute is this pillow!!! I will definitely be hinting for this.

world map necklace


Handmade World Map Necklace

For those that love vintage jewellery, this is a fantastic gift. There is a full range of map jewellery to choose from too.

personlised poster


A personalised Poster

For couples that love to explore the world, this is the perfect gift! Personalise a poster with all your favourite destinations and holidays from around the world.

CTG Merchandise – Click Here to Buy!


Travel clothes

Yes it is time for another shameless mention, but why not get your partner a travel related t-shirt for Valentines Day?! You can check t-shirt for people who love outdoor travel here!

These are some romantic gift ideas for that special someone – have you got any suggestions?! Leave your ideas in the comments below!

Disclosure: All the items mentioned above are items I would personally buy or have used before. The links to the items are affiliate links, meaning we make a small commission if you purchase something directly via the link without any extra cost to yourself. Thank you for reading.

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  1. Awesome gift ideas, very unique and I think I’d literally like any of these things! 😀

  2. Oh I’m choosing mini break! But I think all travel companies increase prices before Valentine’s day. I don’t mind going to the Romantic place few days after 14th Feb. 😀

  3. LOVE these suggestions! Going to share this post on Facebook where hubby will hopefully see it hehe – got my heart set on that pillow too 😀

  4. I love the carry on kit!! Or a poster. Both of those are awesome

  5. Wow! This is a great tip especially Valentines is fast approaching. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I’m so sharing this with my husband 😀 Got my heart set on that pillow! Thanks for giving us some ideas – these are really great!

    • I know isn’t that pillow cute!! (hint hint Calum!)

  7. Some great ideas! Love the poster! And those pods – have never seen those before so off to check them out!!

  8. I really like the Pillow it’s really nice. And also the other stuff

  9. i loved all of them, they are so useful, perfect gifting option. And thanks for the lemon tip i didn’t knew lemon would keep insects away.

  10. The Travel bank is a good idea for sure. Everyone needs that.

  11. This year, my plan is to just spend a night in a Hotel and to give my husband a DIY card. I love your ideas.

  12. Some really great ideas here – loads which I’ve never seen before. Those travel pods are such a good idea and I love the gin and tonic kit! So cute! And everyone needs a great journal. I’d pretty much love any of these!

  13. The list is fantastic! But I fell in Love <3 with the journals 🙂

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