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As the new year approaches, it is that time of the year that I start daydreaming of those bucket list experiences. I realistically won’t be visiting all of these this year but I can always dream!

To help me daydream, I asked other travel bloggers what their bucket list experiences are and to share those amazing moments when they achieved their bucket list dream! AND this is just part one!

As the new year approaches, it is that time of the year that I start daydreaming of those bucket list experiences. I realistically won’t be visiting all of these this year but I can always dream!

To help me daydream, I asked other travel bloggers what their bucket list experiences are and to share those amazing moments when they achieved their bucket list dream! AND this is just part one!

Pyramids of Egypt

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The Great Pyramids of Giza need no introduction. When most people think of Egypt, images of the giant stone Pyramids immediately spring to mind. A wonder of the world, a fascinating part of history and an architectural marvel, a trip to see the Pyramids of Giza should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Since the Egyptian revolution in 2011, Egypt might not currently be on everyone’s to-do-list and the several terrorist attacks that came after only made things worse. But Egypt is finally getting back on its feet and tourists are returning to the country that is now deemed safe to travel.

Now is the time (while tourist numbers are not back to their peak) to visit the Pyramids situated on the outskirts of Cairo. The long ques and busy crowds are gone, for now, making a visit to Egypt’s most popular site far more enjoyable.

It’s hard to believe that each of the Pyramids was built over 4000 years ago and for the purpose of housing a single Pharaohs tomb. While the crowds a low, make sure to pay extra to enter inside the Great Pyramid where a tunnel navigates it’s way up through the Pyramid to an ancient tomb.

– Finding Beyond

Climbing Mount Rinjani Lombok

Would you ever think about climbing mountains when we talk about an island hopping trip in Indonesia? Last year I did the Mount Rinjani trekking and I was sold. I could not believe how amazing climbing a volcano was. I felt like I was in Switzerland or Canada, but once I reached the crater rim and looked around I could also see the ocean. The landscapes up there are truly incredible with an active volcano in the middle of a massive crater lake 3,000 meter above sea level. Hiking Mount Rinjani is not easy but can be done by anyone with a little determination. The views you get in return are so rewarding you will forget how hard it was to reach the top.

Travel Tom Tom

Wat Pho – Bangkok

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Wat Pho is an incredible temple in the heart of Bangkok city. It is a popular tourist destination, sometimes better known at the “reclining buddha.” The reclining buddha statue itself is not the only thing to see at Wat Pho, the temple is actually and incredible maze of interesting pictures, fountains, a museum and incredibly beautiful and colourful buildings. You can see why many people visit Wat Pho to see the reclining buddha, however. The 46 metre statue is seriously impressive and an absolute must see to add to your bucketlist. The gold plated buddha towers above you, offering for some incredibly beautiful picture moments as you work your way along its massive reclining body. For a small £2 entry fee there is no excuse to miss Wat Pho when you are in Thailand – and that includes a free bottle of drinking water for your visit.

Meldrums on the move

Tatacoa Desert


Whoever thought Colombia had deserts within it’s borders? If you like a great outdoor adventure be sure to check out Deserto de Tatacoa in Colombia. It looks like something straight out of a western movie! Not only will you encounter some of the most arid land you’ve ever seen, but you’ll be surprised to know that this, so called desert, is actually a dry tropical forrest. You can find everything from rare birds, living plants, cactuses and even fossils.

At Deserto de Tatacoa you’ll also find other outdoor activities such as Horse riding, bike riding and even swimming pools. That’s right, there are several swimming pools to be found right in the middle of the blazing hot desert. A dip in the pool gives you a perfect end to your day after a long hike around the various trails.

Layer Culture

One of the craziest places I’ve visited during my travels is the Darvaza Gas Crater. This place is located in the Karakum Desert in Turkmenistan, one of the most secluded countries in the world and one of the hardest to get in. Still, if you can make it, this place is breathtaking! A big hole in the desert with flames coming out of it!

Been Around The Globe

Mount Kota Kinabalu

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Do something completely out of your comfort zone!

I climbed Borneo’s Mount Kota Kinabalu and it was the most rewarding experience of my travels! It was painfully hard, terrifying in some parts, but overall absolutely extraordinary! Looking back now, I still don’t know how I managed to complete the climb, but it will be a memory I’ll carry with me and look to whenever I think anything is too hard to accomplish.

Mikayla Jane Travels

The blue Pacific Ocean, a sunny day, a wetsuit and lots of wildlife enthusiasm: that’s all you need to experience this amazing activity. Head to Kaikoura in New Zealand and enjoy this true travel bucket list item. What makes it really special? A wild yet extremely smart sea creature chooses to come and explore you (or not), and you are on the front row!

Rice and Fries Adventures

Sleep in a treehouse

My husband and I celebrated our tenth anniversary with a bucket list trip to Africa. While staying in the Timbivati Game Reserve bordering Kruger National Park, we had the opportunity to spend the night in a bona fide treehouse overlooking a watering hole.
The staff at our camp supplied us with strict instructions not to leave the treehouse and a radio for emergencies, but otherwise, it was up to us to pass the night. At one point, we head drinking out of the watering hole and looked out to see the most beautiful moonlit white rhino taking a midnight sip of water. It was truly an experience to remember.

We go with kids

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Singapore’s Gardens By The Bay

Singapore’s supertrees are one of my top travel bucket list experiences. I’ve never seen anything like these supertrees that can be seen in Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay. These 22-metre high structures are covered in 162,900 plants of over 200 species which form the living skin of the trees! 11 of the supertrees are embedded with environmentally sustainable functions like photovoltaic cells to harvest solar energy. When day turns to night, the trees are lit up and you can lie on the grass underneath them about watch the lights twinkle.

Charlie on Travel

Sailing in Turkey: from Antalya to Izmir. 

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The southern Turkish coast has some breathtaking cliffs, bays and beaches. Sailing from Antalya to Izmir is one of the greatest boating experiences in Europe as it will enable you to pass along the southern Turkish sea, the Greek sea and the western Turkish sea. You will marvel at picturesque Turkish villages on remote islands, historically enticing Greek towns and you will be able to swim in some of the clearest water in Europe. Sailing around Turkey is certainly an experience every adventure traveller should add to his bucket list.
– Find Worlds Beauty

Visit Rajasthan, India

The vibrant and exotic land of India is mostly at the top of the wishlist for all travel lovers. Especially, the state of Rajasthan, with its imperial architecture and ethnicity would take you on a ride to the bygone era of kingship.

Traditional Rajasthani dances performed in raunchy attires, a crazy night under the starry sky on the sand-dunes of Thar desert, haunted forts, abandoned towns, centuries-old open art museum and of course The Dark Knight famous step well with 3500 steps is what you can expect from this dramatic land.

The spicy and tangy streetfood in any of the towns in Rajasthan would again baffle your taste-buds with its delicious aroma and exquisite taste.  My personal favourites are the kachoris, daal baati and the mildly sweet churma

Travel Hippies

See the Pandas

Giant Panda Research Base

One of the best bucket list experiences I have had so far was meeting this little fella in China. He was busy enjoying his carrots while I spent a few minutes with him.

Travel to recovery

Swimming with a whale shark in the Ningaloo Reef, Australia was EPIC and such a magical experience. To be in the water with a creature that’s 3-5 times your size is exhilarating and needs to be on everyone’s list. It’s heavily regulated in Australia so you can be happy knowing that you’re supporting good eco-tourism.

LVV Travel

Neha from recommends a Florence to add to your bucket list. Italy is such an awesome destination. Some places don’t need a description of their beauty and the photographs say it all. Florence is one such destination and it is my recommendation on the bucket list. This summer plan your trip to Florence to see magnificent architecture by Michelangelo and paintings by Giorgio Vasari. My favourite part is San Miniato Al Monte Church from where I saw spectacular views of the very famous Duomo, Palazzo Vecchio, and Vasari Corridor. The experience here was nothing less than visiting a fairytale. Same is shared in the Instagram link above.

Nusa Penida

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One of my best travel experiences in 2017 was a trip to Nusa Penida. This incredible island just 45 minutes by boat away from Bali is a must visit. A truly magical place with its amazing coastline, spectacular viewpoints, stunning beaches and idyllic bays. This off the beaten path destination is not yet discovered by mass tourism and is perfect for travelers looking for an adventure. Rent a motorbike and drive around the island but don’t forget to jump into the ocean and snorkel with Manta Rays.

Travel Tom Tom

The Swiss Alps

I think traveling up to the stop of the Swiss Alps to Mt. Pilatus should be on everyone’s bucket list. Not only do you take the world’s steepest cogwheel railway to the summit, ince you get there you feel on top of the world.

Bucket list

Visit Kerala

Visit Kerala

Kerala is one of those places one needs to add to their bucket list. From walking through tea plantations, to staying on a houseboat in the Backwaters of Allepy and camping and trekking up the Western Ghats.Kerala is truly a place one needs to visit.

Spice Goddess


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What’s more amazing than seeing 30 hot air balloons launch into the air? There is nothing quite like it and we were in awe as we saw the entire process from start to finish – attaching the basket, unfolding the balloon, filling it the balloon, and the lift off! We went to the Hot Air Balloon Classic in Windsor, CA; the best way to see the festival is to stay nearby the night before so that you’re able to easily wake up at 4am to get in (there will be crowds), watch them set up, and see the first launch at 6:30am.

Panda Bear

Scuba Diving the Great Barrier Reef

Turtles, sharks and fish galore! Scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef should be on everyone’s bucket list even you have never gone diving before. There are plenty of opportunities for novices to learn to dive in just one day.

– The Eclectic Voyager

Visit Tanzania #zanzibar #stonetown #tanzania

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Spending 10 days in Zanzibar, Tanzania was the best experience in my life. The beautiful exotic nature, the wide sand beaches, the Indian ocean, the delicious seafood and wines… I love the romantic vibes in the air and how calm people really are. Pole Pole! which translated from Swahili means take it easy is the best moto in the life! Hakuna Matata! Enjoy life!

– Travel Life Story #travel #africa #zanzibar #tanzania #jambiani

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So that is JUST A FEW travel bucket list but here are some honourable mentions:

What is your dream destination or travel experience? Tell us in the comments below!

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