Sending parcels while travelling

Sending parcels while travelling can be difficult – not to mention expensive. If you travel a lot, whether you’re a serial-vacationer or a well seasoned backpacker, then you may have already encountered this problem.

There are a number of reasons you might want to ship or receive a parcel while abroad. It could be that your backpack or suitcase are just too full, so you decide to post presents home. Or perhaps you’ve jetted off for long-term travel and realised you’ve left something behind.

Whatever the reason, if you need to send a parcel while you’re abroad, here are tips to help you save money.

Reduce the Size

Most shipping companies charge based on dimensions as well as weight, meaning the larger the parcel, the more expensive it will cost to ship. To reduce the cost, try to reduce the size. However, when doing this, remember that your item(s) need to be properly packaged and protected, as your parcel will go through several sorting and handling stages.

Restrictions and Customs

Every country has their own restriction and prohibited items, so to save yourself time and a lot of hassle, make sure you’re familiar with these before posting. It’s also important to be aware of customs too. The recipient may have to pay customs charges at the other end, so find out how much these will be and fill in customs paperwork accurately to avoid extra costs.

Sending parcels while travelling

Include A Return Address

This is such an easy mistake to make but one that can be very expensive. If you send a parcel without a return address and for any reason it can’t be delivered, the parcel could become lost. To make sure your package will always arrive safely, write a return address so that if the recipient can’t be reached, it will be returned to you, free of charge.

Tracking or Insurance

If you’re sending something that’s really important or valuable, it’s worth paying the extra for a tracked or insured service. This will allow you to make sure the parcel has arrived, or in the event that it becomes lost, you can claim for its worth. Although these services cost a little more, it’s better than being out of pocket in the long run.

Reliable Shipping Company

In addition to tracking and insurance, when selecting a shipping company to send your parcel abroad, choose a large brand. This is important as larger companies – like Whistl – often have more competitive prices and a larger network, helping you to save money while also providing a fast and reliable service.

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Sending parcels while travelling
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  1. These are some great tips – I don’t ever travel long enough to send a parcel home, but actually I could see a situation where perhaps I have found a souvenir that I cannot fit in my cabin baggage and need to get it back! Good tip on using a larger more reputable network – something I’ll have to look into myself!

  2. I always make sure to include a return address when sending parcels. I didn’t think about insurance to be honest, but will in the future. Will remember these tips for next time.

  3. It’s not a bad idea to put something like a business card inside of the package too. That way, if the lable gets damaged, they have a chance to track you down. The nastiest goop is outside of your box.

    Another good hint is to wrap tape all the way around the box. Nothing stickes better to tape than more tape. If it forms a complete circle on the box then it will hold tighter longer.

  4. These are some practical tips for sure. I’ve only had to ship a few items while abroad and took care to make sure I used a big and reputable company. Fortunately DHL is all over in Germany, so I lucked out. I also second the notion of leaving a return address. You really wouldn’t want your items to disappear into the void of shipping!

  5. Fabulous tips, especially on knowing customs and country restrictions! I purchase a really expensive bottle of cologne for a boyfriend back in the day and when I went to ship it I was told they couldn’t send liquid internationally. So I’ve now learnt to research that first!!

  6. I always try to avoid buying gift or anything but when I do they are tiny tiny stuff…for the reason you mention, its very expensive! But I have sent some package home whilst on a long-term travels and most of thr times the packages arrived safely. We have sent once a package with a lot of great stuff from India in 2014 and we are still waiting for it!

  7. These are surely some great tips, though have never really required such a service or help, but who knows in future this might be helpful. Will keep your post in mind whenever in need

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