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Looking for a romantic trip? We share these romantic holidays for couples, so you can plan the perfect vacation for yourself and your other half.

All couples need a little tropical escape from time to time. Where better to rekindle that flame than with a trip to a sun-kissed beach with shimmering waters lapping at your toes?

If you’re looking for your next romantic holiday destination, why not try one of the destinations below?

Gorgeous quiet beach in Thailand

Thailand: for the adventurous couple

Thailand might be renowned for its stag-dos, student backpackers, and hedonistic experiences — Bangkok, in particular, is infamous for its wild side. But that’s not to say there’s nothing to offer for couples.

Treat yourself to a beachside cottage on one of the country’s many islands and wake up to the sound of the sea lapping gently at the sand. Well rested, you’ll be prepared to enjoy some white water rafting, rock climbing, or diving with whale sharks.

You can even try the famous Flight of the Gibbon, a zip-line nature trail taking you through the rainforests of Chiang Mai. Gaze upon the natural vistas from several feet up with your partner (and be prepared to take lots of photos!).

Need some peace and quiet after a hard day trekking? Khao Sok National Park contains the oldest rainforest in the world and in its depths, it’s so still and quiet that you can hear the blood flowing in your ears. Thailand is truly a romantic holiday destination you won’t forget.

Romantic holidays for couples

Aruba: for the romantic couple

Think of the Netherlands, and you probably don’t think of a “tropical paradise.” But Aruba, while a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is actually situated 29 kilometers north of the coast of Venezuela.

Consequently, Aruba is the only Dutch destination to enjoy temperatures of up to 93°F during the summer months. It’s a unique destination that makes couples feel like they’re the only people in the world.

Swim under the stars on beaches of pure white sand, cozy up together in a quaint casita, or head to the California Lighthouse for scenic views of the sea. You can even enjoy the ultimate classic romantic couples’ activity, a horseback ride on the beach. It’s the ultimate romantic holiday destination for loved-up couples.

Romantic Holidays for couples

Costa Rica: for the eco-friendly couple

It’s okay to want a little tropical bliss in our lives, but between carbon-heavy flights and the carbon footprint of vacation activities, our impact on the planet can quickly grow. So for a romantic holiday destination that combines tropical bliss with guilt-free sustainability, look to Costa Rica.

Tucked between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean, Costa Rica is perfectly placed for tropical bliss that you won’t find anywhere else. But it also offers unique green holidays for couples with an eco-conscience.

The Costa Rican government has all but halted deforestation, and is working to stop illegal mining within its borders. To top it all off, the government also offers incentives to hotels and tour operators who implement green initiatives in their businesses.

But nowhere is the country’s environmentally-friendly commitment more visible than Costa Rica’s many immaculate beaches. From the glittering night seas of Tamarindo Beach to the cinematic vistas of Playa Conchal (of whose sand actually comprises millions of crushed seashells), each beach is as pure and unspoiled as the next.

As a romantic holiday destination, Costa Rica is a bit unusual — but this works in its favor. It’ll just be you and your beau as you enjoy some local hospitality and sumptuous cuisine

Maldives romantic holiday destination

Maldives: for the water-loving couple

There’s nothing quite as spectacular or serene as a long white beach. Miles and miles of dazzlingly bright sand stretching as far as the eye can see? That’s truly tropical bliss.

And where better to go than the island paradise of the Maldives? Situated just southwest of Sri Lanka in the clear waters of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives comprises 26 natural atolls, each more beautiful than the next.

Romantic holidays for couples

What makes the Maldives such a great romantic holiday destination is its crystal-clear azure waters. There are plenty of water-based activities in the Maldives for you and your partner to enjoy together.

Snorkel hand-in-hand with your partner as you gaze upon whale sharks, manta rays, and snapperfish (amongst others). Dive straight into the warm seas and enjoy a dawn swim. You can even try your hand at surfing!

Don’t worry if it’s not for you — this is your romantic vacation, so enjoy it at your leisure.

Romantic holidays for couples

Kaua’i, Hawaii: for the laidback couple

Also known as the Garden Isle, Kaua’i has to be seen to be believed. Verdant coastal cliffs, abundant rainforests, and, of course, gorgeous beaches as far as the eye can see make Kaua’i a little slice of heaven on Earth.

And if you get bored of lounging on the beach (as if you ever could), why not take a trip beneath the clear waters to spy vibrant coral reefs, bright tropical fish, and turtles lazily surfing the currents?

Kaua’i is the perfect romantic holiday destination for couples looking for the perfect place to escape the world and enjoy each other’s company. Chilling on the beach with your beau and a Mai Tai? Bliss.

Heading over to Oahu? Explore Honolulu and spend a night or two at the stunning Hilton Hawaiian Village for a romantic trip.

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