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Travel Blogger Isabel from Bel Around the World fell in love with Egypt on her visit and shares her top travel tips with us!

Are you thinking about heading off on a trip to Egypt in the coming months? We don’t blame you. The African nation is one of the most beautiful in the world, and offers tourists some truly breath-taking sights. Today, let’s run through six top tips when it comes to travelling to Egypt.


Get insurance

Not every country offers free medical care when things go wrong. Unfortunately, Egypt is one such place where you won’t be covered should a disaster strike. As such, it’s important to find travel insurance which covers this sensitive topic.

Companies like InsuranceWith offer this type of service, as well as general coverage for any type of issue you may run into while on your travels. This includes the likes of stolen or lost property.

6 Top Tips for Travelling to Egypt


Use the Cairo Metro

You may be forgiven for assuming a system which most tourists avoid is somewhat unreliable. In reality, the Cairo Metro is one of the most efficiently run systems in Africa.

The lack of tourists using it on a regular basis does mean there’s a chance you’ll look up to find a host of people staring back inquisitively at you. Don’t be put off by this. The metro could end up saving you a lot of time.



It’s important to learn how to haggle when you head to Egypt. This bartering system is a strong part of their culture and could see you save a fortune in the long-term if you do it right.

You can find handy tips for learning how to haggle with this guide. Use these to boost your skills and get a bargain during your next discussion with a vendor. Some of the best include:

  • Staying firm on your asking price
  • Shopping around
  • Knowing when to walk away
6 Top Tips for Travelling Egypt


Keep hydrated

In a country as blisteringly hot as Egypt, it’s important you keep your H20 levels primed at all times. Allowing yourself to become dehydrated is a guaranteed way of running the risk of experiencing potentially deadly health issues.

Keep a constant supply of water on you. Try to make sure this is bottled however, as tap water sometimes runs the risk of being infected. Try to drink at least a glass worth every hour or so, to ensure you avoid your system going into shutdown.


Bring your own toilet paper

Unfortunately, the Egyptians still haven’t quite mastered the use of toilet paper. Instead of using more traditional methods, the use of water being spritzed up your backside is championed.

The toilet-guru slates the Egyptian system for bathroom movements, and highly recommends people carry their own toilet rolls with them in order to properly clean themselves afterwards. Let’s face it, who knows better than the Guru himself?

6 Top Tips for Travelling to Egypt


Wear appropriate shoes

You’re probably going to be doing a lot of walking in some relatively unclean areas, so it’s best to throw on a pair of trainers which are going to prevent your feet from becoming dirty.

Sandals and flip flops might seem like a good idea at the time, but they expose your feet to the elements. Ensure this doesn’t happen by covering up with a pair of trainers which keep out the dirt.

Have these handy tips helped when it comes to your next trip to Egypt? You’re sure to have a barrel of laughs when you head out to the Northern African state – and bearing these snippets of advice in mind will only serve to guarantee that.

A massive thank you to Isabel for these super helpful tips for visiting Egypt! Remember to head over to Bel Around the World and follow Isabel’s adventures and travel on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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Tell us about your tips, advise and experience travelling Egypt! We would love to hear from you 🙂 

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  1. Great tips! I love the point of carrying your own toilet paper…there’s nothing worse than being short 🙂

  2. My one regret about my trip to Egypt is not going to Cairo. There was a lot of political unrest during the time of our stay so we ended up spending our whole trip scuba diving. I hope I get the opportunity to go again.

  3. Great tips! I went to Egypt few years ago but I only stayed in the resort, so unfortunately I haven’t seen much ! I had no idea they still don’t provide toilet paper! Good to know haha

  4. Great tips! I am terrible at haggling so the tips were great for things to keep in mind! I think Egypt would be an amazing place to visit! I have a friend currently living in Cairo so maybe I should pay him a visit! This post inspired me!

  5. Nice tips! I have always wanted to visit Egypt. After my travels through SE Asia I have also learned to carry toilet paper everywhere. Wipes and antibacterial gel as well!

  6. Agree with the metro trip – follow the locals, not the tourists. Locals will, usually, know better. As for the toilet paper yes, if you don’t feel comfortable with the local toilet etiquette, you should carry your own TP (or baby wipes).

  7. Good tips – I didn’t even know that Cairo had a metro!! (But then I’ve never visited Egypt!)

  8. These are great tips – I appreciate hearing the really practical advice like bringing your own toilet paper! I understand the importance of haggling in some cultures although it can be so uncomfortable. And, as I get older, I am all about comfortable shoes above all!

  9. Very useful tips! Would love to visit Egypt someday. Hope you had a great time in Egypt 🙂

  10. These are such great tips! Toilet paper is a must for us westerners. And staying hydrated is so important. I like to carry a UV filter so I can treat the water without the need for plastic bottles.

    • That is a great idea Mel! We liked to use a UV filter too!

  11. I lOVE to haggle! ahah I would be all over that its so much fun and always bring my toilet paper, ahaha just a traveler quality, because you never know!

  12. Great tips!! I think haggling is definitely important. And it’s good to know you have to bring your own toilet paper! Defnitely don’t want to be left without it!

  13. These are very helpful tips. I like to drink a lot of water when I travel. I like haggling too but I do not ask for a very low price because it might be unfair for the vendors too. I try my best to be considerate. They are not located inside a mall where people can purchase items without haggling. They have small stalls only usually. It is really a necessity to bring your own toilet paper. You will need it more often than you could ever anticipate for.

  14. We agree Egypt is one of the beautiful places to visit. We haven’t visited Egypt but its in our bucket list. Thanks for the greats tips which will help us in planning our trip. We love traveling like locals so metro will be our preference. And will keep in mind about the haggling in Egypt. Thanks and cheers

  15. While I was traveling to Jordan, I saw Egypt from a distance. I decided that day that I have to visit Egypt for sure. Pyramids and the mysterious landscapes of Egypt have intrigued me since childhood. Seeing it for myself will sure be a learning experience.

    • Yeah it is definitely on my bucket list!!

  16. These are some great tips. Egypt is on my long bucket-list of places we want to visit and your tips are going to come in handy.

  17. Egypt is amazing.. So many things to watch and such historical place. It has always been on my bucket list.

  18. Thanks for 6 really practical tips for Egypt great post.

  19. […] Hydration – On a similar note, keep hydrated. It gets incredibly hot in the desert so make sure to drink plenty of water and we recommend bringing electrolyte tablets to give you that extra boost during your visit to Egypt. […]

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