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The Ultimate 7 days in Bali Itinerary

The Ultimate 7 days in Bali Itinerary

Heading to Bali? We share these 7 days in Bali Itinerary, so you can see the best of Bali in just one week, including where to stay & what to eat.

Bali is the most well-known island in Indonesia, offering various attractions for all ages. It has pristine beaches and clear seas as well as lush rainforests and majestic waterfalls.

A week in Bali is the perfect time to explore the island and get a sense of its many beautiful attractions, then once you have finished here, jump on a Bali to Lombok fast boat to enjoy another beautiful beach destination.

7 days in Bali Itinerary

Where to Stay in Bali

One of the main things you will need to consider when visiting Bali is where to stay in the three cities of Munduk, Ubud, and Seminyak. Below are some of my recommendations for each:

How to Find a Room in Seminyak

Several types of hotels in Seminyak can suit any traveler’s needs. Some great choices near the city and the beach are listed below:


Double Six Luxury Hotel

The Seminyak Beach Resort & Spa

Mid Price Range: 

Montigo Resorts Seminyak 

U Paasha Seminyak


Sleepwell Seminyak

The Ramada Encore by Wyndham

7 days in Bali Itinerary

How to Find a Room in Ubud

Ubud is one of the most visited areas in Bali; therefore, tourists have a wide variety of alternatives. You may choose to stay in the heart of the city, near all the restaurants and stores, or stay a little way out of town, in the peace and quiet of the rice fields and the surrounding environment. Here are some top picks for each choice, broken down by price range:


Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan

Adiwana Resort Jembawan 

Mid Price Range: 

Alas Petulu Villa Resort and Spa

Artini Resort


Gatra Ubud Inn

Villa Puri Asri

7 days in Bali Itinerary

How to Find a Room in Munduk

Since northern Bali is less frequented by tourists, you won’t find those big city centers like Ubud or Seminyak. But you will find some beautiful properties overlooking the surrounding peaceful jungle.


Munduk Menir Villas

Munduk Moding Plantation 

Mid Price Range:

Villa Dua Bintang 

Lesong Hotel


Bali Bening 

Umah De Madya

7 days in Bali Itinerary

Where to Eat in Bali

The trendy area of Seminyak is home to some of Bali’s top restaurants, cafés, and coffee shops, perfect for any occasion.

NOAA Social Dining – best for couples

The menu features sushi rolls, hand-tossed pizzas, curries, and bigger meals off the grill, in addition to a selection of creative takes on tapas, appetizers, dumplings, and more meant to be shared.

Si Jin – best for romantic evenings

The slow-cooked short ribs, Thai mango salad, and spicy rendang potatoes will have you come back for more after you’ve tried the salmon croissant for breakfast and the Mediterranean falafel bowl for lunch.

Sisterfields – best for breakfast, lunch, and brunch

The pulled pork charcoal buns, steak and polenta, and Acai berry bowls are all Instagramable and should be tried.

Getting to Indonesia

There are several ways that you could travel to Indonesia but most choose to fly into the country. You could choose to fly into Soekarno–Hatta International Airport in Jakarta or Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar, with the latter being the nearest option for those heading to Bali.

Once you are in Indonesia, you can use tourist buses to get around or take a train for some routes.

7 days in Bali Itinerary

7 days in Bali Itinerary

Start Your Trip in Seminyak on Day 1

Bali’s steamy air and laid-back vibe strike you like a wave as soon as you exit Denpasar International Airport.

Leave your belongings in the hotel or villa, put on sunscreen, and get ready for an adventure!

Explore the beach town

Exploring Seminyak, one of Bali’s “downtowns,” on foot is a beautiful way to see the island. Jalan Raya Seminyak, the neighborhood’s main drag, is packed with unique shops, art galleries, and cafes. Many souvenir shops and informal eateries can be found along the shore for a distance of 1.8 kilometers.

Jalan Laksmana Road, which offers higher-end products such as resort apparel and fine art from more well-known names, is another alternative. Seminyak has various businesses providing boho baskets, plant hangers, and other handmade products from the many shops and hawkers that line the street.

7 days in Bali Itinerary

Visit the Art Museum

Give back to the community by visiting Nyaman Gallery, which features the work of emerging local artists. You can buy clothing, jewelry, ceramics, paintings, and hand-blown glass. Almost everything is for sale, so you’ll discover something unique to take home.

Enjoy Some Riding Time

Going on a horseback ride from Seminyak to Canggu is a romantic activity. In a leisurely two-hour ride, expert guides take you around the coast so you can see the ocean without getting wet, an unusual approach to traversing sandy terrain.

7 days in Bali Itinerary

Unwind with Cocktails on the Beach

Do you want a relaxing night? Potato Head’s infinity pool and beachside munchies at sunset are perfect ways to enjoy the resort’s cabanas and three restaurants.

Ku De Ta offers a DJ to keep your evenings lively in addition to its wide seaside bar loaded with specialty cocktails.

Explore Ubud on Day 2

7 days in Bali Itinerary

The Rice Terraces are a Must-See

If you visit Bali, you really must stop at Tegallalang. Nearly an hour separates the terraces from the nightlife of Canggu and Seminyak. With their verdant greenery, the rice terraces provide picture-perfect Instagram fodder. Come on in for some breakfast and coffee to get your day started off right.

Going at opening time (eight in the morning) is the best bet if you want to avoid the throng. Entry is 15,000 IDR, and the Bali Swing will set you back another 500,000. Arriving by 8 a.m. is recommended if you don’t want to wait in line for the swing.

Go to a Holy Place

Another one of Bali’s most revered temples, Tirta Empul, is a place of spiritual renewal for Balinese people. Purification may be attained at this collection of water temples. Many of the local Hindus will be taking dips in the ocean. Fifteen minutes is all it takes to go to Tirta Empul from Tegallalang.

7 days in Bali Itinerary

Travel to the Museum 

Featuring gallery space, a museum, and a store component, Threads of Life offers a unique combination of cultural experiences. This shop is a museum showcasing the ancient art of hand-weaving in Bali, where all the fabrics and baskets on display are produced by hand.

Read the provided reading materials and learn more about the communities committed to preserving natural dyes and hand-spinning alive.

Observe Some Nice Monkeys

The town has a monkey sanctuary that’s worth a visit. If you’re worried that these monkeys may outsmart you, just remember that the monkeys in Uluwatu temple are much more intelligent. Many of them, in fact, are sociable and inquisitive. It bears repeating: don’t leave anything lying around.

7 days in Bali Itinerary

Indulge in Bali’s world-famous Spas

Pamper your weary body in these famous spas: AWAY Spa, Prana Spa, and Bodyworks. They have different services and price points.

End the Night with Music

Ubud’s nightlife is slightly different from the drinking and partying you might expect. Sign up for traditional Balinese dances and music instead to learn about the Balinese culture.

Visit Canggu on Day 3

7 days in Bali Itinerary

Enjoy Canggu Beach

Save time and make your way to Batu Bolong Beach for a dip in the water, surfing instruction, a drink at the beachside bar, or some downtime with an excellent book.

Canggu is a popular destination due to its abundance of attractions, such as the Finn’s Beach Club, the rice terraces, and yoga. Visit one of the many excellent restaurants for lunch. It’s hard to beat the vegan burgers at Plant Cartel.

Visit the Art Market

Just a ten-minute walk from Cangu, the colorful Kuta Art Market is the perfect spot to pick up some morning essentials and explore before hitting the shops for unique keepsakes. Some of the best offers are reserved for those who arrive first. The first sale of the day is considered very auspicious by the Balinese.

7 days in Bali Itinerary

Go to a Sea Temple as the Sun Sets

A trip to Tanah Lot at sunset is the most common Canggu tourist activity. In the realm of photography, it is a staple and iconic structure.

This temple is considered one of Bali’s most important marine shrines. It is thought that the chain of temples surrounding the island can be viewed from one another. Located on its own little island, Tanah Lot is a must-see in Bali. The temple is inaccessible during high tide.

The temple is inaccessible at high tide, but the sunset vista is well worth the trip.

7 days in Bali Itinerary

Get some dinner and drinks in Seminyak

Dine at Sa’Mesa, where a dramatic parade of 15-20 surprise dishes is presented set menu-style throughout the night, meant to share on the large tables that accommodate just 50 fortunate guests. Tuna Crudo, chargrilled entire red snapper, and handmade mushroom risotto are among Sa’Mesa’s Italian-inspired favorites. Sa’Mesa also serves superb wines and signature drinks.

Experience Munduk on Day 4

7 days in Bali Itinerary

Visit 4 Waterfalls in 1 Day

Spend your day hiking to a stunning waterfall in the forest outside Munduk. The hike begins at the Melanting Cottages in the heart of town and continues to four waterfalls across the valley level.

Eat Some Good Food

Along with seeing the four waterfalls, you’ll get fantastic vistas of the surrounding forest as you make your way through. Small Warung restaurants serving lunch are abundant and easy to find.

7 days in Bali Itinerary

Enjoy a Cup of Coffee at the End of the Day

A day may be capped off at the Eco Café, which looks out over the last waterfall in Golden Valley.

Head West on Day 5

7 days in Bali Itinerary

Visit Tegenungan Falls

Pick up some lunch in Sanur on the way to the harbor. Don’t bother purchasing tickets online since they’re more expensive there. Instead, you may skip the hassle and go to the dock, where ten or more different boat companies have ticket booths. The round-trip cost of your ticket should be 300,000. There is a waterfall called Tegenungan Waterfall, around halfway to the port in Nusa Penida.

Most tourists just stay for the day, but if you want to see all Nusa Penida has to offer, you should go there in the middle of the day or early afternoon. If you spend the night, you may enjoy the island at sunset and dawn, with fewer visitors than during the day. On top of that, you’ll get the chance to explore both sides of the island, something that’s impossible to do in a single day.

The sun sets on the western side of the island, that’s where you should focus your sightseeing efforts on day five. Locations like Kelingking Beach, Angel’s Billabong, Broken Beach, and Crystal Bay are frequented by visitors.

Go to the East Side on Day 6

7 days in Bali Itinerary

Amazing Sunrise on the east side of the island

Get up early and visit the east coast of Nusa Penida before dawn to see the captivating Sunrise.

See Some Other Beautiful Places

After that, keep exploring the rest of the island’s beautiful east side. Popular destinations include Atuh Beach, Rumah Pohon Treehouse, Thousand Island Viewpoint, and Diamond Bay.

Trek along the Ridge

Campuhan Ridge Walk is an excellent option for a sunset stroll. This is the best time for a hike when there is little to no shade in the middle of the day. The duration of the Campuhan Ridge Walk is around two hours.

7 days in Bali Itinerary

Relax in Seminyak on Day 7

Having spent the previous six days seeing the sights across Bali, it is time to kick back and relax on the island’s southern beaches. Seven days after leaving, you may drive the hour to Seminyak, settle into your hotel, and spend the day at the beach.

The remainder of Day 7 may be spent lounging at one of Seminyak’s numerous beach clubs or exploring the town’s various shops and restaurants.

Before You Go, Treat Yourself to a Thai Massage

A massage is a must when in Bali. There is a wide variety of hotels and spas from which to choose in Bali. Massage parlors offer reasonable rates to tourists. You should generally pay 180,000 IDR for an hour of full-body massage, but you may find places offering the service for as little as 120,000 IDR if you shop around.

After a hectic week in Bali, this is the perfect way to relax and decompress. After you’ve had a good time in Seminyak, you may either go back to your own country or continue traveling across Indonesia.

Best things to do in Bali

Bali has a lot to offer and it can be hard to know where to start, so let’s look at some of those must-see attractions.

Nusa Penida Island

Just outside of Bali, you can discover the pristine perfection of Nusa Penida Island. You can hop on a traditional public boat from Sanur beach and reach the island within 90 minutes. This is a full-day trip but is worth the visit for the magnificent cliffs and crystal clear waters. You can also choose to stay on this island for a quieter, relaxing experience.

Tegalalang rice terraces

Perhaps the best thing to do in Bali has to be to visit the Tegalalang rice terraces. Found in Ubud, these famous rice paddies are renowned for their innovative and simply breathtaking terraced landscape. With rice terraces for as far as the eye can see, the sprawling landscape makes for ideal photography and viewpoints whilst coconut drinks and woven hats can be purchased to support the local elders in the village. 

The terraces are around half an hour from Ubud town center, so you can ride or hire a driver to take you with most drivers charging around $35 for the day.

7 days in Bali itinerary

Temple hopping

Another thing you will want to spend a day doing is temple hopping

Some of the best temples in Bali include the Lempuyang Temple for those iconic photos, the Taman Ayun Temple with beautiful gardens, Pura Besakih found on the inclines of Bali’s largest volcano Mount Agung, Uluwatu Temple, believed to be one of the pillars of Bali and found by the sea and the Pura Tanah Lot Hindu temple on a rock formation off Bali, the home of an ancient Hindu pilgrimage. 

Just remember to wear clothes that cover your shoulders and are past the knee, sarongs are expected in the Balinese temples. 

For those that love natural beauty, you will want to spend at least one day of your trip visiting one of the many waterfalls in Bali. 

Head to Northern Bali to see the Munduk Waterfall, one of Bali’s most scenic and luscious waterfalls, or check out Nungnung Waterfall for a tropical paradise. Tegenungan Waterfall is a great option whilst the Banyumala Twin Waterfalls is perhaps the most unique. 

Ever wanted to visit a volcano? Head to Mount Batur, an active Volcano in Bali that you can choose to hike up. The trek takes around 2 hours but offers amazing views from the summit, especially if you head here at sunrise. 

After all that hiking, you will want to spend some time relaxing on the beach and swimming in some of the clearest waters in the world. The best beaches in Bali are Seminyak Beach and Nusa Dua Beach in South Bali, Echo beach, Lovina beach, and Sanur Beach.

Luxury Getaways Bali

Do you have a bit of extra time in Bali? Make sure you find some time to snorkel or scuba dive in the colorful waters around Bali. Head to the east coast for some of the best reefs to explore with scuba tours available for beginners to experienced divers.

Make sure you also take some time during your trip to jump on a boat, sail along the coastline, and enjoy that sea breeze.

Spend your evenings tasting the amazing food on offer, visit the night markets then dance the night away at the many clubs and bars on offer. 

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