places to capture with your drone

Did you ever imagine that it would be possible to capture images and shoot footage of your vacation from the sky? The expansion of drones in recent years has made this possible. Now, all you need is to find the best drone for your GoPro and fly them over an impressive landscape. Follow this guide to see 7 best places to capture with your drone.

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What you need to know before traveling

  • There are country (and state, within the US) laws regarding the use of drones. Before choosing a holiday destination, you should consult with local guidelines to see if/where you can fly drones.
  • You can protect the drone by using a resistant bag. The most recommended drone bags are made of hard shell. For further protection, you can put the drone is a soft case before storing it in the bag.
  • FDA doesn’t forbid access with drones after the checkpoint. However, all airlines have policies regarding drone use. Consult the policies before purchasing a ticket.
  • Make sure you keep the drone in your carry-on bag, as most airline companies don’t take responsibility in case of luggage stealth.
Places to capture with a droneplaces to capture with your drone

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is an outdoor museum as it was home to famous architect Antoni Gaudí. Many rightfully consider Barcelona one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You have where to choose from – old castles and cathedrals, fresh and modern architecture, a delightful beach and crowded and colorful streets. You can easily avoid restricted areas as you have so many others to capture.

Barcelona is the city where everything moves while impressive art stands still. You might find it hard to comprise a flight plan having so many options. However, you will enjoy exploring the city. Maybe with your drone.

Carhenge, Nebraska

You might find the English Stonehenge impressive and worth a drone shot. However, if you’re into creativity but lack the time to visit your favorite places, we strive to challenge you to visit Carhenge from Nebraska. The site has replicas of the Stonehenge made from…cars. If you take a close look at the vehicles, you will recognize them as these were in style once.

The project consists of 38 automobiles including a 1962-Cadillac painted in stone grey. It was conceived in 1987 by Jim Reinders as a tribute to his dead father. The author of the project later added other sculptures to an addition called now the Car Art Reserve.

places to capture with your drone

Oregon, California, US

You don’t always need to go to Europe for some stunning footages. United States of America drone legislation is pretty easy to work with, so you won’t have trouble finding a surprising and impressive hotspot near the Pacific. Oregon has forests, mountains, farms and beaches. The city of Portland includes unique coffee shops, microbreweries, the Japanese Garden and the Lan Su Chinese Garden.

There are some astonishing views of abandoned railroads from Oregon. There’s even a route of the open-air railroad museum and vintage equipment and structures. The outdoor antiques museum will surprise you with the stories that railroads carry along.

Rigby Island, Australia

Rigby Island may be petit, but it comes with some impressive views. You may shoot the clear blue water next to the colorful sand beaches. Capture corals, boats and even some water wildlife. The setting is picturesque and usually visible in Australia’s aerial photography competitions.

There are also lakes, cottages and touristic villages you might want to capture. Your drone can film parks, bays and airfields together with the Australian colorful environment. Such a setting allows you to check out the Pacific from a different point of view.

places to capture with your drone

Lausanne, Switzerland

How about a trip to the mountainside? Lausanne is waiting to thrill you with winter landscapes. This destination gives you many chances to take high-altitude shootings. Lausanne is famous for Lake Geneva which you can catch in your footage. The city is home to the lakeshore Olympic Park and the impressive 19-th century Palais the Rumine which you can also visit in between drone battery changes.

Lausanne is a dynamic town within a vintage-looking holiday resort. Buildings are impressive, as well as the view from above them. The city is built on three hills with small alleys and a medieval city center. If you aim for more, try the spectacular view from the Savoy Alps.

places to capture with your drone

Prince William Sound, Alaska

You don’t need to be American to explore Alaska’s beauties. Anchorage is the state’s biggest city which you can visit for some aerial photos. Then, go to the nearby Prince William Sound in the Gulf of Alaska to see how a peninsula with a port looks like from above. The site is famous for drone photos featuring humpback whales and seals feeding on fish.

Nearby sites are also Valdez and Whittier towns which have few aerial shooting restrictions. The area is beautiful to capture and it’s famous for also being drone-friendly.

Valle Nevado, Chile

Valle Nevado shows a unique view of the mountainside. The ski resort is similar to the Swiss Alps, but impressive through its high elevation. You will have the chance to use your drone to shoot the Andes Mountains from so many angles. The man-made resort also includes chairlifts, a ski lift and new slopes regularly opening.

The ski resort is in Chile, on the El Plomo foothills. It is 46 km away from Santiago, the country’s Capital, if you feel like exploring some more.

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These seven touristic sites can turn your digital photo album into a spectacular one which might even qualify for specialized contests.

Where is your favourite place to fly a drone?! Let us know in the comments below!

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places to capture with your drone
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places to capture with your drone
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