7 places to visit in Argentina

Arliss from Trek Bible shares her 7 places to visit in Argentina – anyone else booking their flight straight away?!

If you have yet to visit Argentina, it’s about time you put it on your calendar. This giant South American country is booming with all kinds of thrilling things to do and stoic things to see.

Whether you’re looking for an adventure through the central Andes or a romantic night on the town, you’ll find it in Argentina. In fact, there are so many treasures to experience here that it can be overwhelming to narrow down your bucket list. So, here’s a list of the top 7 places to visit in Argentina that might make planning your itinerary a little less daunting.

Buenos Aires

If you only visit one place in Argentina, the capital city of Buenos Aires is the place to go. From hefty historic buildings cloaked in Spanish and colonial to romantic restaurants with menus that are bursting with Argentine flavor, you’ll be flooded with excitement at every corner.

Visit the city’s beloved opera house, Teatro Colón, for an unforgettable show. Take a stroll through La Boca, the vibrant neighborhood where colourful homes line the Caminito street and tango dancers flaunt their moves. Enjoy gourmet Latin cuisine at i Latina (in fact, you should probably just order the tasting menu). Trust us, a trip to this lively city will satisfy all your travel-related cravings.


Calling all wine aficionados: this one’s for you. Located in Argentina’s Cuyo region, Mendoza boasts more vineyards than you’ll ever be able to visit in one trip. The best way to indulge in the delectable wines Mendoza has to offer? Plan a journey along its portion of the Argentina Wine Route.

Some favorite wineries to make sure you hit? Visit Bodega Ruca Malen rich wine pairing experience with a stunning vineyard view, and Bodega Tierras Altas for a delectable malbecs and more that’ll satisfy your palate.

Iguazu Falls

This one is an absolute must-visit when in Argentina. Being the largest waterfall system in the world, it’s no wonder why Iguazu Falls makes the list. You’ll be swept away by the majesty of its numerous rushing cataracts (not literally of course)—especially at the biggest of them all, the Devil’s Throat.

Iguazu Falls deserves an entire day as there are many ways to explore them. Take various walking trails that encircle the many falls and provide picture-perfect views. Feeling a little more daring? Take a boat that’ll get you thrillingly close.

Mar del Plata

If a beach day is what you’re after, the resort town of Mar del Plata is the place to be. Numerous beaches — all prime for lounging in the sand with a captivating book — await you all along the coast. Engage in some competitive beach volleyball at Playa Varese or enjoy some family fun in the waves of Camet Beach. No matter what kind of beach day you have in mind, there’s a beach in Mar del Plata to accommodate it.

Los Glaciares National Park

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1981, this remarkable destination in Argentina will leave you full of awe. Located at the southwest tip of Santa Cruz Province, Los Glaciares contain a variety of natural wonders to behold.

In the southern half of the park, take in ethereal views of the glacial Lake Argentino and the grandeur of the giant Perito Moreno Glacier. Nearly 200 feet tall, this glacier is a main attraction for many travelers due to its unusual forward movement and comparatively low height.

In the northern part of park, you’ll meet Lake Viedma and various stunning mountains, tailor made for the climbing enthusiast. Some of the most popular include Monte Fitz Roy — the most challenging of them all, and Cerro Torre, boasting the highest peak in its midst. So, if you’re looking for a mixture of adventure and nature, put Los Glaciares on your list.


History-rich museums and cathedrals, colonial style architecture, and Andean scenery is what Salta is all about. Located in the mountainous portion of Salta Province, this is a destination for both history lovers and outdoor adventurers alike.

Get lost in the stories of old displayed within the variety of museums dotted throughout the city. From Salta’s former town hall known as the Cabildo, to the archaeological treasures found within the Museo de Arqueología de Alta Montaña de Salta (MAAM), you’ll get your fill of history. For the outdoor fanatics, there’s the Cuesta del Obispo, a steep mountain with winding roads perfect for a biking challenge (or scenic drive) and a rewarding view at the top. Salta is a historical and natural goldmine, so don’t skip this place!


The town of Ushuaia is like something out of a dream, known for being the most southernmost city in the world.

Situated on the Tierra del Fuego archipelago, it’s encompassed by the snowy Martial Mountain range and the vast waters of the Beagle Channel. This is the perfect place to immerse yourself in nature in a variety of ways. Take a scenic train ride on the End of the World Train to Tierra del Fuego National Park where you’ll find a serene combination of forests, beaches, and mountains.

You’ll most likely spot some wildlife, too, ranging anywhere from the Canadian beaver to the red fox. Take a boat tour across the Beagle Channel and keep your eyes alert for sea lions and steam ducks. Then return to one of Ushuaia’s many top-rated resorts and cozy up after a long day of adventures.

A trip to Ushuaia will truly make you feel like you’re at the end of the world, the perfect place to leave the worries of everyday life behind.

Argentina is a massive country, and as you can see, each city and destination has its own distinct appeal. You’ll find endless things to do and see in every corner; you’ve just got to know where to start!

We hope this list of the 7 places to visit in Argentina proves to be a helpful starting point in planning your trip. Happy traveling!

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Where is your favourite place to visit in Argentina? The country has definitely just shot to the top of my bucket list!

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7 places to visit in Argentina
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  1. South America has been on our bucket list forever – especially Argentina and Peru. I would love to see the salt flats and beautiful Salta and Buenos Aires!

  2. Now I really want to visit Argentina:) I’ve heard from a lot of people that the country has a lot to offer! I would love to see the Iguazu falls! There’s just something really calming but exciting at the same time about waterfalls!

  3. These are such awesome recommendations – South America is totally on my to visit list. The details shared here will really help me plan my travel better as I will try to cover maximum destinations shared.

  4. Wow these are high quality places to visit, I would really love to visit Argentina, the Iguazu falls is just excelllent considering it’s the largest water system in the world waaw what a place to go.

  5. More like 7 reasons to visit Argentina! The place looks and sounds B E A U T I F U L!! I would defintely like to visit Iguazu Falls and the glacier park. I never seen a glacier in real life before !

  6. Los Glaciares National Park has to rank 1 on my bucketlist now! I had no idea that Iguaza had the largest fall systems in the world. Beautiful Argentina! Cheers!!

  7. Really thanks for sharing this useful post !! Argentina is a nice place to visit for holidays and i will definitely visit these places with my friends in a short time.

  8. Argentina is really calling me. I wish to visit all these places soon. How gorgeous they are! <3

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