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9 Best Things to Do in The Hague in Winter

9 Best Things to Do in The Hague in Winter

These best things to do in The Hague in winter cover everything you need to know, from the Hague Christmas Market to the best winter attractions in The Hague.

Picture this: You walk down streets dusted with snow, fairy lights dancing around you, and a buzz of holiday joy in the air.

Christmas in the Hague is something else. It’s a mix of old-school charm and new-age fun. Whether you live here or just visit, this city has a bit of magic for everyone when the festive season rolls around.

Best Things to Do in The Hague in Winter

Royal Christmas Fair Adventure

Royal Christmas Fair Adventure

From December 7-23, The Hague’s heart becomes a festive fairy tale. The Royal Christmas Fair at Lange Voorhout is a must-visit. It’s free, filled with lights, carols, and stalls brimming with unique gifts and yummy treats. Perfect for that festive spirit.

Ice Skating Fun at Kurhausplein

Imagine skating in a picture-perfect setting at Kurhausplein, surrounded by stunning architecture. It’s an ideal spot for both seasoned skaters and newbies. The crisp air, the sound of laughter, and the thrill of gliding on ice — it’s winter magic at its best.

Madurodam's Miniature Winter Wonderland

Madurodam’s Miniature Winter Wonderland

Madurodam, the charming miniature park, dresses up in its festive best. With twinkling lights and holiday decorations, it’s like a tiny, enchanted version of The Hague. Great for families or anyone who wants to see the city in a “smaller” light.

Enchanting Christmas Concerts

The Hague’s cultural scene shines with various thematic concerts. Venues like the Royal Theatre host various performances, from classical melodies to modern tunes. It’s your perfect way to spend an evening immersed in the holiday mood.

Dazzling Christmas Lights Tour

Start a magical journey through The Hague’s Christmas lights. The route from the historic Binnenhof to the elegant Lange Voorhout is a visual treat. It showcases the city in its festive glory. It’s a must for anyone who loves holiday lights.

Peace Palace in The Hague

Serene Visit to the Peace Palace

Escape the festive frenzy with a visit to the iconic Peace Palace. Its majestic architecture and tranquil gardens offer a peaceful retreat. It’s a place for quiet reflection amidst the holiday hustle.

Festive Shopping at De Passage

With its old-world charm, De Passage is a shopping center with an outstanding Christmas experience. Wander through its elegant corridors, explore shops filled with traditional Dutch gifts, and bask in the festive ambiance.

Refreshing Beach Walk at Scheveningen

Break the holiday routine with a brisk walk along Scheveningen beach. The winter sea breeze is a refreshing change from the city’s festive buzz that offers a unique Christmas perspective.

Oliebollen in The Hague
Oliebollen in The Hague

Indulge in Dutch Christmas Delicacies

Experience a true Dutch Christmas with traditional treats like Oliebollen and Kerststol. Here are some other incredible Hague savors you should try: 

  • Oliebollen

These are the Dutch version of doughnuts called “Dutchies.” Oliebollen are deep-fried sweet dumplings, sometimes containing raisins or apple pieces, and dusted with powdered sugar.

  • Kerststol

This is a fruit loaf, a sweet bread filled with dried fruits, nuts, and almond paste. It’s perfect for breakfast or as a snack with a cup of coffee or tea.

  • Speculaas

Made with a blend of spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ginger, Speculaas are often shaped like windmills or figures and have a delightfully crisp texture.

  • Pepernoten

These small, round, gingerbread-like cookies are associated with the Sinterklaas holiday. They’re crunchy, spiced, and incredibly moreish.

  • Chocolate Letters

A fun and delicious treat, these are chocolate shaped into letters, typically the first letter of someone’s name. They’re a common gift during the Sinterklaas and Christmas seasons.

Things to do in the hague in winter

Planning a trip to The Hague and staying safe

Celebrating holidays in the Hague? Great choice! But let’s talk safety, so your holiday is as fun as it is safe.

Pack Smartly

Before you even start your journey, make sure you’re packing wisely. This is, first and foremost, about saving space in your suitcase but not only that. Besides, it’s about making sure you’re following the rules. If you take supplements, click here to check if they’re legal at your destination. You don’t want to face issues at customs or, worse, legal problems.

Watch Your Stuff

The Hague’s Fair is fantastic, but it’s also a hotspot for pickpockets. Keep your bag zipped and close. Maybe use those anti-theft backpacks. And your wallet? A front pocket or a tight spot is best.

Look Out for Bikes and Cars

The streets here get busy, and it’s easy to get lost in the festive buzz. Always check for cars and bikes before you cross — those cyclists come out of nowhere!

Be Smart on Public Transport

Using buses or trams? Keep an eye on your bag, especially when it’s packed. Winter might change the transport schedule, so double-check times to avoid waiting in the cold.

Bundle Up

It gets pretty chilly, especially if you hit the beach. Layer up, grab a comfy pair of boots, and don’t forget your hat and gloves. Staying warm is key.

Things to do in the hague in winter

Stay in the Light

Nighttime walks can be magical, but stick to well-lit areas. Those dark shortcuts through parks? Not worth the risk.

Emergency Numbers

Keep a list of emergency contacts, like the police or ambulance, just in case. Also, know where your embassy is — it’s always good to have that info handy.

Keep Up with Local News

Stay in the loop with what’s happening around town. You should know weather changes or event updates to plan and stay safe.

Top 6 Places Near The Hague to Visit This Christmas

Delft's Old-Time Christmas

Delft’s Old-Time Christmas

A hop away from The Hague, Delft, looks like a holiday card. Picture this: cobblestone streets, canals lined with lights, and a market in the main square where you can grab unique gifts and yummy Dutch snacks. And music’s always in the air, especially around the Nieuwe Kerk.This is an

Rotterdam’s Christmas Buzz

Rotterdam during Christmas? It’s a whole different vibe from The Hague. Think modern lights, busy markets, and lots of food at the Markthal. Don’t miss the Winter Fair at Ahoy — it’s a mix of fun rides, cool shows, and shopping. And yes, they even have a floating market!

Gouda in the Netherlands

Gouda’s Candlelit Nights

Gouda’s not just about cheese. Their “Gouda by Candlelight” is a true spectacle. It’s the whole city glowing with candles. The old church and square become a festive hub with singing, stories, and market stalls. Walk through Gouda with all those candles to feel yourself in a fairy tale.

Leiden’s Winter Magic

Leiden turns into a winter wonderland with its Winter Wonder Weeks. There’s a market floating on the river — yes, floating! Plus, an ice rink, a classic carousel, and even a Ferris wheel. With all its lights, the old town feels super cozy and welcoming.

Haarlem’s Market Galore

Just a short train ride, and you’re in Haarlem, home to one of the biggest Christmas markets. It’s spread across the main square and streets, filled with crafts, food, and music. The historical setting makes it all the more special.

Keukenhof Castle

Christmas at Keukenhof Castle

Keukenhof isn’t just for spring tulips. Their Christmas Fair is a treat, set in the castle gardens. Think stalls with unique gifts, tasty food, and festive decor. They even have workshops and activities that are great for families.

There you have it — a guide to making the most of Christmas in The Hague and its surroundings. So, bundle up, step into the festive cheer, and let The Hague’s holiday magic take you on an unforgettable journey. Happy holidays!

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