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A guide to the Copenhagen Christmas Markets

A guide to the Copenhagen Christmas Markets

Wanting to visit Denmark this Winter? We share this guide to the Copenhagen Christmas Markets so you can visit the best spots in Copenhagen in Winter.

Christmas Markets in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Christmas Markets

Christmas at Bakken

Bakken is an amusement park with a 16th-century theme and is the world’s oldest amusement park, meaning it needs to be on your Denmark itinerary. It’s located 15 km north of downtown Copenhagen. During the Christmas season, Bakken fills the park with bright lights and joyful decorations. It also welcomes local artisans to sell their products and contribute to the Christmas atmosphere.

When the Christmas market is open, there will be no entrance fee to enter Bakken (fees are required to try the rides). Bakken opens at the end of November until 3 days before Christmas, Friday to Sunday from 2 PM until 9 PM. The best time to visit is sometime after 6 PM. Apart from vendors, the market also has performances and of course, thrilling rides.

If you have a vehicle, the drive is about 20-minutes taking Helsingørmotorvejen and exiting at Klampenborgvej. The metro will take around 24-minutes from Østerport Station, take the Klampenborg stop and walk for 750 m. A bike ride is about 40-minutes via Strandvejen. There is a parking lot right next to Bakken.

Copenhagen Christmas Markets

Kongens Nytorv Christmas Market (King’s New Square)

Copenhagen Christmas market held in Kongens Nytorv is one of the bests and a local favorite. Since it happens in the middle of Kongens Nytorv (King’s New Square), there is no entrance fee, very accessible, and can be reached on foot. 

The square is filled with stalls and tables selling various and unique Christmas products. The air is filled with the delicious smell of roasted almonds which you can buy in different flavors. Apart from sweets, you will also find traditional Danish Christmas food such as brown potatoes, red cabbage, roasted ham, and tasty mulled wine.

Kongens Nytorv is located near Hotel d’Angleterre, in front of Nyhavn, near Memorial Anchor.

Copenhagen Christmas Markets

Højbro Square Christmas Market (High Bridge Square) 

Højbro Square or High Bridge Square is a high street in the middle of Copenhagen. It’s where you will find outlet shops, and incredible restaurants, and at the end of the square is the Stork Fountain. When it’s the Christmas season, the square is packed with tables and stalls. Locals are selling a variety of snacks and delicious Danish food which fills up the air with a mouthwatering aroma.

Other than local items, you will also find international food from all over Central Europe such as sausages, waffles, and even fermented fish. It’s ideal to come here with an empty stomach. Try out several dishes and wash them down with a hot beverage or even a cold beer. 

Højbro Square is situated southwest of Kongens Nytorv, about a 6-minute walk, only a few steps from Gammel Stand metro station.

H.C. Andersen Christmas Market

Named after the well-known Danish writer, Hans Christian Andersen is the author who created the Little Mermaid. There is now an annual Christmas market named after him located on Nytorv Street. This Christmas market is kid-friendly selling items such as food, hot drinks, and sweets. However, the highlight is the opportunity for children to meet Santa for a photo and learn to make Christmas ornaments.

Nytorv is not in the same location as the Kongens Nytorv. Nytorv is a street 900 m south, near Copenhagen City Court and Copenhagen University.

Copenhagen Christmas Markets

Christmas in Tivoli

Tivoli is the most popular theme park in Denmark. It’s a 19th-century park that is open between the start of spring and the end of summer. It opens again for Halloween and then for the sparkling Christmas. The wooden houses are decorated with colorful ornaments, a life-size set of trains is bright with warm bulbs, and pine trees are covered in snow. 

The famous garden is engulfed by 70,000 Christmas lights. To complete the set-up, there are well-decorated 60+ stalls selling Christmas snacks, sweets, and hot drinks. If you haven’t done your shopping yet, you can definitely find a gift or two that captures the true Nordic culture. You can choose from candies, knitted items, leather merchandise, and other handicrafts.

The entrance fee is 60 DKK for children (3-7) and 135 DKK for adults. It’s a 20-minute walk from King’s Garden to Tivoli or a 6-minute bike ride. You can also bring your car but you have to park at nearby establishments, Tivoli doesn’t have its own parking area.

Freetown Christiania Christmas Market

Christmas market in Christiania can be very different from other Christmas markets in Copenhagen. Christiania is in the heart of Copenhagen which was occupied by squatters in the 1970s. Today, the area is known as Freetown where the area has its own policy especially when it comes to using and selling cannabis. It is also home to hippies and an international commune with diverse cultures.

Because of this, the Christmas market in Christiania is more suitable for adults. But apart from having the opportunity to buy and use marijuana, most vendors on the market are talented artists with whom you can speak and discuss the products they sell. You don’t even have to buy anything, the locals are very much happy to just talk and exchange stories.

Nonetheless, the streets are covered in Christmas decorations, stall vendors offer hot wine and chocolate, cookies, and local delicacies. Christiania is located on an island called Christianhavn, meaning you have to take the bridge to get here. Both Lille Langebro and Knippelsbro leads to the Freetown. You can take a quick but scenic ferry ride from Københavns Havn to Knippelsbro as well.

Copenhagen Christmas Markets

Best Places to Stay in Copenhagen

If you are on a budget, Copenhagen Downtown Hostel is not only well-located but also offers a very outgoing and social scene, perfect for solo travelers. While Danhostel Copenhagen overlooks the popular and magnificent Sydhaven. 

For mid-range hotels, Comwell by Wyndham is a nice choice. It features a minimalist interior with a superior location in Nordhavnen. On the other hand, Hotel Østerport is right next to the accessible Østerport Station that leads downtown right to the airport.

If you can splurge a little bit and experience a Scandinavian luxury hotel, both NH Collection and Admiral Hotel not only feature fantastic location in the city center, but also offers sophisticated interior design and impeccable features such as buffet service, fitness center, and an onsite bar.

Copenhagen Christmas Markets

Christmas Activities in Copenhagen

Aside from visiting Copenhagen Christmas markets, there are other Christmas-related activities you can do and enjoy.

Take a walk through Købmagergade, where the shopping streets are covered in distinctive sparkling lights and Christmas decorations.  You might even get lucky and see some people singing lovely Christmas caroling featuring traditional Danish songs.

Another thing you can do is find and drink “gløgg”. This is a Danish version of mulled wine or spiced wine. It’s often served with dried fruit and you will find almonds and raisins at the bottom of it. It would be ideal if you find “æbleskiver” in the same food stall, these two would really get your Scandinavia Christmas mood going. The name means “apple slices”, but apple is not the main ingredient of this sweet pastry. Æbleskiver texture is more similar to a pancake and best served warm.

You should also look for a local restaurant that serves a full Danish Christmas dinner. Since most businesses are closed a few days before Christmas, a lot of Danes will be celebrating Christmas with their friends and colleagues in advance. This means that many restaurants are offering traditional dishes as their special menu option.

Things to know before you go to Copenhagen

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