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Affordable Wellness Retreats in the USA

Affordable Wellness Retreats in the USA

It has been a stressful few years, everyone could do with some relaxation and recentering. This is why we are sharing these affordable wellness retreats in the USA.

There are a few better places in the world to head for a nurturing and spiritual journey than the USA. There are many things to do in the USA but if you want to break out of the rut of the usual work, eat, and sleep routine, then a health-focused vacation is the only answer.  

A wellness retreat, therefore, not only assures the traveler a promise of rest but also of a variety of treatments that can help with the problems relating to lifestyle. This is the main reason that a slew of affordable wellness retreats has mushroomed across America. Let’s have a close look at some of the leading ones.

Why visit a Wellness Retreat?

We love traveling to explore new places, see new things and have some great experiences. We love to try new exotic flavors, spend long days getting lost in cities, and then try out a different hotel every few nights. But not always.

We all need time to get away from our day-to-day lives, get away from the stresses that can keep us up and night, and just focus on ourselves. And a trip around a new city doesn’t always do it for us.

Wellness retreats give us time to focus on ourselves, take time to unwind, and reflect. It isn’t about forgetting our problems, but about giving us space away to think about what really matters and how we can achieve our goals in the future.

Everyone is different and everyone’s retreat is different, but you can enjoy an affordable wellness retreat without spending too much money. You can use retreats however you want to, whether you want to get stuck into some yoga activities, spend your days reading by the pool or try your hand at mediating.

We share some of the best cheap wellness retreats in the USA so you can choose the best option for your future me-time vacation.

Affordable Wellness Retreats USA Guide

Santa Barbara Yoga Retreat, California Affordable wellness retreats

Santa Barbara Yoga Center, California

If the sublime California weather doesn’t pull the strings of your heart, this breathtaking soul-healing yoga retreat surely will. For the ultimate personalized experience and affordable wellness retreat in California; the Santa Barbara Yoga Center offers two weeks of unlimited yoga activities for as low as $122 per person per night. This includes a private apartment on single/double occupancy, a queen bed, and a bamboo floor to practice the sequences best.

You can attend live classes as well as yoga sessions online by the reputed teachers at Santa Barbara Yoga Center and choose from the many different styles on offer. With the beach just a stroll away, one can opt for a private yoga session or just unwind and meditate alone. Shorter stays of two nights, a week or extended stays for a full month of relaxation can also be undertaken here.

Santa Barbara Yoga Retreat, California Affordable wellness retreats

Bluff Dwellings, Utah

Conveniently nestled among million-year-old sandstone cliffs which served as dwellings for the ancient Puebloans, the Bluff Dwellings Resort in Bluff, Utah is a must-visit for those who wish to be pampered and embraced by the spectacular surroundings. The 14 buildings and 54 rooms have been so designed to merge with the ruins of the cliffs and boulders. Striving for peace and tranquility is the essence of life and the unique nature-centered HozHo spa ensures exactly that.

Apart from uncompromising luxury rooms set in a surreal environment with all amenities and full attention to high-class service. Besides the spa, there is an Outdoor Pool and a Whirlpool Spa in the United States’ most beautiful destination. Oversized rooms, with great views of the 200 feet high red cliffs, come with a private patio, high-speed internet, large bathrooms, and rain showers providing seclusion and privacy for just $189 per night. Accommodation includes four glamping teepees, nine large dwellings, and three large Pueblo structures.

Finish off your budget wellness retreat by heading over to Park City Utah; a gorgeous area of the state, ideal for hikes and skiing depending on when you are visiting. 

Affordable wellness retreats

The Lodge at Woodloch, Hawley, Pennsylvania

For an incredible mid-week escape, which offers up to 43% off on weekend rates, you can treat yourself to a relaxing wellness retreat within a gorgeous forest. From just $339 per person per night at a private country estate, state at one of the 58 rooms, which are simple but luxurious and located in a natural setting with locally procured furniture. The Lodge at Woodloch offers a luxury adults-only Poconos Spa for an exclusive range of body treatments and is a must-visit if you are traveling to the USA. 

With 35 classes per day, the beauty of the surroundings can change moods and minds and bring about a sense of well-being. For a new personal challenge, discover scenic walking paths or go kayaking or mountain biking. The all-inclusive package comes with a private lake amidst acres of forests, a state of the art Spa and an up-to-date fitness center. The wine list is worth exploring as are Chef’s options for the range of dinners.

You could also visit the lodge in the winter for a magical, festive vibe; the lodge looks spectacular in the snow!

The Peaks Resort and Spa, 136 Country Club Drive, Colorado 81435 Affordable wellness retreats

The Peaks Resort and Spa, Colorado

Getting dirty and having fun are the perfect ingredients for an unmatched collection of amenities and attractions at The Peaks Resort and Spa in Telluride’s Mountain Village spa; known as one of the best wellness retreats in the USA. Located amid the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the resort offers both summer and winter activities and a variety of dining choices at the Altezza Restaurant. The Telluride Regional airport is just 11km away from the Peaks, while downtown Telluride is a short twenty-minute drive from the property.

A full-service 42000 square feet spa and fitness center with all services like Pilates and Yoga classes is the main feature of this 161 rooms resort. On-site activities apart from wellness orientation are ski-in and ski-out, fishing, and a golf course on site. Rates range from $229 to $329 from Summer to Winter. Guests can enjoy a drink at the poolside Deep End Pool bar during the warmer months.

Affordable wellness retreats

Indian Springs Resort, Calistoga, California

If you want to get pampered with massages and get immersed in layers of volcanic ash at just $220 per night, then Indian Springs will be a paradise for you. The hot springs of Calistoga have been a source of treatment for centuries and will provide a one-time experience to the guests within the confines of the scenic Napa Valley. Spread across 17 acres, the rooms at Indian Springs consist of cottages, bungalows, and stylish buildings, each with its own unique charm and vibe.

Being one of the original spas to be established in California, the special treatments and thermal waters at Indian Springs is an authentic spa experience. The menu is totally influenced by local ingredients and is served in a vibrant atmosphere befitting the Arcadian nature of the resort, in order to instill a deep sense of peace, calm, and time, perfect for relaxation and detoxification.

Honor’s Haven, New York

If you are looking for one of the best health & wellness retreats in the USA, then Honor’s Haven is for you. This 232-room resort provides its guests with mountain, lake, and garden views set in the historic Hudson Valley. This well-established resort apart from a high-class Wellness Center and Spa offers outdoor activities like hiking, biking, birdwatching, and other recreational sports close by.

On the food front, a delectable selection of dining options for all tastes and dietary preferences is available. Special packages from 412$ for a minimum four nights stay are available. Some of the attractive packages are the Holistic Wellness Retreats and Self-Development Retreats at the Earth Mind Wellness center.

This National leader in health and wellness has managed to alter the lives of thousands of people by enhancing their energy levels by way of gentle and revitalizing classes undertaken by trained holistic experts. This dedicated wellness retreat has three private session rooms and two spacious rooms for training to accommodate 35 persons at a time.

There is always something happening year-round in this family-friendly destination. If you find that a wellness retreat can’t meet all your mental health needs, consider seeking professional help for more comprehensive care. For those in the Pacific Northwest, there are excellent therapists near Seattle who can provide personalized therapeutic expertise to support your journey towards better well-being.


Looking for yoga retreats in the USA? There are plenty of wellness retreats that focus on Yoga and cater to beginners to advanced fitness and yoga levels. Some of the best retreats for Yoga in the US are:

  • White Lotus Foundation – Inside a steep canyon across 40 acres of Land, this yoga retreat offers lodges, yurts, and campsites; ideal for all budgets. 
  • The Yoga Lodge on Whidbey Island – Near Greenbank, Washington, this lodge hidden in the forest is perfect for those looking for nature, animals, and yoga all day, every day. 
  • Rolling Meadows – Inside a restored New England Farmhouse, the Rolling Meadows is a unique yoga retreat to enjoy. The expansive grounds with gardens, wood, swimming, and pond contrasted with the 10 people’s home, make this elegant retreat in the USA perfect for those looking for a more intimate group to grow with whilst having plenty of places to explore. 
  • Big Sky Yoga Retreats — With summer and winter yoga retreats, you can visit Big Sky all year. There is an emphasis on horseback riding here along with photography, hiking, and skiing.
  • Sewall House Yoga Retreat – For an off-the-grid experience, Sewall House is ideal. The idyllic location in Island Falls, Maine, and the variety of activities to choose from, make this a popular yoga retreat in America. Not only can you practice Yoga but you can also kayak, swim, hike, meditate, canoe, cook, write, and learn folk herbalism.
  • YogaScapes, California – Tucked away in the Joshua Tree National Park, the YogaScapes weekend retreat is a stunning place to relax and unwind. Watch the sunrise over the desert from your tent, take a morning yoga session then spend the afternoon hiking and biking along the ancient rock formations.

The idea of going on a relaxing excursion is picking up rapidly in today’s plugged-up lifestyle. Wellness tourism is becoming the fastest-growing travel sector, and this handful of budget-friendly resorts will help you reset with nature and breathe a bit easier.

Wellness Retreats F.A.Q

What is the difference between retreat and resort?

A resort is a hotel full of amenities, like golf, tennis, large pools and lots of things to do in the resort itself. This could be a great place to relax but a retreat focuses more on the idea of unwinding and relaxing as well as refocusing and recharging; often with more quiet-solitude. 

What are the benefits of a retreat?

Retreats have plenty of wonderful benefits. They give you time to focus on relaxing, a chance to reflect on your habits and make new routines for a change. It gives you a chance to improve your health and dietary habits whilst in a peaceful surrounding, allowing yourself to really focus on yourself. 

Are wellness retreats worth it?

There are plenty of benefits of wellness retreats, making it worth a visit for many. If you are looking to take a break, then maybe a staycation in a lovely nearby hotel is a better choice, but if you are feeling lost, overwhelmed or unsure of the future, then retreats are definitely worth it. From 2 nights to 2 weeks, there are plenty of options available, so browse around and don’t forget to give yourself time to reflect even after you have left the resort. 

What is included in a wellness retreat? 

What is included in a wellness retreat depends on the type of retreat you visit but most will include yoga classes, meals and nature walks depending on the location. Many include meditation and fitness activities and more often than not, you will find amenities in the retreat to help you relax; like sun loungers, pools and library areas. 

How many days should a retreat be?

As long as you aren’t travelling abroad, 3 or 4 days should be enough time to take full advantage of everything the retreat has to offer and give you a chance to rejuvenate. Longer retreats are available for those looking to focus on seriously changing their dietary habits or fitness levels.

What type of people go on retreats?

People from all walks of life attend retreats; all sizes, shapes, ages and personality types. You can get super fit and healthier people and chronically unwell or unfit people, and everything in between. The beautiful of a retreat is that everyone is there for the same reason; to focus on themselves. So don’t worry about being judges or not fitting in, this is an experience that is all about you. 

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