You may recognise Ayutthaya by its famous head statue with tree roots growing around it. But Ayutthaya is so much more than that. 50 miles from Bangkok City Centre, Ayutthaya is the old capital of Thailand and a popular day trip for those staying in Bangkok.

During our stay, we booked on ourselves on a day trip to visit this beautiful city. We were picked up at 9am and whizzed off to the city in just over an hour. First, we were taken to Bang Pa-in Palace, a summer palace formerly used by the Thai Kings. We toured the complex for about an hour and half and were able to wander around and photograph the exceptional architecture that showed clear influence from all over the world.

We jumped back on the bus and were fed a yummy cookie en route to the temples. The famous statue head was surrounded with tourists but the shattered ruins of temples scattered around the area is what makes this place incredible.

The temples are nearby so after 45 minutes or so, our tour bus picked us up and took us literally around the corner to see a leaning buddha. Another stunner. We were then taken to another temple that was still used today with the locals being incredibly welcome. We were blessed by the monk and accepted a string bracelet – this is symbolic for something but not entirely sure what…

Our tour then took us to a boat on a nearby river where a thai buffet was served for lunch with a side of Singha. The boat followed the river back to Bangkok, offering some awesome views of the buildings along the river. We were dropped of at a pier and took a Tuk-Tuk back to our hotel.

Ayutthaya is stunning and worth a visit if you are in Bangkok.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Love Ayutthaya, been on the day tour, and also visited another time where I actually stayed inn the Ayutthaya area for a few days, I would highly recommend if you go again to stay inn the area and explore more of the temples and hidden gems inn the area. Love my temple exploring lol.

  2. […] day trip is perhaps one of the most popular and for good reason. As the former capital of Thailand, Ayutthaya is home to ancient crumbling temples straight out of a Lara Croft film. Explore the ruins, eat […]

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