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6 Best Areas to Stay in Dubai

6 Best Areas to Stay in Dubai

Dubai is a popular tourist destination and we share the best areas to stay in Dubai, so you can choose the right neighborhood for your visit.

Dubai is one of the world’s most popular and cutting-edge cities. Of course, this metropolis accommodates many various cultures and traditions distributed throughout the city. You can visit the sun-drenched modern Dubai Marina or get a sense of Deira’s historical depth but of course, make sure to enjoy some dune bashing in Dubai too; there are plenty of exciting things to do in Dubai.

Each community is distinct in its own way and offers significant value to both residents and visitors. In this post, we will take you on a tour of Dubai’s most important landmarks and tell you about the most popular neighborhoods, as well as their variations and idiosyncrasies.

Also, if you are considering a long-term relocation to Dubai, use the information in this post, since costs and infrastructure information will be provided.

Best Areas to Stay in Dubai

Best Areas to Stay in Dubai

Downtown Dubai: Where Dreams Come True

Downtown Dubai boasts some of the city’s most iconic structures, inviting you to immerse yourself in its energy and magnificence from the very first step.

Yes, this is the most prestigious neighborhood in one of the most prestigious cities. That is why real estate agents rate apartments here the highest. Of course, you can also find suitable non-commercial real estate here.

The huge skyscraper with 133 residences and 77 floors will satisfy the needs of even the most discerning tenants and buyers. You can even find penthouses with more than 5 rooms. And for high-income buyers, there is an option to purchase an entire floor of up to 500 meters square.

Best Areas to Stay in Dubai

Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR): Beachfront Bliss

If you want to wake up to sea views and live on the waterfront then JBR is one of the best options for you. The neighborhood is nestled along the Persian Gulf and houses a lively promenade known as The Walk. For those looking for the best place to stay in Dubai with family. JBR is a great option.

According to the Dubai Real Estate Market Report 2019 published on Bayut’s website, JBR is the most popular area to buy property. All because the neighborhood combines urban energy and a beach atmosphere. This factor is extremely convenient for freelancers who come here for vacation or permanent residence with their families.

JBR has more than 40 high-rise towers, 35 of which are residential and the remaining 5 are hotel towers. Most of them offer panoramic views of the city and the beach and are fully equipped with first-class modern amenities. For example, the premium One JBR complex offers a choice of 2-4 bedroom apartments and 5-bedroom penthouses priced from $955 (AED 3,507) per m².

Best Areas to Stay in Dubai

Hatta Mountains: Discover the outskirts

To deeply engage with the captivating tapestry of Dubai’s neighborhoods, the ability to venture out and discover at your leisure becomes indispensable. Because of the location of this area, you will need at least rent a car Dubai monthly, featuring an extensive array of vehicles tailored to your preferences.

This guarantees a smooth and hassle-free journey. Whether your preference leans towards a sophisticated sedan or an opulent SUV, Renty has your preferences well accounted for.

Tucked away on the fringes of Dubai, this mountainous enclave presents awe-inspiring vistas, exhilarating pursuits, and a tranquil refuge from the urban hustle. By partnering with Renty Car Rental, you have the chance to embark on an indelible journey to Hatta, a road trip that promises a firsthand encounter with the unspoiled allure of Dubai’s encompassing locales.

Best Areas to Stay in Dubai

Dubai Marina: Modern Waterfront Living

Our review could not be complete without mentioning the famous modern enclave called Dubai Marina. As a rule of thumb, the photos of Dubai you’ve seen were most likely taken at this location on the famous Marina Walk.

Along this bustling street, there are many luxurious restaurants and boutiques to suit all tastes. Tourists here often indulge in sumptuous cuisines from around the world, and the area is generally a hotspot for all residents of the city.

The famous neighborhood, which is being developed by developer Emaar Properties, attracts attention with picturesque views of the Persian Gulf coast. There are more than 200 buildings on the territory of Dubai Marina, including 23 Marina Towers and Ocean Heights Tower. If you are thinking of moving to Dubai, this is a great area to base yourself in.

Best Areas to Stay in Dubai

Deira: Immerse in Tradition

Deira district is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Dubai. Here are located – Dubai Museum, gold market, Creek Bay, spice market, port, and the most important buildings – banks, and hotels in Dubai.

Historically, Deira was the commercial center of Dubai but has lost its importance over the past few years due to recent developments along E 11 (Sheikh Zayed Road) and the area further down to the Abu Dhabi coast. Port Said is a small port along the Deira Dubai Creek shoreline. Port Said holds some cruise liners and small shipping boats in Dubai.

Best Areas to Stay in Dubai

Palm Jumeirah: Opulence on an Island

This artificial island represents Dubai’s progress and ambition. Villas and apartments with the greatest views and beaches are available for purchase here.

The following are the most popular developments in Palm Jumeirah:

  • Tiara is made up of 15 buildings, each with its own private beach.
  • The homes are a three-building complex (two of which are luxury living units and the third is a five-star hotel).
  • Oceana – high-end apartments and townhouses
  • Signature Villa is a luxury villa complex with individual beaches and swimming pools.

Coastal residences in Palma Jumeirah range in price from $4,700 to $9,500 per square meter (AED 17,260 – 34,900).

Explore Dubai’s fascinating neighborhoods and embrace its luxurious lifestyle for an incredible travel experience. I hope that after reading this article, you will be inspired to buy a ticket and explore the urban neighborhoods of Dubai.

Things to know before you go to Dubai

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