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There is some amazing street art around the world so we decided to share the best cities for street art, for all those art and travel lovers!

Art has always been a part of the world’s culture. From prehistoric cave paintings to today’s modern sculptures, it’s certainly something we have all been fascinated with. While the opinions on street art vary, there is no doubt that it shows incredible talent. Some describe it as a way to energize and beautify a city, while others note that it inspires with its unique and colorful designs.

Today, we are going to talk about eight cities across the globe that have some incredible street art. Sound interesting? Then keep on reading!

New York best cities for street art

New York City, USA

During the late 60s, New York began to fill with street art, and while it may have originated from vandalism, it soon became a unique part of the city. While some of it may be hidden away, by keeping your eyes peeled, you can see some great pieces from Banksy himself. Freeman Alley, The DUMBO Walls, Houston Bowery Art Wall, and the Crack is Wack mural by Keith Haring are just a few things to check out!

Melbourne best cities for street art

Melbourne, Australia

Out of all the cities and towns in Australia, Melbourne is the home of one of the biggest living art exhibitions in the world. Street artists have covered almost every inch of the city, and many people travel to take a peek at the colorful laneways. Take a walk to Hosier Lane, AC/DC Lane, Meyers Place, Croft Lane, and more to see a few of the incredible pieces. It’s so inspiring; you’ll be grabbing out those graffiti markers and spray paint to see what you can create. The options are endless! 

London best cities for street art

London, UK

While it might not be the first place to come to your mind, London does indeed have some of the most high-quality urban artworks. In fact, there are various tours that take you around the city to the most popular pieces. From the 9.1-meter bird on Hanbury Street to the dedicated David Bowie memorial in Brixton, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Other popular destinations include Shoreditch, Camden, and the Leake Street Tunnel in Central London.

Berlin best cities for street art

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is undoubtedly a very beautiful place to visit, and with its history, many individuals find it refreshing to see the fantastic murals. One most popular is known as the East Side Gallery, sitting on part of the Berlin Wall. Some other popular destinations include the Raw Gelande in Friedrichshain and Haus Schwarzenberg street art alley. Check out this Germany Travel Guide if you’re interested in exploring all the other unique places. It’s certainly somewhere to add to your bucket list and make sure to pack for Berlin appropriately; the weather can be temperamental in Germany so bring those layers!

Buenos Aires best cities for street art

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is one of the most famous street art destinations in the world. It’s almost impossible to explore the city without seeing something on one of the bustling streets. The most popular to explore include the alleyways of Palermo Soho, Pasaje Russel, and Pasaje Soria. However, the flea market Marcado de las Pulgas is a great place to stop and see works by various artists. 

Paris best cities for street art

Paris, France

Paris has always been known for its passion for art and creativity, but many people forget the unique style of the country’s street artists. Each piece is entirely unique, and you can find various styles, all inspired by the famous city of lights. Head to the Canal de l’Ourcq, Rue de l’Ourcq and. Place Igor Stravinsky to see some colorful pieces. Trust us when we say you won’t be disappointed!  

Mexico City best cities for street art

Mexico City, Mexico

While Mexico City hasn’t been a very popular tourist destination over the years, it is quickly becoming a must-visit location because of its diverse street art. Many locals offer a variety of tours to see the most popular pieces, and you may even get to see some of the artists in action. La Romita, Plaza. Luis Cabrera, Avenida Reforma, and Calle Zacatecas are some of the best sites to visit. Check out the best murals in Mexico City if you are looking for more ideas! 

Los Angeles best cities for street art

Los Angeles, USA

LA is known for its colorful and fun landscape, so it’s no surprise to learn it’s filled with art by some of the most talented artists. Many tourists flock looking for that perfect insta-worthy shot, but even if you don’t like social media, it’s still a marvel you should take time out to see.

You may have heard of the California Dreaming Wall by Ricardo Gonzales or the You are Going to Be Fine Mural by Leta Sobierajski. However, make sure you check out some of the less famous murals. Sometimes the hidden ones are the best!

And that’s it! These were eight cities across the globe with some incredible street art. So whether you are a fellow art lover, or just someone looking for the perfect shot, make sure you view some of this incredibly talented work. You won’t regret it!

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