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Heading to Canada? We share the best cities to visit in the country, perfect for all types of travelers and all budgets.

Canada is a country with a vast area rich in natural resources. Its landscape is surprising at every step: jungles next to deserts, fiords in the neighborhood of orchards. Canada is also an amusing cultural mix of its inhabitants, British and French descendants mixing with ethnic communities. 

As the second-largest country in the world, just after Russia, Canada has a lot to offer. When planning your trip to this wonderful country, you should be aware of its vast territory and the number of places that you should visit.


eTA Canada

Before we have a closer look at the best Canadian cities, it’s worth mentioning at this point that you will probably need to obtain your entry permit before your travel. 

If your travel purposes of visiting Canada are of leisure, business, or transit character, you can apply for an electronic visa instead of a regular one that requires a visit to the Canadian embassy in your country.

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It isn’t easy to narrow down a list of the world’s best destinations in such a large and diverse country like Canada. There are literally countless places to visit in this country, with ten provinces and three territories covering 9,985,000 square kilometers. At the same time, they can offer unique attractions, beautiful landscapes, and friendly people. 

To be honest, all Canadian cities are worth visiting, and it’s really hard to choose only a few. Nevertheless, we’ve compiled a list of 5 Canadian cities that stand out from the rest. These cities are home to attractions and sights that are exclusive to Canada, and in some cases, the entire world.

We agree that each of the cities on this list, from Canada’s largest city to its most famous national park to its capital city, deserves a spot on your travel bucket list — and we can’t wait to tell you why!


1. Toronto

The capital of Ontario, Canada’s largest city with a population of 6.9 million, draws the most tourists in the country — there’s a lot to be said about Toronto, a booming city of almost three million residents, which is why it won the top spot on this chart, as well as the 13th spot in the world.

There are well-known Toronto landmarks, to begin with. The famous CN Tower, the Casa Loma, and the Toronto Zoo are only a few examples of less than exceptional venues. Other significant attractions include the Hockey Hall of Fame and Nathan Phillips Square and regular global museums such as the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) and the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM).

toronto best cities in canada

There are also sports teams to consider. You don’t have to be an adamant sports fan to enjoy a game in Toronto, which has seven professional sports teams.

Diverse neighborhoods can be found all over Toronto, each one serving as a micro-cultural center with its own restaurants, stores, and parks. You can try food from all over the world by jumping from neighborhood to neighborhood, from Little Italy to Chinatown to the Danforth (which has a substantial Greek community).

Vancouver best cities in canada


Silicon Valley and Seattle tech behemoths are flocking to town, lured by Canada’s willingness to welcome global tech talent, which has been primarily ignored by four years of nationalist policies south of the border.

Furthermore, Canada’s comparatively proactive response to and containment of the pandemic, especially in Vancouver, has endeared the city to an even more significant number of global nomads who can operate from anywhere.

The population of this city is 2.4 million inhabitants, with room for more. All of this explains why it is the second-most populous city on our list, with a global ranking of 34.

Montreal cityscape

3. Montreal

COVID-19 wreaked havoc on Canada’s exotic French heartland. However, a return to happier times is never far away. And no other capital, with a population of 3.6 million, has made such a comeback!

Despite the cancellation of popular programming such as the Grand Prix, the city moved quickly to turn main streets into creatively styled outdoor hangouts with art and music and greatly expanding bike lanes.

The summer of 2020 in Montreal was, as always, deliriously fun and tragically brief — it’s no coincidence that the city ranks 25th in the world for the number of high-quality sports, exhibits, and events.

Woman looking out at Calgary in Canada

4. Calgary

Despite a declining oil sector, Canada’s energy hub is laying the groundwork for the future. The challenge in this city of risk-takers has always been to balance things out by diversifying away from fossil fuels and creating an economically stable hometown.

Despite current difficulties, new developments such as the newly opened Central Library in the emerging cultural center of East Village strengthen the city’s long-lauded quality of life.’ Unsurprisingly, it will house 1.3 million people, the majority of whom are upper-class.

beautiful Ottawa

5. Ottawa

The world is attracted to Canada’s cosmopolitan capital because of its reputation for brainpower. Ottawans are exceptionally bright: the city is ranked #6 in the world in terms of educational attainment, and Carleton University, the highest-ranked of the city’s four universities, is ranked #82. 

best cities in canada

All of the brain power has gone through 1,750 knowledge-based companies, ranging from renewable energy to life sciences, digital media, aerospace, and software.

The effect is approximately 68,000 workers, implying that up to 70% of their working-class people are hired. In terms of global GDP per capita, they are ranked 80th.

If you haven’t already decided on your next vacation destination, our list of top Canadian cities should make it easier for you to consider visiting Canada soon! 

The sites, people, food, and just the general ease of life and living in this beautiful country will make you want to stay for longer or return in the future. Don’t think too long, plan your trip to Canada, but first obtain your eTA!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.