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Europe is full of incredible cities, landscapes, beaches, attractions and food. We can’t wait to explore more of Europe but whilst we are in China, it will just have to be plans for now. However, we asked travel bloggers and experts what their favourite European destinations were and I was overwhelmed with the response. So much so, we had to write two parts! Check out the first part here!

Best european destinations


It has never been easier or more rewarding to visit Bulgaria than it is right now.

The abundance of tourist attractions, the vibrant culture and the peculiar traditions, as well as the accessibility of the small Eastern European country, make Bulgaria an all-year-round perfect tourist destination.

You can wander the streets and take in the vibrant fusion of the capital city Sofia. Alternatively, you might want to travel back in time at the countless Thracian and Roman ruins. Even excite your palate with delicious dishes and exquisite wines, then soak your body and rejuvenate in the numerous SPA hotels. At the end of the day, you can simply dance the night away and laugh at the odd traditions of the Bulgarians.

In any case, if an authentic experience at an affordable price is what you are searching for, now is the right time to visit Bulgaria. However, don’t just take my word for it, check these facts about Bulgaria before you make up your mind.

Naddya blogs at NTripping

European destinations


My favourite European destination is London. I’ve lived there for a while and visited several hundred times, and I’m still finding new things to discover.

It’s more like a country than a city, as there’s simply so much to see there.

There are all the iconic sights – Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. Yet this is only scratching the surface.

The thing about London that I love most is the sheer diversity of it. There are so many different cultures, languages and cuisines. I’ve always felt that when I’m visiting London, I’m visiting the whole world. Some cities might have the edge in visual beauty, but for sheer cultural wealth and an endless range of things to do, there’s no contest. London it is.

David from Delve into Europe

European destinations


Many travellers and tourist heading to Europe have Denmark on their travel bucket list, however, many of them are unsure if they should go because of how expensive it is. It is a fact that Denmark is a super pricey destination even for the locals and expats here. But it’s possible to explore this Scandinavian country without breaking a bank! One thing I can recommend as an expat in Denmark is to remember that you can rent a bicycle and explore the city of Copenhagen and Aarhus, which is the best cheapest and best way to explore every corner, you can easily lock it on any bike parks to enjoy the famous Danish beer, cookies, and its beautiful architecture.
Mary from A Mary Road


My favourite European destination to date, Sarajevo, came as a surprise to me because before visiting I honestly didn’t know much about it apart from associations with the 1990s Balkan Wars.

Visiting Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina will not only give you an opportunity to educate yourself about the conflict and what took place there, but to also see the city from a completely different perspective too, one that is incredibly peaceful and beautiful, and that is absolutely worth visiting.

Sarajevo’s Old Town is one of the most gorgeous I have seen in all of Europe. It may not look all that different to some, but there is a special kind of atmosphere here that is hard to explain. A walk up to the Yellow Fort to see the picturesque views over the town at sunset is also a highlight.

Jessica from Notes of Nomads

European destinations


Bucharest has to be one of the most exciting cities in Europe at the moment. It’s become a bit of a hotspot and there is a very good reason for that. The Old Town has been completely revamped in the last few years and trendy bars, cafes and restaurants are popping up everywhere, attracting visitors wanting to know what the fuss is all about.

The combination of classical and communist architecture tell the story of what this city has gone through over the years. But what I love the most about Bucharest is that it’s so instagrammable, with the not-so-secret passages that you find scattered all over the city, and my favourite bookshop of all time, and possibly the most photogenic one you will ever come across – Carturesti Carousel.

Teresa from Brogan Abroad

European destinations


Athens is easily one of my favourite cities in the world – year round! There is over two-thousand years’ worth of history, some of the best food in the world, with affordable everything or complete luxury if you’re looking for it – as well as a picturesque coastline. The vibe in Athens is this fantastic meeting point of the ancient and modern worlds – you can shop for designer clothes and sit down for Michelin starred food while looking up at the acropolis. Not to mention state of the art museums and the most wonderful arts festival through the summer which you can enjoy in the ancient theatres as well as in some of the world class modern venues.

Sam from Travel with the Muses

European destinations


No matter how many times we visit Rome, we still experience that itching bit of excitement you get when you visit a place for the first time. Rome is our favorite European destination because there is so much to see and explore! Rome is full of ancient history and culture, amazing food, friendly locals, and many narrow cobble-stoned streets to get lost among. We love walking around Rome and encountering beautiful ancient ruins and historic buildings around every corner. Even though we have been to Rome three times, we still haven’t seen everything! Rome is an amazing place to go if you’re looking to be amazed by history and culture.

Kathrine and Pam from Everywhere forward

European destinations

Rovaniemi, Finland

Our favorite European destination is Rovaniemi, Finland, the place we call nowadays home. The city spreads over the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland and a perfect destination for families and outdoors lovers in every season.
The city’s top attraction is the Christmas themed Santa Claus Village where you can meet with Santa all year round and shop everything holiday related souvenirs you can imagine. You can stop by the Arktikum (and other museums too) to warm up a bit and learn about the Arctic life and nature.
In winter, you can observe the Northern Lights, have a snowmobile tour across the snowy forests and frozen lakes, while the short summer offers white nights and numerous hiking opportunities in the nearby national parks.
The city has an international airport, but local flights are also available from the capital, Helsinki. If you are a first time visitor, I’d suggest coming between January and March. It’s still winter, but the days are already long and brights for all outdoor activities, yet the northern lights are still visible on the night sky.
Katalin from Our Life Our Travel
European destinations

Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev, Ukraine is my favorite city in the world.  I first went out there in 2011 and realized that it was one of the most underrated cities I had ever been to.  Fast forward years and a revolution later, I have come to realize that it is just not underrated, it is one of the greatest cities in Europe.

The Ukrainian capital has been through a lot, but its resilience and personality have managed to shine through and make it an up-and-coming tourist hotspot.  The city has a lot to offers- UNESCO World Heritage Site, the world’s deepest metro station, cafes galore (and some of the best coffee I’ve ever had), a fun nightlife, world-class food, and a lot to offer a traveler, whether they be into sports or museums or art.  I look forward to seeing Kiev emerge into its own over the years and it is definitely a place to add to your Europe travel list!

Megan from Megan Starr

Madeira Island

My favourite European destination is Madeira Island. This small Portuguese island is called “Pearl of the Atlantic” or “Hawaii of Europe” and that is what makes it so special. There are many beautiful destinations in Europe, but part of Madeira’s charm is exactly the fact that it does not feel like you are in Europe.

The warm weather, beautiful scenery, exotic flowers of Madeira give you the impression that you are visiting a far, exotic destination, while at the same time the Portuguese culture makes you feel at home. Since it belongs to Portugal, all Europeans like me can get there in a couple of hours, with just an ID (and no jetlag..). All that makes Madeira a perfect mix of “exotic” and “easy” and is my favourite destination especially for a short trip to catch some sun during the winter months.

Edyta from Say Yes to Madeira

South Iceland

Our favourite European destination is easily South Iceland.

It’s a truly unbelievable area with an incredibly diverse range of things to see – from geysers to glaciers to waterfalls!

There really is no shortage of incredible places to see in South Iceland. Firstly, there’s the largest volume falls in Europe – Gulfoss. If you want more waterfalls then there’s also the incredible Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss, the latter of which it’s possible to actually go behind the waterfall itself!

Within Southern Iceland, you’ll also find the hugeMýrdalsjökull glacier, which truly is a sight to behold. Alternatively, there’s also the impressive Geysir geothermal area (from which the term Geyser originates), where you can see water erupt up to 30 metres high from Stokkur geyser.

On top of this, there’s also the chance to visit a volcanic crater, a formidable canyon and more! It’s easy to see why we love South Iceland so much!

Natalia from Something of freedom

And that is part 2! I hope you have found this helpful for your next Europe trips – I certainly have!

What is your favourite European destination? Let us know in the comments below!

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European destinations
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European destinations
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  2. I need to add Bulgaria and Ukraine to my Europe bucket list! Thanks for the tips!

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