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When it comes to travel, there are many places you can visit. But what are the best Mediterranean cruise destinations to visit on your next cruise?

When it comes to travel and vacations, there is an abundance of spots that one can visit and explore. But what are the best Mediterranean cruise destinations to visit on your next cruise?

With Mediterranean cruising, you are definitely in for a ride. The spots to visit are nothing short of mesmeric and this itself is enough to trigger a sense of need for a vacation right now.

If you are planning a vacation, book the best Mediterranean cruises for a marvelous experience like never before. But, before that, let us walk you through some of the European ports that you can visit.

Best Mediterranean destinations for a cruise

best Mediterranean Cruise destinations


If you are on a romantic trip with your partner, visiting Venice would be the perfect option. From the picturesque gondola rides down the steep canals to the popular spot of St. Mark’s Basilica for a wholesome experience. The options for exploring around are abundant and if you are into shopping, you are going to get everything you ever need. The rides along on the water taxi are also quite rewarding. 

best Mediterranean Cruise destinations


Yet another one of the amazing spot that you can’t miss out on is the beautiful Greek Island of Santorini. The combination of the ocean and beach view paired with the erratic placement of the whitewashed buildings adds to an amazing experience you can’t forego. While there, make sure to explore the black sand beaches which are the best selling point of this place. Witness the beautiful sunset and, if possible, ride on the quad bikes, which further adds to the thrill even more. 

If you have a little extra time in Greece, take a ferry over to visit Crete; the largest Greek island and a beautiful vacation destination, or take a ferry to Mykonos, known for its gorgeous beaches and amazing food.

best Mediterranean Cruise destinations


Rome doesn’t require any introduction, now, does it? But, while you are cruising through the Mediterranean, you should choose this as your destination without fail. While there, explore the Vatican City and throw some coins in the Trevi Fountain. The best part of your exploration should include the Colosseum. If you are a foodie, the wide array of pasta and pizza is going to enrich your holiday even more.

best Mediterranean Cruise destinations


Yet another amazing spot to make a pit stop at is Barcelona. Just walking around this place is more than a wholesome experience owing to the kind of beauty the place has. Visit and stroll down the Las Ramblas Boulevard and explore around witnessing some of the best stops for art. In addition to that, you can also make a quick pit stop exploring the narrow streets of the Gothic Quarters to witness the beautiful galleries and the architecture around. 

Monte Carlo

best Mediterranean Cruise destinations

For those who are into the beauty of glitz and glamour, Monte Carlo is an amazing spot to visit and explore. Located around the French Riviera, this spot is something you would be a fool to miss out on. While there, visit and explore the Monaco Grand Prix and Prince’s Palace. You can just chill and catch a much-needed break from the hectic schedule of life with this. 

best Mediterranean Cruise destinations


Last but not least has to be another spot in Greece. Athens is considered the oldest city in Europe and is the perfect spot for exploring the beauty and the grace of rich history. It is also the home of the Olympics and has undergone several renewals to maintain the integrity and beauty of the place. 

If you are boarding a Mediterranean cruise, these are some of the spots that you can visit. Each one of these spots is better than the other, making it a good option to explore around without many complaints. Make sure that you make all the bookings beforehand to avoid last-minute rush and surges.

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