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Planning a trip to Canada? We share the best places in Canada to visit so you can explore this incredible country.

We have collaborated with other travel bloggers to answer that question! It is a gorgeous country with so much variety, with easy transport and backpacking Canada options available.




My favorite place in Canada is my hometown – Ottawa, Ontario. A lot of people give Ottawa a hard time because it’s not as big as neighboring cities like Montreal and Toronto. However, I’ve always had a million things to do while living there – all you need is the right connections. On any given weekend, I always have at least 10 fun options of social things to do in the city.

The winter months are full of skating on the canal (complete with hot chocolate and beaver tails), nearby mountains for skiing, and cuddling by the fireplace. The summer months are full of festivals! Not only is there “Bluesfest” with so many artists from different musical genres represented, we also have a beer festival and every type of junk food festival you can imagine (ribs, grilled cheese, poutine, or mac n’ cheese – to name a few).

Although a lot of people are government workers, everyone is incredibly friendly and I’ve met a lot of wonderful people over the years. In the spring, beautiful tulips in every color can be seen throughout the city, and in the fall, the colors of the changing leaves make a perfect backdrop for spooky Halloween wagon rides.

My favorite thing to do is go rollerblading along the bike paths beside the river in the summer, while watching the baby geese hatch, and feeling the beautiful sunshine along the beaches. Ottawa has a perfect mix of activities to make it a perfect place to live or visit during any season!

Amanda from Amanda around the world



I was recently invited to join one of my closest friends on a week-long trip to her family cottage in Muskoka. I had heard so much about this magical place but couldn’t quite believe it when I finally sat out on the dock and watched the sun go down.

We were miles away from ‘civilization’ and it was so refreshing. It’s funny what disconnecting can do to you; our week without Wi-Fi was spent reading out on the dock, barbecuing, playing cards, boating, jumping in the lake, and snuggling around the fire at night. The silence struck me the most; complete and utter silence. It felt a bit eery at first, but I slept more soundly than ever thanks to the peaceful environment.

Coming from Barbados, I have seen my fair share of beautiful sunsets, but the sunsets in Muskoka took my breath away.

Malou from Skip to Malou



Lake Louise is probably the most photographed place in Canada and for good reason. Beautiful in any season, this lake is quintessential Canada. In summer, the turquoise waters reflect the majestic snow-capped mountains with canoes doting the lake.

In winter, the spectacular ice castle built on the lake is a perfect place to brush up your ice skating skills. The historic Chateau Lake Louise Hotel sits front and center in the valley and is a charming place for high tea or to warm your chilled bones in winter.  A favorite activity is to trek 3.5 km from Lake Louise to the Lake Agnes Tea House.  The hike provides a different vantage point of the Lake and the charming Tea House makes for a good reward.  In winter, the nearby Lake Louise Ski Resort, located in Banff National Park is the place to head for pristine skiing.  You will be sharing this magical spot with lots of other tourists, but as you gaze at this magical lake in the Rockies, you truly won’t mind.

Dawn from 5 Lost Together

maid of the mist Niagara Falls


Niagara Falls is by far my favourite place in North America!

Calum and I visited The Falls on our first ever trip together and will always find time to return here when we are in the area. With the Maid of the Mist and Hornblower cruises offering you a chance to get up close and personal, the journey behind the falls or the Cave of the winds – there is so much fun to be had here.

The Canadian side also offers some fun activities for the evenings: wax museums, arcades, themed restaurants, chill-out bars with funky cocktails and more. You can drive out to one of the many vineyards or head down Niagara River on a thrilling Jetboat.



Vancouver in British Colombia on the west coast of Canada is famed for its beauty. It has so much to offer visitors whatever season you choose to visit. For first-timers in Vancouver,   I highly recommend spending a day cycling around Stanley Park.

Walk or cycle the seawall – the 9 km long section found in the park has a path that leads you past totem poles, and a beach and also offers great views of the Lions Gate Bridge.

After a day of cycling, head downtown to Gastown and enjoy a drink and a meal while people watching.

If markets full of beautiful fresh produce are of interest, then a trip to Granville Island by Aquabus is a must! Enjoy a stroll around the island and don’t forget to check out the floating homes in the creek!

Don’t forget to enjoy the Whale Watching Vancouver experience.

Tracy from Tracy’s travels in time



Halifax is known as the hipster city in Canada, but when I went to book flights, I could only find two things to do from Google: The Public Gardens and The Citadel. Although I would highly recommend both, they aren’t the only reasons why I want to go back and explore the Nova Scotia capital more. From the incredible architecture to the oldest parliament house in Canada to Canada’s oldest urban park to gluten-free and vegan food galore, Halifax truly surprised and amazed me.

What surprised me most about Halifax is its music scene, which was mainly folk music with Celtic and Gaelic undertones. The city of 390,000 people has even hosted Elton John and John Lennon at concerts in the Halifax Commons, a large green space that was also visited by Princess Diana and Pope John II. I recommend driving up to Cape Breton to visit the Gaelic College or the Celtic Music Centre to learn more about the musical and cultural influences.

Other day trips from Halifax include the iconic Peggy’s Cove and historic Lunenburg. I would spend at least three days in Cape Breton, as it’s about a four-hour drive from the capital.

Deni from The Full-Time Tourist



What first drew me to Yukon two years ago was the northness of it. I’ve always felt a deep curiosity and affinity to the north, for its stories of remote wilderness and pioneering spirit. Whitehorse is its capital, and the largest city in the Canadian territories, so it’s a good starting point to launch your adventures from. Many people visit for the Northern Lights (I didn’t get to see any the entire two weeks I was there! Sad!) but that’s just one of its many delights.

While I was up there, I went snowboarding and dogsled riding. I visited the smallest desert in the world (Carcross Desert) as well as a nature preserve where you can see arctic foxes and muskox, among other animals. I also snowshoed for the first time, relaxed in some hot springs under the stars, and hitchhiked across the border into Alaska (technically!) with a birder; through his scope, we were lucky enough to see a couple of mountain goats on the craggy mountains. You won’t be short of adventures if you visit Yukon!



Toronto really does have it all. A vibrant & exciting food scene, colorful street art, an Instagram-worthy skyline, and natural scenery that is just a stone’s throw away from the city center.

The food in Toronto is reason enough to pay this city a visit: between creative fusion cuisines, tasty street food, and eateries serving up new & exciting combinations I could have easily spent weeks in Toronto sampling all the delicious food.

My favorite spot in the city is without a doubt the Toronto Islands, it’s just a ferry ride away yet it feels like setting foot into a completely different world. The islands offer picturesque settings for a walk along the shore and are also a great location for a picnic with friends, just keep an eye on those seagulls otherwise you might have to share your food.

Maria from Global Brunch

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