Best places to camp in Europe

Going on a camping trip is an exciting adventure for many, no matter where you are camping in the world. Today we share the best places to camp in Europe, so you can choose the best place to explore, relax and watch the stars. 

From rivers to seas, lakes to cliffs, we believe these eight locations should be on the “must visit” list of every avid traveler and camper. 

Best places to camp in Europe

Gura Portitei

Starting the list off with the Black Sea, located in beautiful Eastern Europe, there are numerous spots in different countries to choose from. 

But our top favorites are Gura Portitei or the south part of Bulgaria’s coastal line. From sunny and calm sandy shores to thriving towns, bustling with lives you have plenty to choose from. 

Gura Portitei, however, is a small sandy island that separates the Danube with the Black Sea. It’s calm, pretty and it’s the spot if you’re looking for a place to relax in. You can either set up a tent or rent a tiny wooden house. 

Best places to camp in Europe
Best places to camp in Europe

Camping Bankenhof in Germany

Of course, we’re a family-friendly blog, so we just had to include Bankenhof Camping in Germany. If you have a baby with you, there’s no need to worry about all your needs being fulfilled at the camp spot. 

Everything that you would ever need, from proper washbasins to having entertainment for all ages on camp, there’s pretty much nothing else left to be desired. 

Even better is that Camping Benkenhof is located in close proximity to Lake Titisee, which is perfect if you like fishing, swimming, or boating. There’s more than you can ever want in a camping spot and the best thing is that it’s affordable. 

Best places to camp in Europe


If you’re more of a nature type of person and you prefer to spend your camping vacation resting away from the hustle and bustle of a city, then going to the cliffs in Ireland is a great choice. 

Kilcar in County Donegal is the perfect place with a hidden beach that gives you the opportunity to set up a tent and spend some time away from everyone but lush green flats, the beach, and serenity. 

Best places to camp in Europe

Italy and the Riva del Gara

And then you have Italy. Being one of the most history-rich, beautiful, artsy countries in the whole world let alone Europe.

Riva del Gara is positioned on the northern side of lake Gara and it gives the perfect opportunity to spend a night out in the open enjoying fresh air.

Best places to camp in Europe

Anywhere in Sweden

There’s one thing that makes Sweden one of the best countries in the world for camping. We’re talking about the right of public access that basically gives you the right to explore and camp whenever you see fit. 

But quite possibly the best place in Sweden is Skuleskogen National Park. It’s calm, quiet, and it also gives you the possibility to spend some time in the wilderness, enjoying the wildlife around you, the tall forests and even kayak on the Baltic Sea. You may want to back a wild camping tent for your time here and make sure to visit the cities too. 

Best places to camp in Europe

Bran, Romania

One of the things that come to mind when you think of Romania is vampires. But while the bloodsucking creatures are made up, visiting Bran is a sure way to experience the history and mythology that shaped the monsters that scare us to this day. 

From the 14th century castle that belonged to Dracula to the Bucegi mountains and the numerous caves you can find, there’s a lot to be seen and explored in the Bran region. 

Best places to camp in Europe

Finish archipelago

While camping is amazing, it’s even better if you find ways to spice things up. Going over to the Finish archipelago is the perfect opportunity to camp on one of more than twenty thousand islands that have stayed untouched. 

You can make this the trip of your life, especially if you like kayaking and fishing. Just make sure you’re ready to get wet, as out there is more water than land. 

Best places to camp in Europe

Germany & the Bavarian Alps

One of the most prominent and beautiful parts of Europe are the Alps. The vast mountain that spreads around Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy is also one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. 

And, it’s even better for campers who aren’t exactly experienced mountaineers but love to spend time in the mountains. Why? Because there are literally hundreds of small towns and villages that are nested in the Alps, giving you a beautiful, 360-view of mountains around you. 

By far the best place to go camp in the Alps? We have to go with the Bavarian Alps. Bavaria as a state is really beautiful and picturesque, so camping there and exploring the wilderness is perfect especially if you don’t want to stray too far away from civilization

While these are some of the best places to go camping in Europe, we strongly advise to go explore and find some great camping spots yourself. 

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  1. Looks like Gura Portitei and Bran, I should add these two places in my list right now. I will just start research about these two now, thanks for the heads up though. Camping gets me going, so I need to start at asap once this quarantine saga gets over.

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