We have lived in China and now Bangkok, we are happy to say that living abroad is awesome! We love Thailand, it has everything we want right now. We spoke to over expats around the world and have made a list of the best places to live in the world.

Every traveller has had the dream – the idea of upping sticks and living somewhere else. Those itchy feet always have us wanting to explore new cultures, discover amazing landscapes and perhaps even learn a new language.

best places to live in the world

The natural connection: Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown is a backpacker favourite and has long been known as an adventure sports haven. It is also quickly becoming a favourite for those seeking a little more peace and natural beauty.

With just 16,000 people living on the town, overpopulation and crowding are rarely an issue. Unofficially the area is known as the ‘Southern Lakes’, and the proximity of Lake Wanaka, Lake Wakatipu and Lake Hawea mean that you’ll never run out of fishing, sailing, boating, swimming and diving activities.

Surrounded by snow-capped mountains and some of the most impressive natural scenery in the world, Queenstown is an ideal destination for nature lovers.

best places to live in the world

Big city lights: Melbourne, Australia

Not everyone seeks quiet and nature, and if you’re looking to move to Australia for a busier social life, then Melbourne is the city for you. It’s known for its energetic nightlife and great work prospects.

Living in Melbourne is made easier with 24-hour public transport, as well as incredibly friendly local people always ready to welcome a newcomer. The Central Business District is one of the best food, drink and party locations; if you’re seeking craft beer, trendy wine bars or fruity cocktails, the CBD is the place to head to.

best places to live in the world

Culture all around: Toronto, Canada

As well as being a city much loved for its welcoming people and multicultural vibes, Toronto is famous for its thriving entertainment scene too. You’ll find the epicentre of the Canadian theatre and film industry here, with the Toronto International Film Festival and the third largest theatre district in the world.

The Church & Wellesley area (sometimes called the Gay Village) hosts a lot of the theatres and music venues in the city. You can also find places like the Young Centre for the Performing Arts in the Distillery District, within the Soulpepper creative space.

best places to live in the world

Quality of life: Vienna, Austria 

According to the Mercer Quality of Life Survey, Vienna took the number one spot as the most liveable city in 2019, and has done for the last nine years. 

Quality of life is so good here because of the mix of spectacular European architecture, friendly people, job opportunities and all of this with a strong community feel where people look after each other. The 3rd and 4th Districts are known for being calm but with some soul, and are good candidates for the best places to live in Vienna.

The 6 best places to see the sunset in Singapore

Jobs, jobs, jobs: Singapore, Republic of Singapore

The business environment in Singapore is fast-moving and never stops. This is a great city to move to for work, with relaxed visa opportunities as well as a 90 per cent satisfaction rate for foreign workers in the city. Moving to Singapore opens up a host of employment options, as well as some of the best services.

Business is booming in the city, with the second fastest growing economy in the world and some of the highest salaries around. The highly regarded educational and medical system means family life doesn’t get left behind either. With that in mind, Singapore may well be the perfect family destination for an international move.


Digital nomad heaven: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand is famous for its fun party scene on the islands, as well as being a fantastic place to taste new food, meet new people and learn more about yourself. The digital nomad scene in northern city Chiang Mai is one of the strongest in the world, with incredibly low costs and a multicultural and fast-moving social scene.

High speed internet is easy to find, apartments are cheap and plenty of female nomads consider it a very safe place to live and work. It’s also a great hub from which to explore the rest of south-east Asia.

There are many cities and beach destinations in Thailand that make for a great home for digital nomads; we find a lot of expats love to live in Bangkok because of the cheap flights to South East Asia and the ongoing things to do in Bangkok.

European destinations

Family-friendly life: Copenhagen, Denmark

It might not be the cheapest city in the world, but when it comes to family life, Copenhagen is hard to beat. With a population of around 800,000, the city sits in the sweet spot of close to one million people, where you avoid feeling like a mindless ant in a colony, but still get all the big-city benefits.

Everyone cycles around the city; in fact, bikes outnumber cars, and the population is healthy and happy. Salaries are high, almost everyone speaks English and there are 24-hour bus and metro lines. Moving to Copenhagen might be the best decision your family makes.

best places to live in the world

Make the most of your money: Medellin, Colombia 

Known as the City of Flowers, Medellin may have some fame as a narco-city thanks to its wayward son Pablo Escobar, but that is long in the past. In 2013 it was named the ‘Most Innovative City in the World’ by the Wall Street Journal, and life in Medellin is cheap, fun and energetic. 

The El Poblado and Laureles areas are the most popular for expats moving abroad, with steep hills and charming terracotta buildings. You’ll see farmer’s markets, street food, dancing and colour wherever you go, and you’ll never have to spend much.

best places to live in the world

Foodie heaven: Bilbao, Spain

The Basque Country region is famed for its food, with a seemingly endless list of Michelin star venues to enjoy. The Uribarri district is one of the best places to live in Bilbao if you love good food. It’s packed with bars, restaurants and locals enjoying life.

As with many Spanish cities, the quality of life is high, prices are relatively low and the culture is relaxed. Fish and seafood are famous in the city, and the Old Quarter of the city is historical, beautiful and full of incredible cuisine.

best places to live in the world

Living the local life: Eguisheim, France

Moving to a foreign city or country doesn’t necessarily mean finding a large city. Plenty of expats moving abroad do so to get away from relentless rat race that can sometimes come with city living. The village of Eguisheim in the Haut-Rhin region of France is the perfect place to escape it all and has been incorporated in France’s official list of the country’s most beautiful villages.

The fairytale town is full of cobbled streets, medieval architecture and great food. A little time spent here and you’ll feel like your life is like a scene from The Beauty and the Beast.

The world is full of incredible, inspirational and unique destinations to move to. If you’re thinking about relocating, there’s a place for everyone. It all depends on what matters to you, whether that’s a safe environment and friendly locals or top tier education or low cost of living. 

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best places to live in the world
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best places to live in the world
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best places to live in the world
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