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Best Places to visit for Beer Lovers

Best Places to visit for Beer Lovers

Some travel for food, some travel for culture, and some travel for the weather; but today, we share the best places to visit for beer lovers!

Alright, you love beer. You drink it every single meal, you try all sorts of different flavors, and you now want to start traveling the world in order to see everything that beer has to offer. But since beer is so widespread and influential, you might wonder what you need to do in order to hit the best locations. 

Well, thankfully, this article is going to give you some of the best locations to visit if you drink beer just as much as you drink water!

Best Places to visit for Beer Lovers

Best Places to visit for Beer Lovers

Grand Rapids Michigan

Of course, the best place that you can go is a place that the locals call ‘Beer City.’ Grand Rapids, Michigan is a town that both have 80 breweries within 60 minutes of downtown, and it also has a ‘Beer City Ale Trail’ that takes you down to over 45 of those breweries and restaurants. It is one of the best activities you could do in Michigan.

But many of those restaurants are also very unique and they offer some great beers and food for you to enjoy. For example, Founders Brewery is built in a former truck depot and is also modeled after a traditional German beer hall.

While City Built offers a bunch of brews and food that have a Puerto Rican flavor, some places even have hard cider made from locally grown apples!

Best Places to visit for Beer Lovers

Ithaca, New York

While this region of New York might be more known for its wine rather than the beer selection it puts out, that doesn’t mean that Ithaca, New York doesn’t have its charms in the world of beer.

They’ve got a few different breweries that all come to bat with unique flavors that will make you feel good. For example, the Ithaca Beer Co comes with Flower Power IPA and the Southern Tier Brewing Company has taprooms all over the country.

Best Places to visit for Beer Lovers

Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany

Alright, whenever you think of beer, you’ve got to think of the festivals that they have in Oktoberfest! With the 16-day event going from September to October, you will be able to explore the world of beer and also the culture and history of why Oktoberfest is so important to the city of Munich!

Best Places to visit for Beer Lovers

Brussels, Belgium

Finally, if you really want to delve back into the history of beer and brewing you need to reach into the world of religion. Belgium is known for the ales of the abbey, made by monks who wanted both a way to drink during a fast and also something that was safer than water to drink. Now Brussels has countless styles of ales with both Trappist and Lambic styles.

And if you really want to learn more about the world of brewing, then you can go through the Museum of Belgian Brewers in Brussels as well. That way you can learn the history of the beverage you love to drink! 

Great American Beer Festival, Denver

Finally, if you can’t hit Oktoberfest, then you should try to hit the second-best October-based beer festival at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver. This is a four-day beer festival that gives you long tasting sessions of over 2,000 beers that are poured by 500 brewers. Plus if you want to talk about beer as well, they’ve got a lot of seminars and discussions where the best in the business will share how they brew their drinks!

Best Places to visit for Beer Lovers

Inspired to Brew Your Own Beer?

Now, if you have returned from your trip and have decided that you want to brew your own beer, then you need to know a few things. Even if you don’t want to start your own brewery, you should know a few things about what brewing your own beer looks like. Here’s what you need to know.

Start With The Basics

As much as you might want to start brewing your own beer by adding a ton of new ingredients and flavors to make it just like all the other places you have been to on your trip if you have never brewed beer before you might want to focus on the top ingredients. Get those right, find the correct ratios, and then start focusing on making changes.

Use A Brewery Management Software

Finally, as you focus on your beer and decide to open your own brewery, then you will discover that the world of breweries is much bigger than you might think. That means that your time will need to be spent on the management of your business rather than the making of your beer.

That is where management software, like Ollie comes in because it will allow you to see all the numbers and data around your brewery all on one screen without having to take the time of your team to crunch those numbers.

Traveling to some of the best places to get your own beer and potentially be inspired to make your own can be a life-changing experience. So don’t just make the trip without thinking about it, and instead focus on what you will learn about beer and the different brews that you will taste along the way.

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