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Best places to visit in Spain

Best places to visit in Spain

Planning a trip to Spain? We share the best places to visit in Spain, so you know where to go and what to see and do. 

Wine, olive oil, and Jamon have been obligatory souvenirs for a long time, and the clean beaches, mountains, and sea are the first things that come to mind at any mention of Spain. Spain, with its wonderful beaches, vibrant nightlife, plenty of cultural regions, and ancient cities, is a great place to travel.

Being a diverse country both geographically and culturally, Spain can be surprisingly interesting for those who are only familiar with it through relaxing on the beach. You can see the meadows and snow-capped mountains or vast swamps, salt lakes, and deserts, Spain has everything that a traveler needs. 

Best places to visit in Spain

Getting around Spain

The most popular and cheapest option to travel in Spain is using bus services. Bus companies in Spain can be found pretty much in every city, town, and even unknown villages. Efficient and cheap routes range from local routes from village to village to faster intercity connections between major Spanish destinations. When you choose a coach hire Spain trip, it is convenient to combine a beach vacation with a sightseeing program. Many tourists like to visit major Spanish cities – Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia, where there is a concentration of fascinating museums and monuments. 

If you like to explore “the hidden pearls” – put your eye on visiting Girona, Zaragoza, Burgos, Seville, Segovia, Cuenca, Toledo, Granada, Cordoba and Barcelona. Religious travelers will find it interesting to visit Montserrat, San Juan de la Peña, Escorial, Sacromonte, San Esteban and other Christian shrines in Spain; it could also be done by BCS BUS.

Best places to visit in Spain



For every traveler that starts their journey we highly recommend starting it from Barcelona.

Barcelona is a good place to start your trip to Spain. 

In the first days, you can have mixed feelings: There are beautiful streets, houses, and lots of sights, but it’s hard to be a hurried tourist in the city: there is too much to see…

You can walk along the crowded promenade in the evening, watch soccer in a sports bar and swim in the sea in the center of the city. Barcelona is both dynamic and leisurely in the Spanish way: some neighborhoods are peaceful and quiet, while others are crowded and in a hurry.

View from above Barcelona

It’s recommended to visit Barcelona at least for a week. This time would be enough for you to visit all of Antoni Gaudi’s buildings, the promenade, and the Gothic Quarter. This is a narrow street where the spirit of the Middle Ages is mixed with the modern, and the gray, gloomy, but beautiful buildings in the Gothic style are adjacent to bars and restaurants.

After you’ve tried the Spanish spirit in Barcelona, it’s time to taste more of Spain. If you’ve found the dynamic of Barcelona’s nightlife catching your spirit – time to meet Valencia. Using the minibus hire Spain service could save you a coin and traveling a small group of up to 16 persons will provide you comfort during your travel to Valencia. 

Best places to visit in Spain


Besides that Valencia is a resort city with a beautiful, clean and large beach it can truly be called an important center of beach tourism in Spain. But there’s plenty to see and do when the sun goes down: Valencia is known for its futuristic science district. You have to go there to see the buildings from the outside, even if you are not a huge nightlife fan. There is a long avenue with buildings that resemble futuristic spaceships.

The city’s old center represents a mix of cultural and architectural styles, which reminds us of the rich history of the city. By the way, Valencia is the birthplace of paella, and it is worth coming here to try paella in its homeland.

Valencia viewpoint

Using the same minibus hire Spain service you can move further to Granada – an ancient city that is built on three hills that gently descend to the picturesque plain. Granada, like an ancient jewel box in the treasury of the Spanish kingdom, is filled with amazing sights, many of which are recognized by UNESCO experts as monuments of the material heritage of mankind. The park-architectural ensemble in Granada is considered one of the outstanding monuments of the Western Europe Moorish period.

Best places to visit in Spain


Became popular during the summer of love, and the small island got its name in music culture. Ibiza is associated with crazy daily parties until dawn, but many lose sight of the fact that the island became popular before the beginning of all raves due to the celebrities who came here to be inspired by nature (Yves Saint Laurent created dedicated a clothing collection to the Spanish island, Pink Floyd made an album here, etc.).

In addition to partying, the nature of Ibiza, its beaches, the clearest turquoise water, and breathtaking views deserve special attention.

You can get to the island of love by ferry from Barcelona, Valencia, Mallorca, or Denia for a price of around 50$.

places to visit in tenerife


The largest of the seven Spanish Canada Islands, Tenerife is a great place for those looking for package holidays, beaches and plenty of gorgeous landscapes. 

There are plenty of great places to visit in Tenerife; head to the Teide National Park, spend a day at Loro Parque, and check out Masca Village. Enjoy time along the coast and make sure to visit the volcanic peaks with Mount Teide being the highest peak in Spain. 



For Disney-like fairy tale castles, head to Granada. Visit the ancient fortress, see the snowcapped peaks and walk up the winding cobbled streets. Alhambra is one of the most famous sights in Spain, with the palace sitting high above the city and being home to some of the best-preserved Islamic art and architecture in the world. 

Best places to visit in Spain


Famous for its flamenco culture, Seville is one of the unique places to visit in Spain and the ideal place to start a Southern Spain road trip. Take in a show at the intimate small flamenco bars to learn more about this dramatic but passionate dance form. Head to Real Alcazar to learn about the history in the well-preserved Mudejar architecture. Once you have finished in the city, make sure to experience at least one of the many day trips from Seville to see something a little different.

Beautiful Madrid, city in Spain


Of course, the Spanish capital is a must-visit whilst you are in Spain. Head to the art galleries of the golden triangle and appreciate the beauty of the Royal Palace. There are so many churches and stores to explore, plenty of hotels to choose from and of course, incredible tapas bars for you to work your way through each night. 

The variety of natural sights and unique architecture allows each person to find something that will be interesting to him in Spain. The heat in the south of the country or the coolness of the north, the parties on the Island of Love, or castles in the centre of Spain. Each region of Spain is unique, each city and town has its own unique atmosphere, which can be felt even in the smell. As we already said – Spain has everything that a traveler needs. 

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