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The BEST PLACES to visit in the UK

The BEST PLACES to visit in the UK

Planning a trip to the UK? We share the best places to visit in the UK; the country we call home and many love to visit every year!

There is something for everyone in the United Kingdom. Here are just a few of the best spots to visit. Travelers can begin planning today and enjoy the United Kingdom soon! Before departing make sure you have the UK Passenger Locator Form filled out.

Best places to visit in the United Kingdom

Famous Roman baths in Bath UK


Bath is named for the Roman baths that form the central attraction of the town and are a great family-friendly attraction in Bath. For over 2,000 years, people have been visiting the town to take advantage of the healing believed to be found in these mineral waters. 

Travelers can tour the original Roman baths, then try out the waters themselves at one of a number of nearby spas. They can even taste the water, though the minerals it contains make this a less than desirable activity for many.

Bath also features exquisite Georgian architecture. The best example of this is a curved street called the Royal Crescent. One of the homes here is also a museum showcasing Georgian life. Visitors can find out more about what the city must have felt like in Jane Austen’s time!

Snowdonia in the winter


See the best that Wales has to offer from this national park. Travelers will get mountains, valleys, ocean views, and more. They might even be able to see Ireland if they get really lucky!

Snowdonia sits on the west coast of Wales and contains the highest mountain in Wales (Snowdon), as well as the largest lake in Wales. It’s perfect for both active adventurers and those who want to take a sedate walk. 

Unlike national parks in other countries, Snowdonia contains several small villages. These offer the perfect places to eat, sleep, and even visit local castles. Locals are used to tourists and can be extremely helpful when it comes to finding Snowdonia’s hidden gems.

The Lake District

Lake District in England

Made famous by Jane Austen and a number of other authors, the Lake District stretches north of the Cotswolds and contains 12 of England’s largest lakes, as well as an uncounted number of smaller ones. 

Many visitors love exploring the Lake District on foot, as there are thousands of kilometers of trails. Most of them are relatively easy and accessible, though the more intrepid can climb Scafell Pike.

Tiny towns and villages dot the Lake District, and each one offers inviting pubs, comfortable places to sleep, and a glimpse into everyday English life. Travelers should take their time journeying through these places if they want to get a feel for rural life. 

Scottish Highlands best places to visit in the uk

The Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands presents a great opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of travel and enjoy a natural getaway. They are sparsely populated, wild, and contain some of the best castles that the UK has to offer. 

The most popular places to visit in the Highlands include Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Britain, Eilean Donan castle, and Loch Ness. Who knows? Someone who visits soon may be the first person to reliably spot the monster!

With the popularity of movies like Braveheart and shows like Outlander, the highlands are becoming more and more popular. However, careful planning means that travelers can still get a taste of the wild, up amongst the heather. 

Stonehenge in England


This World Heritage Site offers one of the best examples of a circle made of standing stones in the world. For over 4500 years, people have been coming to Stonehenge to worship and to mark important days.

Tourists can walk around the standing stones (though they cannot get as close as they once could), then visit the nearby museum. There, they will find out more about the history of the area, other nearby ancient structures, and how it was all once used. 

The city of Salisbury is nearby, and it provides a great example of a medieval town. There, travelers can see one of the best-known cathedrals in Britain, as well as an original copy of the Magna Carta. 

The Giants Causeway UK

The Giant’s Causeway

Many travellers forget that Northern Ireland is also part of the United Kingdom. This tiny corner of the Irish Isle is home to Belfast, as well as to the volcanically-formed Giant’s Causeway.

This collection of square and polygonal basalt rock columns doesn’t look natural, but it is. Visitors can choose to take a self-guided audio tour or sign up to learn more from an in-person guide. 

Visitors will not only learn how the causeway was formed but will hear about the myths and legends that sprang up surrounding it. It’s no wonder people once thought it was a road for giants!

London skyline


A visit to the UK is not complete without a stop in London. Travellers can see Tower Bridge and Big Ben, watch the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace (known to locals as Buck House), tour Westminster Cathedral and St. Pauls, and more. 

Art lovers can visit the National Gallery, while their kids and non-art loving companions can hang out outside with the famous pigeons of Trafalgar Square. And a visit to London isn’t complete without catching a theatre performance.

Travellers willing to get off the beaten path will find London a great place to eat good food, enjoy stunning architecture in everyday places, and even get to know some locals. 

Oxford best places to visit in the uk


You don’t have to be a university student to enjoy Oxford’s stunning spires. Tour one of the 38 colleges…or more than one, since they represent many different architectural styles and time periods. 

After touring, travelers can take a punt out on the river. These flat boats are pushed along by long oars that actually make contact with the river’s bottom. Lucky boaters might see one of the college’s rowing teams out practicing. There are plenty of ways to enjoy Oxford with kids too, so this is the ideal place for a family trip.

Finally, visitors can climb one of a number of nearby hills to see the spires in all their glory. Locals recommend doing this at sunset, as it offers the chance for unique photographs of the city’s glimmering rooftops. 

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