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Best RV Trips in the USA

Best RV Trips in the USA

Finding the best RV trips in the USA can be a challenge, but we share some of our favorite destinations to road trip in the US.

In an age where the aroma of adventure is fresher than the morning dew, RV travel has emerged as the flag-bearer of freewheeling exploration.

From bustling metropolises to the forgotten byways of the heartland, there’s nothing quite like the open road to fuel the soul. In this expansive guide, we are set to unfurl the country’s most enchanting canvas for RV enthusiasts, the United States.

Buckle up as we traverse the length and breadth of the nation’s most alluring landscapes, peppered with personal anecdotes, insider knowledge, and a passion for the road less traveled.

Why an RV Trip?

It’s not hard to see why RVing is rolling along so nicely these days. There’s a big sky full of reasons, five of which we’ll park right here.

Coastal Drive on Route 1  in Portland, Maine is one of the best rv trips in the USA

1. Connect With Nature Without the Hassle

In a time-starved society, connecting with nature is like finding a deserted island in a tempest. RVs make the tranquility of wilderness accessible; they’re the Noah’s Ark for modern explorers, providing shelter and spectacle all at once.

With a self-contained home on wheels, there’s no need for tent-pitching marathons or packing and unpacking rituals. Nature’s at your doorstep and convenience is king.

2. Affordability and Flexibility That Breaks Travel Barriers

The new wanderlust anthem is sung with an RV key, unlocking destinations that may have remained dreams due to budget constraints. Their cost efficiency, coupled with unmatched flexibility in travel plans, allows people to chase horizons that once seemed pinned to the sky. The road becomes not just a pathway, but a liberating equation of time and cost.

3. Eco-Friendly Exploring

The green in traveling is usually a sign of seasickness, yet the verdant ties of RVs to eco-friendliness are undeniable.

With modern RVs featuring energy-efficient systems and the ability to venture off the beaten path without a carbon counterpart, they’re the new envoys of sustainable exploration. Where once gas-guzzling was the only road song, now efficiency and ecology lead the chorus.

4. The Luxury of a Home Away from Home

An RV is your home on wheels, wrapping you in familiar comforts as you roam. Boasting facilities for sleeping, whipping up your favorite meals, and taking a refreshing shower, it’s a blessing for groups and families. Substantial savings on hefty hotel and restaurant bills make it a wallet-friendly travel alternative.

5. Family Togetherness and Breathtaking Views

In an RV, the greatest sanctuary is the compound of your family, and the greatest gallery is the scenery that passes you by.

The road trip is the perennial Pilgrim’s Progress, where the stories shared and the sights seen etch memories that become the legends of your family lore. It’s an odyssey not just of distance, but of connection – connection to each other and the world outside.

Finding Your Perfect RV

Your RV travel adventures start with a good, reliable campervan.

If you’re looking to purchase or rent a new or second-hand RV, selecting the perfect campervan is crucial for optimizing your travel experience.

Check out a vast array of RVs on RVezy, an expansive platform for buying and leasing recreational vehicles. The platform offers a broad range of RVs from indulgent motorhomes to compact campervans that cater to various travel preferences and financial plans.

5 Best RV Trips Across the US

Get ready to kickstart your adventure boots, for we’re about to dive into the absolute must-do RV trips across the majestic US expanses!

Big Sur Day Trip

1. Pacific Coast Highway: The Rhapsody of the Golden State

The Pacific Coast Highway, or the PCH, is more than just a road; it’s a serenade stitched in the cliffs of California. Starting in Orange County and ending at Leggett in Mendocino County, this winding marvel takes you through the heart of the Golden State, where beaches meet boulevards, and mountains whisper to the sea.

It’s a photograph that extends beyond the frame, with every twist and turn revealing a surprise collage of the iconic to the obscure. Hear the bark of the sea lions at San Simeon, marvel at the majesty of Big Sur, and lose track of time as the sun sinks into the ocean at Eureka.

California is home to some of the most unique hotels in the US, so make sure to stay in at least one of the quirky hotels in the state during your travel.

Great Smoky Mountains

2. The Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee, and North Carolina

If there’s a patch of paradise caught between states, it’s the Great Smoky Mountains. Embroidered monoliths shrouded in their eponymous mist beckon the intrepid RVer to an Appalachian ballet of beauty.

Follow the 469-mile Blue Ridge Parkway, a scenic route that spans remarkably intact mountain forests. From the charm of Gatlinburg to the silent coves of Fontana, every step is a pageant of the Southern spirit.

Tasting a hot moonshine sip in the mountain hamlets or stopping by the Clingman Dome for a celestial portal above the clouds, the Great Smokies cast a spell that lingers long after the tires have turned. It’s truly a trip like no other!

New England USA Bucketlist

3. Fall Foliage Tour of New England

In the Northeast, as summer is kissed goodbye, fall ushers in a theatrical transformation. New England must be on your US bucket list; with its storied history and palette of turning leaves, hosts a festival that’s seemingly painted by the heavens.

Start your expedition in the crown of Maine, and weave your way down the coast, through the heart of New Hampshire and Vermont, crossing the fertile fields of Massachusetts and Connecticut before the final bow in Rhode Island.

The route is akin to an evolving fresco, as maple and oak trees unveil their kaleidoscope costumes. It’s a sensory overload – pause to sip cider in picture-perfect towns, listen to the stories of covered bridges, and savor the ephemeral beauty of nature’s grand finale.

planning a trip to florida

4. The Florida Keys and Overseas Highway Adventure

Conjure the quintessential image of the RV lifestyle, and you might just frame it in the Florida Keys. A chain of sophisticated island sways linked by the Overseas Highway, the experience here is the epitome of laid-back luxury.

Start in Key Largo, the gateway to the Keys, and traverse the magic that is the Highway; a sun-soaked ribbon that defies the ocean.

Each island presents a melange of maritime charisma – weathered fisherman’s haunts, coral cays ripe for snorkeling, and the indomitable spirit of Key West.

The Conch Republic is a destination unlike any other, where the sunsets are celebrated in a daily parade down Duval Street and the fragrance of island blossoms is never far.

Romantic things to do in Alaska

5. Alaska’s Seward Highway: The Last Frontier Beckons

Arguably one of the most awe-inspiring drives on the planet, Alaska’s Seward Highway is a portrait of rugged grandeur that whispers a symphony of the sublime.

Starting in Anchorage, traverse the Chugach Mountains and the sparkling shores of Turnagain Arm. The wilderness is your compass, and every mile is a chance to encounter the wild sheep scaling vertiginous crags, orcas breaching the cobalt bay, and bears patrolling the shores, as salmon leap upstream.

The route’s terminus is Seward, a coastal outpost that feels like the edge of the Earth, a portal to glacial cruise and the painting of the northern lights.

Where are you thinking of heading to? Let us know in the comments below!

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