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Heading to Zambia? You probably want to see the beautiful safari parks and wildlife – which is why we share some of the best in this post!

Why visit Zambia?

Beautiful, diverse, and abundant with wildlife, landlocked Zambia is situated in the southern part of Africa and is one of the safest and friendliest countries to visit. Often regarded as one of the loveliest hidden gems of Africa, Zambia has plenty to offer. 

The wild and powerful Zambezi River, Victoria Falls, twenty national parks, over a dozen spectacular waterfalls, lovely villages, and amazing safari parks are some things that make this country unique. Spending a holiday in Zambia can be a memorable experience. 

Explore vast open spaces, enjoy the wilderness, and admire lovely animals roaming the country. If you wish to experience the finest safari adventure, pack your bags and visit attractive Zambia!

Best safaris in Zambia

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Best safaris in Zambia to visit

Resort in Lower Zambezi National Park

Lower Zambezi National Park

This national park is home to nearly 400 bird species and 60 different mammals, including:

  • buffaloes, 
  • leopards
  • antelopes
  • wild dogs, 
  • and elephants.

Canoe safaris on the Zambezi River are the most popular types of safaris that visitors enjoy. They allow visitors to explore some very distant areas of the Lower Zambezi National Park. 

You can explore numerous waterways while admiring huge hippos, elephants, and crocodiles in the waters, as well as the baboons sitting on the shores. 

Wild camping is possible by the riverbank or on some remote islands, where you can refresh and relax before your next trip.

Resort in South Luangwa National Park

South Luangwa National Park

Located in the Eastern part of Zambia, South Luangwa National Park has an abundance of wildlife. Here you can spot some beautiful:

  • big lions, 
  • large elephants, 
  • elegant antelopes, 
  • lovely zebras, 
  • as well as some unique species of giraffe. 

Many different types of safaris are offered in this park, but walking safaris are the most popular ones. With the walking safaris, visitors can see animals from very close and can learn more about the distinct ecosystem of Zambia. 

Lodging is also available in the park, and some game drives are also available after sunset. Some unique animals can be seen only during the night time, like porcupines or honey badgers, so night safaris are very attractive as well.

Safari in Kafue National Park

Kafue National Park

This is the largest and oldest national park on Zambia`s territory, covering a huge terrain that stretches over three different provinces. Established nearly 100 years ago, Kafue National Park is where the Kafue River flows for over 250 kilometers. 

Since this park is so grandiose, it is impossible to explore everything this park has to offer. That is why many visitors choose to explore specific parts of it. If you want to experience something unique, visit the Busanga Plains in the park, get on a hot-air-balloon safari to see the animals and wildlife from a high perspective. 

Walking safaris, boat drives, and game drives are also available in the park, and there are numerous camps and lodges throughout the park where visitors can stay. 

The Kafue National Park serves as a home for:

  • lions, 
  • wildebeest, 
  • lechwe antelopes, 
  • buffalo, 
  • and over 500 bird species. 
Kasanka National Park

Kasanka National Park

If you are visiting Zambia or are planning to do so, then you must try the numerous interesting attractions and activities available at the Kasanka National Park. A trip to this park is sure to refresh and rejuvenate your mind and soul. 

The numerous picnic spots, hot springs, and spas in the park will surely make you feel the vibes of a traditional African safari in East Africa.

Kasanka National Park is located in the Serenje District of Zambia and is approximately 390 kilometers long, Kasanka is among the largest national parks in Zambia. It has been the first of Zambia’s national parks to be fully managed by a public-private partnership.

The Kasanka National Park has a wide range of attractions that will surely entice even the most demanding traveler. Some of the popular attractions include:

  • the Snake River where you can view a variety of gigantic rivers that form the Snake’s tributaries; 
  • the Lake Magadi, which has hippo pools and other picnic spots; 
  • the Mzima River with its many lagoons and its massive crocodiles that you can encounter. 

All of these sites are easily accessible and are close to Kasanka city. Moreover, during your tour of the safari park, you can also visit the Lwiimani Hills where you can see some remarkable stone sculptures that date back to the Kasanka’s era. 

You can make a selection from a variety of guided tours available that will help you discover the park’s wonders and attractions.

Zambia is waiting to be discovered! Plan your trip carefully to see as much as possible, make sure to prepare for a safari adventure, and collect some unforgettable experiences!

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