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Best Spring break Destinations in Florida for Families

Best Spring break Destinations in Florida for Families

The best spring break destinations in Florida for families can be hard to choose, so we have done it for you! We include best family destinations in Florida for you next trip!

Why Florida?

When searching for the best state for a road trip, most adventure lovers choose Florida. This place has unique architectural and natural attractions, paradise beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, entertainment centers, and other must-have attributes for an ideal vacation.

You’ll need quality transportation to survive a long trip through the Sunshine State. Very often, it is expensive and inaccessible to many travelers. Therefore, if you want to buy a good car at a lower price, then look for it at the Hartford car auction and similar events held in other US cities.

Best Spring break Destinations in Florida for Families

is Orlando expensive


This city is one of the most popular among foreigners and residents of various US states. First, it is known as the home of Walt Disney World, which everyone dreams of visiting.

If you prefer movies instead of fairy tales, then welcome to the Universal Orlando Resort. Here, you will plunge into the cinema and have a great time.

A popular place for all visitors is the Kennedy Space Center. It is located on the east coast of Florida, an hour’s drive from Orlando. Here, you will rediscover space and understand all the pros and cons of being an astronaut. On the complex’s territory, a vast number of objects are available to visitors. Each of them is interesting in its own way, so when looking at them, you won’t notice how quickly time has flown by.

Another point on the map of your route should be Discovery Cove. It is located 15 minutes from Orlando and is a tropical paradise. In this park, you can sit on the beach and hand-feed birds, communicate with dolphins and swim among thousands of aquatic inhabitants.

There is plenty to enjoy along International Drive, including many family-friendly restaurants in Orlando.

planning a trip to florida

Florida Keys

When planning a trip to Florida, Florida Keys should be on your bucket list!

The Florida Keys archipelago is located in southeast Florida. It is a chain of stunning coral islands that will not leave any traveler indifferent. You can get here by car from any city in the state.

Among the top attractions in the Florida Keys is the Hemingway House Museum. This place is fraught with history and tells much about the great writer. If you like a more active holiday, then visit John Pennekamp Park. It is a favorite spot for all Florida divers. Here, you can find many rare tropical fish and corals, the beauty of which is complex to describe in words.

After driving a few miles to Key West, don’t forget to take Duval Street. This street is one of the most famous in the state.

There are many shops, restaurants and entertainment options here. Gradually moving from one door to another, you will not notice how quickly several hours have passed.

While exploring Duval Street, leave some time for Southernmost Point Buoy. This landmark is the most photographed in Key West, located at the southernmost point of the United States.

Miami on a budget


If you haven’t visited Miami for at least a day, you haven’t seen the natural Florida. This city lives its own life and offers travelers a lot of exciting things to do.

Many consider the Miami Beach Architectural District to be the most beautiful place. It impresses with its Art Deco architecture and is the best place for walking. Leaving your car in one of the adjacent parking lots and going for a walk, you definitely won’t regret stopping by this place.

Of course, having visited Miami, I know it is impossible not to stop by Little Havana. This place is filled with various Cuban-themed establishments, specialty cigar shops, and performance areas for street musicians.

You won’t forgive yourself if you don’t stop by the legendary South Beach during your trip to Miami; the beaches make up some of the best free things to do in Miami, for families visiting on a budget. This area is known for its beautiful beaches that make you forget you are in a metropolis.

In addition to relaxing under the sun’s warm rays, you can go surfing, shopping, and to restaurants and take many memorable photographs. If you have time, make sure to talk a walking tour of South Beach to fully immerse yourself.

Zoo Miami is about an hour’s drive from South Beach. It is home to 2.5 thousand of a wide variety of animals, which are always interesting to watch. The zoo has much entertainment for visitors of all ages, so it’s best to go there with the whole family.

Everglades national park 100 best things to do in the USA


Everglades National Park is impossible to drive through but it is one of the best things to do in the USA. It is located on the southern tip of Florida and is the state’s wildlife hub. There are many places prepared for travelers where you can get up close and personal with the local flora and fauna.

You should start exploring the Everglades with Ten Thousand Islands. This place is a labyrinth in which water and mangroves are alternated. By taking a boat or other similar transport, you can plunge into the world of wild nature for several hours, listen to birdsong, and watch representatives of the fauna.

The most famous and popular tourist destination in the Everglades is the Anhinga Trail. It is relatively short, so it is ideal for older people and families with children.

Walking along the boarded path, you can observe crocodiles, waterfowl and other animals from a close but safe distance. Something similar will await you if you choose Gumbo Limbo Trail. The only difference will be the presence of many trees, shrubs and flowers, in which small representatives of the local fauna can be seen.


If you get to the Gulf Coast while traveling through Florida, don’t forget to stop by Tampa. This city will give everyone unforgettable emotions and will put everyone in a good mood for a long time.

Your first stop in Tampa should be Busch Gardens. This oldest amusement park in Florida has various attractions that will keep children and adults busy. In addition to them, there is a water park and a zoo where more than two hundred species of animals live.

For lovers of retro style, Ybor City is ideal. This unique area is located just 7 km from Busch Gardens so that it can be reached in 15 minutes by car. Once in this place, you will find yourself in the past. Don’t waste any time, and start exploring Ybor City right away.

There are small Cuban eateries, vintage-style shops, bakeries that have been in business for over a century, and workshops where cigars are made by hand.

The list of the city’s most popular places includes the Tampa Riverwalk. It is a walking trail that runs along the Hillsborough River.

Along the 2.6 miles, you’ll find numerous restaurants, shops, and other establishments popular with tourists and locals. After enjoying the Tampa Riverwalk, stop by the famous Florida Aquarium. Here, you will see more than 20 thousand aquatic inhabitants and mammals that prefer to live near water (for example, river otters).

As you wrap up your stay in Tampa, don’t forget to visit Tampa Electric’s Manatee VC. This place has no analogs, as it is a marine reserve. In addition to various inhabitants, manatees are found here. They settle in protected waters only in winter, so plan your trip for this time.

If you want to visit Tampa in the summer, you must admire the manatees temporarily located in a particular viewing center (for example, during treatment).

Florida Getaways


On the west coast of Florida is the city of Clearwater. It can be safely called the beach capital of the state, which is visited annually by many foreigners and US residents. If you are one of them, then first of all, see Pier 60.

In the sunshine, this place is ideal for fishing and shopping. In the evening, Pier 60 becomes even more lively. Thousands of people come here to enjoy the sunset, listen to street musicians, and watch performances by local magicians.

When morning comes, you can immediately drive to Clearwater Beach. This area is known for its beach of the same name, which is considered one of the best in the city and throughout Florida. Soft sand, warm, clear water and stunning landscapes will not leave anyone indifferent.

Honeymoon Island State Park is a 20-minute drive from downtown Clearwater. It is one of the few places to relax from the noisy crowd. The park has many natural attractions.

Most of them can be reached by following one of the paved trails. In addition to the dense vegetation, there are, of course, animals here. There are incredibly many turtles, raccoons, and armadillos in these places. Among birds, eagles and horned owls are of particular interest.

A must-see in Clearwater is Grindhaus Brew Lab, the state’s best brewery. Here, you will be shown how to make the intoxicating drink and even be allowed to taste it.

If you don’t like alcohol, you can relax in the uniquely decorated room. The business owners will offer classic American films that make you forget about the events around you.

A road trip through Florida is guaranteed to be one of your life’s most exciting and memorable experiences. To do this, having a good mood, high-quality transport, an interior filled with people close to you, and information about the most exciting places is enough. You will complete the first two points of this list yourself, but our article should have helped you with the third. If you have read it carefully, you have probably set your priorities and already begun preparing for an unforgettable trip.

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