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Best things to do in Bahrain

Best things to do in Bahrain

Looking for a Middle Eastern destination with a difference? We share the best things to do in Bahrain so you can plan the perfect trip. 

Bahrain is known for its famous pearls sold across the world. But as a tourist destination, Bahrain is an affordable destination that offers both modern and traditional living, plenty of things to see and do as well as amazing nature. Make sure to sample the many popular dishes here and tour the quieter areas of the country. Bahrain is truly a hidden gem in the Middle East and the ideal place to relax and escape to.

Things to know before you go to Bahrain

Is Bahrain a country?

Bahrain is also known as the Kingdom of Bahrain and is a country made up of 50 natural islands and 33 man-made islands.

Where is Bahrain?

Bahrain is located in the Persian Gulf, located between Saudi Arabia and Qatar but not too far from the UAE

Bahrain Visa Requirements 

To enter the country, you will of course need a passport that has at least 6 months left on it when entering. To get yourself a Bahrain Visa, you can use the electronic visa system. This means visitors can apply online and obtain an Visa before arrival, saving time when you land and taking the stress out of your trip. 

Best things to do in Bahrain
Best things to do in Bahrain

How safe if Bahrain?

Bahrain is a safe play to travel to but of course, always check the current COVID restrictions as these are always changing. The political situation in Bahrain is relatively stable but there have been some protests in the country in recent years. Generally speaking, Bahrain is a safe place to visit. 

What is the currency in Bahrain?

In Bahrain, they use the Bahraini Diner (BHD), often shortened to Dinars. At the time of writing, $1 USD equals 0.38 Dinar. 

Best things to do in Bahrain

Best things to do in Bahrain

Bab Al Bahrain

This old building in the center of Manama is known as the Gateway of Bahrain. Here you can find a tourist information office on the ground floor, which is ideal for those looking to book a tour. Bab Al Bahrain is also the entrance point to a local Manama souq, selling jewelry, food, leather goods, incense, perfume, coffee and clothes. You could spend hours exploring this souk and we recommend heading here hungry so you can try the food. 

Pearl Diving

Bahrain is known for its pearls and was once the biggest pearl supplier in the world. Visitors can jump into the Arabian Gulf and experience pearl snorkeling among the oyster beds and beautiful waters. 

Best things to do in Bahrain

Bahrain National Museum

Learn more about the history, culture, traditions and customs of Bahrain at the Bahrain National Museum. With 6000 years of history, there is plenty to learn about here and makes for a great way to start your trip to Bahrain. 

Bahrain International Circuit

If you can’t make the Grand Prix, you can still is it the Formula 1 track at other times of the year. You can book a guided tour which includes a visit to the track and Sakhir Tower or you could even pay to drive the Grand Prix route itself.

Best things to do in Bahrain

The beaches

Soak up the sun, work on your tan and unwind at Al Jazayer, a public beach that is popular with the locals. Or you can visit the private Solymar beach on Amwaj islands, which host adults-only weekend Evers throughout the year.

Hawar Island

Enjoy this beautiful natural landscape in Bahrain on Hawar Island. You can get a boat here from Manama to spend a day on the beach of this island, hike around the island or enjoy one of the boat tours from this little island. There are also some luxurious hotels offering beautiful pools here but don’t expect to find any budget-friendly hotels here.

Best things to do in Bahrain

Shopping in Bahrain

Bahrain is known for being an amazing shopping destination. Even though the country is relatively small, you can still find dozens of malls in the capital of Manama, selling everything from souvenirs to spices to luxury designer brands. The Avenues Mall is the best mall to visit in Bahrain, home to over a hundred shops and stalls as well as plenty of places to eat. You can even find some of the best upscale restaurants in the city inside this mall too. 

Best things to do in Bahrain

Tree of Life

For an unusual site, head to the Tree of Life, officially known as the Shajarat-al-Hayat. This tree is more than 400 years old and can be found in the desert; confusing people for many years. 

Al Fateh Grand Mosque

Visit Bahrain’s largest mosque, whilst learning more about the Islamic religion. Everything in the mosque has a story behind it and this makes for a unique morning out in the city. 

Best things to do in Bahrain

Indoor Skydiving

Head to the Gravity Indoor Skydiving location to experience the feeling of a free-fall. Using anti-gravity technology, professional instructions guide you through this indoor skydiving experience that will definitely get your heart racing. 

An underwater park

Dive Bahrain opened the world’s biggest underwater theme Park in 2019 and it has become a very popular spot to dive. Here, you can dive down to see a submerged Boeing 747, and the dive center plans to add more structures in the future, including structures that will reflect the history and culture of Bahrain. 

The Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park

Cool off at this popular water park, perfect for those visiting Bahrain with family. Here you can find slides, pools, and a large beach area for both children and adults. You will need to use public transport or rent a car to get here, however, as it’s on the outskirts of the capital. 

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