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15 Best Things to Do in Chandler Arizona

15 Best Things to Do in Chandler Arizona

These best things to do in Chandler Arizona will help you plan the perfect trip to this vibrant city on the outskirts of Phoenix. 

Known for its thriving technology and industry growth, Chandler offers a fantastic quality of life for those moving to the area but the vibrant downtown is also a great place to explore for visitors. It may not be on the top of your USA bucketlist but if you are in Arizona, it is a great place to stop by.

From the unique shops to the historic sights, and art scene to golf courses; there is plenty to keep you busy on a vacation to Chandler Arizona.

Best things to do in Chandler Arizona

Downtown Chandler, a great area to see the things to do in Chandler Arizona

Downtown Chandler

Of course, a trip here has to begin with exploring the historic downtown area. You will find some unique shops and boutiques here as well as local art galleries showcasing the talents of Arizona.

You can also find plenty of great restaurants and cafes in the area, making it the ideal place to base yourself on a visit. 

Sonoran Desert, one of the best things to do in Chandler, Arizona

The Sonoran Desert

With more than 300 days of sunshine a year, the Arizona desert is a great place to explore and can be accessed from Chandler. Take a deer hike or see an incredible sunrise on a hot air balloon ride. 

Chandler Museum

Chandler Museum

Learn about the history of the city at the Chandler Museum. You will find exhibits and education programs available here, sharing the city’s past but also its evolution to the modern community it now is.

Arizona Railway Museum

Arizona Railway Museum

For train enthusiasts, you will find the Arizona Railway Museum to be one of the best things to do in Chandler Arizona. 

The museum holds a collection of vintage locomotives and railcars whilst also sharing the railway history of the state. 

The staff here are also incredibly friendly, so speak with them if you have any questions; they are always eager to share their expertise. 

Tumbleweed Park

The Parks

Chandler is also home to fantastic outdoor spaces for the whole family to enjoy. 

Head to Tumbleweed Park, an expensive park that includes sports courses, a lake, and picnic areas as well as a fun playground for young children.

The Veterans Oasis Parks is a calmer option, for those looking to follow a hiking trail or enjoy some fishing and bird watching. 

The Arts

Whilst in Chandler, why not catch a performance at the Chandler Center for the Arts?

You can find all sorts of events throughout the year, including music, dance, and theatre performances. 

You could also visit the impress Vision Gallery in Downtown Chandler or explore the Western American and American Indian Art on display at The Eddie Basha Collection. 

All over the downtown area, you will also find amazing murals throughout the communities. 

Koli Equestrian Center

Koli Equestrian Center

If you love horseback riding, why not visit the Koli Equestrian Center? Nestled in the heart of the scene Gila River Indian Reservation, this is a hidden gem near Chandler.

The team here is always eager to share their extensive knowledge of the area and the horses, offering an enjoyable experience for the entire family.

San Marcos Golf Club

San Marcos Golf Club

Of course, we can’t talk about the best things to do in Chandler Arizona without mentioning the golf scene. 

San Marcos Golf Club is a historic golf course offering some incredible scenic views along the course. This is a fantastic option for golf enthusiasts. 

Desert Breeze Park

Desert Breeze Park

The Desert Breeze Park makes for a fun day out for the whole family and is one of the best things to do in Chandler Arizona. 

You can take a train ride through the park, enjoy the picturesque lake, and feed the ducks. 

Visit the splashed on a warm day to a cool offer and enjoy a picnic in one of the many shaded areas. 

Italian food in Chandler Arizona

The Food Scene

When planning a trip to the USA, we all want to try some great food.

Chandler offers plenty of diverse food options to enjoy during your visit. Check out some of the best Italian restaurants in Chandler, AZ, and find time to visit Chop Chandler; a steakhouse with a modern twist. 

The Craft Beer

Chandler also has a fantastic Craft beer scene, with local breweries found throughout the city. Enjoy tastings and brewery tours at some of the best options, including Craft 64, Flix Brewhouse, and SanTan Brewing Company. 

San Tan Mountain Regional Park 

San Tan Mountain Regional Park 

This regional park is an excellent option for families looking for an active, fun day out. There are plenty of hiking options at the park, perfect for all skill levels and preferences; from a casual stroll to a challenging adventure. 

Phoenix Zoo

Phoenix Zoo

Although not in Chandler, Arizona, the Phoenix Zoo is just a short drive from the city and makes for a great day out. This is one of the largest non-profit zoos in the US, taking care of more than 3000 animals. 

Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park

For a fun exhilarating experience, you can watch road racing at the Motorsports Park. 

Here, you will find multiple tracks including an off-road track and a quarter-mile strip. 

Visit the well-aged park during your trip to Chandler and finish your day with a visit to the Rawhide Western Town and Steakhouse. 

Huhugam Heritage Center

This is a hidden gem in Chandler but one of the best things to do as well. 

This is a small but intriguing center that serves as a tribal facility, dedicated to preserving cultural artifacts and art. 

Learn more about the history by watching the film shown here then see the prehistoric and historic artefacts held here. 

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