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Best Things To Do In Monaco 

Best Things To Do In Monaco 

These Best Things To Do In Monaco include everything you need to see and do whilst you are in glamourous Monaco, from casinos to beach clubs.

Monaco, the shiny jewel of the Mediterranean, entices visitors with glitz, glamour and over-the-top opulence. But behind the luxury yacht-lined harbor and high-stakes Monte Carlo casinos lies a captivating history and culture often overlooked.

Best Things To Do In Monaco 

Best Things To Do In Monaco 

Explore The Lavish Casinos 

No Monaco trip is complete without visiting the legendary Casino de Monte-Carlo. Step inside this lavish Beaux Arts-style gambling palace and prepare to be dazzled by opulent décor featuring frescoed ceilings, chandeliers and marble columns.

Wander through various grand salons, try your luck at games, or marvel at the extreme wealth on display. Just steps away sits Place du Casino, surrounded by luxury hotels and shops epitomizing Monaco’s jet-setting glamour.

For modern amenities, head to the ultramodern Monte Carlo Bay Casino, boasting a trendy lounge, contemporary gaming rooms with artwork, a terrace, and Mediterranean views. Or opt for Sun Casino’s distinctly French atmosphere with Versailles-inspired interiors.

With three world-class venues, Monaco offers unlimited high-stakes gaming and luxury people-watching. Spend evenings mingling with the elite under glittering chandeliers. Just remember the dress code allowing entry into these exclusive temples of chance.

Museums in Monaco

Beneath the flashy veneer of casinos and boutiques, Monaco brims with cultural attractions offering intimate glimpses into its rich heritage.

Don’t miss the jaw-dropping Oceanographic Museum, dramatically set on a cliff edge, showcasing extensive exhibits on ocean science and dazzling aquarium galleries. 

For a taste of royal history, tour the lavish State Apartments of the Prince’s Palace, the ruling Grimaldi family’s residence, and catch the changing of the guard ceremony featuring uniformed guards astride prancing horses. Or escape to the Gardens of Exotic Cactus, home to over 1,000 succulents and cacti species from arid climates.

Whether you seek oceanic wonders, royal relics or exotic flora, Monaco’s cultural gems illuminate with captivating depth and sparkle.

food in Monaco

Try the local food in Monaco

In Monaco, indulging in food and wine gets the luxury treatment. Boasting more Michelin stars per capita than anywhere globally, the Principality lures culinary connoisseurs to sample inventive French and Mediterranean cuisine by celebrity chefs.

For an ultimate epicurean experience, book a table at Le Louis XV – Alain Ducasse, where the legendary chef celebrates regional flavors using local ingredients.

Seafood reigns supreme in this seaside destination. Savor just-caught fish and shellfish, perfectly paired with local wines, in the harbor restaurants of La Condamine. Or enjoy al fresco mezze featuring fresh grilled catches on Maya Bay’s terrace overlooking the harbor. You’re guaranteed spectacular waterfront views and essential Riviera flavors, from velvety olive oils to zingy citruses.

Don’t miss the lively open-air market at Place d’Armes in Monaco-Ville, where local vendors hawk cheeses, sausages, pastries and honey from nearby hillsides that once supplied the Prince’s kitchens. Let your palate discover why tiny Monaco remains among the world’s premier fine dining destinations.

Luxury beach clubs in Monaco

Relax At Luxurious Beach Clubs 

Lounging by the glittering Riviera Sea needn’t involve jostling with crowds on packed public beaches.

Monaco offers exclusive seaside chill zones at its decadent beach and pool clubs dotted along the coastline.

Make like Grace Kelly at the historic Monte-Carlo Beach Club, an elegant Riviera landmark with cabanas facing the sea, an Olympic-sized saltwater pool, upscale restaurants, and private beach access. Or sip sunset cocktails and relax on plush day beds at La Note Bleue, set on rocky cliffs with unparalleled views.  

For a sexy Ibiza vibe, check out La Rascasse, which boasts an infinity-edge pool, rosé bar, and all-night DJ parties during summer. With lush amenities, attentive service and stylish ambiance, Monaco’s luxurious beach clubs ensure relaxation in true Riviera fashion. 

Yachting in Monaco

Enjoy Yachting And Water Activities 

With its yacht-filled harbors and prime location along the picturesque Côte d’Azur, Monaco serves as a glittering playground for nautical adventures and watersports. Suppose you’re planning a trip to this dream destination.

Charter a luxury yacht and set sail to relax amidst the sea breezes or anchor off quiet coves for a swim. For those seeking speed, rent a jet ski or book an exhilarating high-speed boat tour to feel the wind in your hair as you zoom along the coastline.  

If you prefer calmer pursuits, pedal a small boat across the Port Hercule or drift lazily on a paddleboard, taking in gorgeous seaside views. Whether you crave a smooth sail or an adrenaline rush, Monaco’s surrounding waters promise stunning backdrops for enjoying your favorite water activity in style. 

Get shopping in Monaco

Get shopping in Monaco

Monaco entices even the most avid shoppers with its exclusive designer boutiques and jewelers tucked into elegant stone buildings along narrow, winding streets.

Stroll the Golden Circle area to peruse Chanel, Dior, Prada and other legendary French fashion houses showcasing the latest runway looks. Or pop into independent ateliers to find one-of-a-kind gowns and accessories crafted specifically for Monaco’s elite clientele. 

Seek out specialty shops dealing in fine timepieces, luxury cars, premium cigars, custom fragrances – essentially every extravagant accessory for the international jet setter. 

Take advantage of La Galerie Basse, an underground shopping gallery housing an eclectic mix of brands and local artisans unique to Monaco.

Whether you desire haute couture straight off the Paris runways or a one-of-a-kind find, you’ll delight in the pleasures of shopping in Monte Carlo, where extravagance rules. Just be prepared to pay Monaco’s premium prices even on essential souvenirs like apparel and perfumes carrying the prestigious country code. 

Grand Prix in Monaco

Experience Grand Prix Excitement 

Each May, the thrill of Formula One racing takes over Monaco during the iconic Grand Prix, the most glamorous event on the circuit. Watching sleek race cars whip around tight corners just inches from Armco barriers and rock walls lends an intoxicating intensity to the competition.

When watching the Grand Prix, you can choose between two options: stand seating along the circuit to feel the thrilling action up close, or secure spots on balconies and terraces that offer sweeping panoramic views overlooking the entire racecourse.

In the evenings, the harbor transforms into an epic party hub with exclusive soirees, dancing on mega yachts, and seemingly endless streams of bubbly. You may even spot your favorite driver celebrating at the Amber Lounge F1 after-party or casino tables.

During race days, position yourself trackside above the prestigious Loews hairpin or straightaway by the Fairmont Hotel for car-spotting galore as handsome drivers speed by towards the checkered flag.

Whether you prefer the thrill of high-speed action or champagne-fueled celebration, Monaco’s Grand Prix exudes an electric energy like no other. 

Things to Know Before You Go To Monaco

Best time to visit Monaco

Best time to visit Monaco

The best time to visit Monaco really does depend on what you want to see and do. There are plenty of events here throughout the year, so this often will lead visitors to choosing the best time for them. 

Summer is peak tourist season because of the warm weather, with May, July and August being particularly busy because of the Grand Prix and Monte Carlo events. 

Spring is a good time to go if you want to experience fewer crowds but also see Monaco in good weather, when the flowers restarting to bloom. 

Winter is low season for tourism, so this can be a great time for budget travelers but expect colder weather. There are some Christmas festivities around Monaco but if you are looking for the full festive vibes, you should head to other Christmas Markets in Europe. 

Getting around Monaco 

Getting around Monaco 

The easiest way to get around Monaco is to walk. It is a small, compact destination, meaning most attractions, hotels, restaurants and shops are in walking distance from one another.  You can also enjoy the narrow streets and picturesque areas whilst strolling through the neighborhoods too. 

There is an efficient public bus network here, which covers most areas whilst taxis are readily available on the streets or from taxi stands. 

Car rental is available but parking is limited and expensive in Monaco but many choose to cycle around, using the dedicated bike lanes. 

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