best time to visit Switzerland

Heading to Switzerland? We share the best time to visit Switzerland, so you can plan the perfect trip to this charming and beautiful country. 

Switzerland – a fairy-tale country situated at the confluence of Western, Southern and Central Europe. Glistening Swiss alps, snowy landscapes and shimmering summer nights – all to be enjoyed in one country. It is most definitely one of the top most visited European countries and is loved by tourists all year long. However, if you want the best experience of visiting this grand state, we are here to help you decide the best time to visit Switzerland. 

Keep in mind that Switzerland is a very popular destination, so do not sleep on it and plan ahead. Check out Switzerland tours to help you get ready. 

best time to visit Switzerland

Peak Season in Switzerland

Switzerland reaches the peak of its visitors in the summertime. Months from June to August are usually buzzing with activities and tourists, all who want to soak up the true magic of the country. The weather varies from mildly warm to very hot, as the temperature can get as high as 32°C. The sun is lovely, but if you feel the need to cool down, there are plenty of hidden lakesides to take a dip in. Summer is also the best time for outdoor activities and getting to know the surroundings, and there are very many things to see. 

Summer in Switzerland 

You can trek your way to Via Alpina, a challenging mountain hike through the Northern Alps of Switzerland. This long-distance trip will reward you with magnificent sights of the mountains, white tops and impressive flora and fauna. 

This season is also a perfect time to visit Gurten, a mountain situated to the south of Bern, capital city of Switzerland. Its facilities include a hotel, restaurants, a playground for children and a 25 meter-high viewing tower. If you travel in July, you will also be able to attend an annual music festival Gurtenfestival, which is a top-tier event for entertainment.

best time to visit Switzerland

June to August is a great time for taking a stroll in the beautiful surroundings of Lake Zurich as well. Here you can bathe, sail or enjoy a picnic, so visiting this lake is perfect for relaxation. However, if you are looking for something more exciting, there are also many opportunities to try out water-sports, such as windsurfing, waterskiing or stand-up paddling.

best time to visit Switzerland

Summer events in Switzerland

One of the highlights of summertime in Switzerland is the Ascona Music Festival which is a Swiss Chamber Music Festival that brings together musicians and attendees from all over the world. Located next to Lake Maggiore and surrounded by the Swiss Alps it creates a beautiful setting to enjoy classical music, performed at the highest artistic level. This event is perfect for people who want to experience the beauty of the balance between music and nature. 

Another festival that takes place in the summertime is Gauklerfest Interlaken street festival. The most colorful event of the year, Gauklerfest brings together street performers from many different countries. Main shows of the program include acrobats, gymnasts, illusionists and comedians. Be prepared to be stunned by dangerous and exciting stunts, tricks and even musicals. 

best time to visit Switzerland

All throughout the summer, Switzerland is never left with a dull moment, as there are multiple celebrations, concerts and activities. Whether you choose to have a more relaxing holiday or a more exhilarating one, June to August is a perfect time to unwind and get yourself acquainted with the culture of the country.

best time to visit Switzerland

Winter in Switzerland

Winter in Switzerland is absolutely dreamy, a true wonderland. December to February is a time to see the snowy, magical looking parts of the country in all its glory. The weather in wintertime never gets too cold or uncomfortable, just enough to enjoy the warmth of a cup of hot chocolate while taking a stroll through the snow. The main attractions of this time period are winter-sports and, of course, visiting the majestic mountains. 

best time to visit Switzerland

Winter Activities in Switzerland

Winter hikes in Switzerland are extremely popular for people who want to enjoy the silent nature and magical looking landscapes. There are plenty of choices of possible routes and paths prepared for a cozy, yet thrilling walk. You can hike through the mountains, small villages and even beautiful frozen lakes, with homey restaurants on the way. Simply choose your desired background and let’s go!

There is also a wide range of winter-sports that you can choose from. Due to the convenient climate, they are more accessible than anywhere else in the world. Snowboarding and skiing are the most popular winter activities for both locals and tourists. Switzerland offers many beautiful resorts for people to spend days in, while enjoying these extreme sports. No matter the level of your proficiency, you will leave Switzerland with more knowledge and most importantly, more experience, than before. 

best time to visit Switzerland
best time to visit Switzerland

Winter events in Switzerland

Just as in summertime, the winter in Switzerland is full of festivals and events. If you are a fan of all things frosty, you should definitely visit Grindelwald, a village in the Bernese Alps. In January, people from all over the world gather together to see the snow magic at the Grindelwald World Snow Festival. For days, the streets of the village are filled with huge ice sculptures and various artworks made of ice. They are on display for people to enjoy until the ice melts away. 

best time to visit Switzerland

Of course, let’s not forget Christmas time. The most beautiful Christmas markets are held in Switzerland, and most of them last up until January, and in many different cities too! Little houses filled with lights and small gifts, artworks and crafts will immediately put you in a Christmassy mood. In December, squares with fairs and shops are buzzing with people. You can not only buy a beautiful trinket to put under your Christmas tree, but also converse with many various artists and local people. If you want to see the most popular markets, we suggest you visit Basel and Bern. 

Visiting Switzerland can be an amazing experience and it offers so much to do and see that you should definitely start planning your trip right now. Either a summer or a winter holiday – there is no wrong choice here. Whatever holiday experience you are looking for, you’ll find it in Switzerland. 

Reasons to visit Switzerland


Visiting Switzerland can be an amazing experience and it offers so much to do and see that you should definitely start planning your trip right now. Either a summer or a winter holiday – there is no wrong choice here. Whatever holiday experience you are looking for, you’ll find it in Switzerland and if you need any help choosing other destinations along the way, make sure to visit for more inspiration.

We hope you have an amazing time in Switzerland! Let us know where you are heading to in the comments below.

Happy travels and stay creative!

Best time to visit Switzerland F.A.Q.

The best time visit Switzerland is between April and October, when the weather is warm. Winter sport lovers can visit from December to March to enjoy the ski season. 

You need to spend at least a week in Switzerland in order to see the cities and nature around the country. Choose Zurich or Geneva as a home base and use the trains to explore further afield. 

Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world, with both Geneva and Zurich being in the top ten most expensive cities to live in. There are ways to save money in Switzerland, especially if you visit in the off-season. 

The snow season begins in January and is the best time to visit Switzerland if you are looking to enjoy the Winter sports. January is the coldest month in Switzerland.

Switzerland enjoys summer season from May through September, with high summer running from July to August. 

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best time to visit Switzerland

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