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Traveling as a couple is exciting and sometimes you want to keep traveling – that is why we are sharing the best travel jobs for couples.

best travel jobs for couples

Teach and travel

One of the best ways to learn about a foreign culture is by mixing with the locals. The good news is that you can interact with them while earning money. How?  By teaching English.  If you are a native speaker or highly proficient in the language, then you can apply for an English teaching job in many countries across the world.

It is necessary to know in advance the work requirements of the school you plan on applying to. Most institutions require a bachelor’s degree and language-teaching certifications; however, a few schools would still hire those without the credentials as long as they know fundamental teaching concepts. Also, find out if the school you’re applying to will take both of you and your partner. If only one of you wants to teach, be sure to plan alternatives for the other.

Popular locations for teaching English are Austria, Brazil, China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand. Most Asian countries employ teachers all year round, while those in Europe hire during a specific season only (generally between November to March), ready for the start of the academic year in September.

Host a Chalet 

Working as a host in a chalet may seem romantic, especially for couples. Who wouldn’t love a stint in the snow-covered mountains of the French Alps while staying in an elegant and luxurious resort? But before you get too excited, let us get the facts straight first.  

Hosting a chalet could be more demanding and challenging than you think. The job, after all, does not only require a pleasing personality but also cooking, cleaning, and, if necessary, people skills.  You need to have an innate flair in hospitability and a profound understanding of customer service.  And, the pay may not be as high as you hope it to be.  

best travel jobs for couples

Before you change your mind about the job, consider the benefits.  Most of the resort companies cover food and accommodation, pay for lift passes (which could be pretty hefty), and provide medical insurance, skiing equipment, and free ski lessons.  But probably the best perk in the package is you get to ski all you want on your spare time and discover untracked trails, runs, and brilliant shortcuts.  What’s more, you will meet lots of interesting people, from guests to other hosts to locals and avid adventure seekers.  Therefore, jobs hosting a ski chalet are good practice for forging relationships and creating human connections.

best travel jobs for couples

Work on a Cruise Ship

Have you ever dreamed of seeing the world with the love of your life but just don’t have the time, means, or chance to travel? Working on a cruise ship may change all that. Cruise ships offer a wide variety of jobs, from entertainers to cooks, maintenance personnel and engineers.

Ideal and romantic as it may sound, a job on a cruise ship is not for everyone. If you and your partner plan to spend extended lengths of time in one country to fully experience its culture, then this job is not for you. You will be on a boat at sea for long periods, and if you do visit a new country, it will be to get a small taste and take a quick glimpse of the place. However, if you are the sort who wants to visit as many countries as possible without any intention of exploring, then you would love this opportunity.

Before deciding to apply to work on a cruise ship as a couple, be sure to identify the challenges that you might encounter. 

Check carefully the cruise’s policies on hiring couples.  If both of you are hired, you may not have the same free time as your partner, live in the same cabin, have the same contract period, or work on the same ship.  But if you and your significant other have the same expertise, you could work as a team.  You can work as musicians in a band, or collaborate as shopping guides, guest lecturers, or art auctioneers.  

If you have chosen this route, make sure to read up on how to get a job on a cruise ship and what to expect.

best travel jobs for couples

Pick Grapes 

From the lush orchards of Italy to the abundant vineyards of New Zealand, grape picking is one of the oldest and laid-back means of earning money while travelling the world.  If you’re in for a long adventure, you can take the wine trail from Italy to New Zealand, while discovering and exploring a thousand other sights along the way.

Although grape harvests happen almost all year round in Italy, the best time to visit the country for fruit picking is in the fall. This season also abounds with a variety of fascinating festivals to delight in, from olive to truffles to mushroom to apple to chestnuts. There is an abundance of vineyards, so you’ll not go wanting for a variety touring Italian wineries. The vibrant Italian countryside never runs out of colorful celebrations.

In New Zealand, the picking season is reversed, occurring between February and April.  However, seasonal workers are needed from November to March and June to August for pruning, cleaning, and maintenance.  You and your partner need a working holiday visa that is valid for 12 months to get hired as seasonal workers in the country.

best travel jobs for couples

Start a Travel Blog

Sunsets in Bali, glamping in the Highlands, safaris in Africa, wildlife cruise in Brazil – when you decide to explore the world as a couple, you probably already have in mind a list of destinations and a set of activities to do. Good. You have the basics needed in a travel blog.  But the requisites do not end there. 

Blogging is hard work, from picking a domain name to deciding the content to marketing your site. Neither does it pay off quickly. With the Internet saturated with thousands of stories, you need more than engaging content to get readers’ attention. You need teamwork. If one of you is the better writer, then, by all means, write.  But if the other is the artistic, tech-savvy type, be the photographer. 

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