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12 Best Wildlife Sanctuaries in Africa & Asia

12 Best Wildlife Sanctuaries in Africa & Asia

These 12 best wildlife sanctuaries in Africa and Asia offer incredible, unique, up-close experiences for visitors to witness the great wilderness.

In a world dominated by concrete structures and urban noise, the soul longs for an ecstatic escape—a journey filled with thrilling adventures and a deep connection with the natural world.

Safari adventures, nestled in the heart of the African and Asian wilderness, offer a tapestry of mesmerizing experiences.

These magical destinations beckon explorers into a realm brimming with diverse wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, and endless discoveries, creating cherished memories entwined with the pulsating heartbeat of Mother Nature herself.

Numerous safari tour operators specialize in tailoring wild tours to your preferences. Consider companies like Far and Wild Travel for your customized holidays.

Where and what are the best Wildlife Sanctuaries?

Zebras in Botswana Wildlife Sanctuaries


When planning where to go on Safari, Botswana should be at the top of your list.

Botswana unfurls itself as an untouched canvas painted with the allure of the African wilderness.

Flourishing national parks like Chobe and the Okavango Delta are abodes that host a vibrant population of over 130,000 elephants, creating a spectacle that leaves visitors awestruck in admiration.

The tapestry of Botswana is illuminated by the glorious sun as it weaves heartwarming tales of euphoric solitude and thrilling wildlife encounters.

Elephants in Kenya


Hallmarked as the birthplace of the modern safari holiday, Kenya resonates with the harmonious symphony of nature intertwined with a proud historical significance.

The Great Migration in Maasai Mara narrates a fascinating saga that sees millions of zebras, wildebeest, and antelopes embark on an epic journey across the plains, creating a spectacle that seduces the senses and captivates the heart.

For a truly unique hotel stay, why not spend time at the Giraffe Manor; giving you the chance to wake up and have breakfast with giraffes?

Underscored by successful conservation efforts, Kenya lays bare the blueprint of wildlife protection, restoring the balance of the land with its rightful inhabitants.

Whilst in Kenya, make sure you visit Mombasa Carnival, a popular African celebration that is a unique experience for visitors.

Lemur in Madagascar wildlife sanctuaries


Fall back into the arms of time as you embrace the magic of Madagascar, a land teeming with unique wildlife that whispers exotic tales of evolution.

Preserving its endemic creatures from the clutches of extinction is a delicate dance, with national parks like Ranomafana and Andasibe serving as sanctuaries for its endangered lemurs and a stunning array of bird species.

Animals in Malawi at one of the best wildlife sanctuaries


Named ‘The Warm Heart of Africa’, Malawi treasures diversity in its hospitable culture and breathtaking landscapes.

Lake Malawi, a sparkling jewel of biodiversity, pulsates with more fish species than any other lake worldwide.

Malawi is also a testament to the transformative power of ecotourism, nurturing a vibrant local economy, and paving the way for a brighter future.

Namibia landscape at sunset


Namibia is a masterpiece of diverse landscapes, encapsulating the essence of deserts and shipwrecked shores, and teeming with unique wildlife perfectly adapted to the harsh, yet captivating, allure of the Namib Desert.

Guided by responsible eco-friendly practices, Namibia balances the scales between exploration and conservation, creating a legacy for future generations to treasure.

Baby gorilla in Rwanda


Rwanda, with a landscape punctuated by a thousand hills, paints a visually striking panorama that stirs the soul. It is here, in the iconic jungles of the Volcanoes National Park, where fascination metamorphoses into reverence.

Gorilla trekking in these lands is more than just an activity; it’s an intimate communion with nature itself, where your gaze meets that of Mother Nature’s magnificent giants.

In the tender cradle of Rwanda, every encounter is a story of resiliency and conservation, a testament to the enduring harmony between human hearts and wild souls.

Make sure to visit the impressive Mount Karisimbi whilst you are in Rwanda too.

South Africa Kruger National Park

South Africa

South Africa uncloaks a symphony that reverberates with vibrant cultures, glorious landscapes, and divine wildlife. Yes, you can visit the best cities to visit in South Africa, but make sure to explore the best wildlife sanctuaries here too.

The Kruger National Park emerges as a cornerstone of this experience, home to an untamed multitude of species that animate the land, water, and skies of this revered sanctuary.

Embrace luxury interwoven with raw, untamed wildness in the region’s private game reserves, where Africa’s marvels unfold at a comforting distance.

This intricate blend of culture, luxury, and wild beauty solidifies South Africa’s rightful place as a crown jewel of safari adventures.

Plus, there are plenty of South Africa airlines to choose from when planning a trip here. We also recommend you learn the ways to say Hello in South Africa, to help you build relationships with the locals.

Tanzania Landscape


Tanzania is the epicenter of a captivating safari narrative; planning a Tanzania Safari is a must!

Iconic parks such as Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater are vast stages where nature’s grandest play — the Great Migration — unfolds in a stunning spectacle. You can also plan a day trip to Arusha National Park too.

This natural phenomenon draws spectators globally to witness the circle of life in its profound rawness.

Complementing this splendorous event are concerted conservation efforts that ensure the continued survival of the rich wildlife legacy and their breathtaking habitats.

Giraffe in Uganda wildlife sanctuaries


Uganda, fondly acknowledged as Africa’s ‘Pearl,’ unveils a dazzling cornucopia of lush landscapes and an enchanting collection of wildlife. This is one of the cheapest travel destinations in the world too, so you can explore the country, see the sights, and visit on a budget.

The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, a humbling testament to Uganda’s natural endowment, is the sacred venue for the heart-pounding thrill of gorilla tracking.

As one approaches these magnificent creatures, time slows, hearts sync with the rhythm of the wilderness, and a bond — ancient and profound — is rekindled.

Complementing these extraordinary experiences, Uganda strides forward in sustainable tourism, creating a blend of conservation and societal upliftment, ensuring a future where humans and wildlife coexist harmoniously.

Zambia Victoria Falls


A vibrant procession of natural wonders unfurls within the beguiling realm of Zambia. There are many safaris in Zambia to choose from!

The land pulsates with the heartrending splendor of the Victoria Falls, a cascading testament to the untamed brilliance of Mother Nature.

Beyond the falls, Zambia unveils a mélange of wildlife-rich national parks, each a distinct stroke in this country’s riveting portrait.

Let your senses be embraced by the harmonious symphony of the Zambezi River, the Kafue National Park, and the South Luangwa National Park, all inviting you to lose yourself in their enchanting wilderness.

Zimbabwe Landscape


Woven into the vibrant fabric of Africa lies Zimbabwe—imbued with unparalleled adventure offerings set against an awe-inspiring terrain.

The drumbeats of wildlife reverberate within the sanctuary of the Hwange National Park, echoing a cacophony of vibrant life.

With political stability cultivating renewed prosperity, Zimbabwe unfurls like a blooming flower, drawing explorers into the depths of its bewitching wilderness.

Wild Boar in India


India, a land steeped in profound mysteries, whispers its myriad tales through ancient sandstone forts and vibrant cultural festivals.

An enchanting meld of heritage and untamed landscapes, India throws open the doors to the pristine jungles of Ranthambore, Kanha, and many other national parks.

Here, the enigmatic Royal Bengal tiger captivates the hearts and lenses of those daring enough to venture deep into its realm.

Simultaneously, valiant conservation efforts triumph over adversity, crossing the chasms of challenges to protect and preserve this breathtaking symphony of life.

Whilst you are in the country, make sure to try as much Indian food as possible and spend time relaxing in the romantic Goa.

Delve into the captivating bosom of safari adventures spanning Africa and Asia, where the power of nature’s embrace bestows upon you a rare glimpse into the untamed heart of our planet.

As explorers of these extraordinary sanctuaries, it is our sacred duty to cast our eyes toward responsible tourism and tread lightly upon this fragile earth.

Champion the cause of conservation, embrace the immensity of these untamed realms, and embark on an enthralling journey of discovery that will forever imbue your heart and soul with unforgettable memories.

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