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Best Yacht Destinations in Asia

Best Yacht Destinations in Asia

Yacht travel is a growing trend and Asia is the perfect place to experience this luxury form of travel. Today, we share the best yacht destinations in Asia, so you can plan the perfect luxury vacation.

Best yacht destinations in Asia

Singapore is located right at the very center of Southeast Asia. A yacht holiday there would easily give you premium access not just to Singapore but to Indonesia and Malaysia as well. This is why we took it upon ourselves to recommend must-visit lovely places per destination. 

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1. ONEo 15 Marina Club in Sentosa Cove, Marina Bay

Marina Bay should definitely be your first stop in Singapore. Visit ONEo 15 Marina Club in Sentosa Cove and get a taste of one or two of the private club’s delicious cocktails to start your trip! 

2. Lazarus Island

You will love how Lazarus Island is just an hour or less away from Singapore. Lazarus Island is such a treat because it’s the nearest paradise island to the city. It is the best spot to visit if you don’t have much time to sail. You’d love how the island is filled with cats. You’d also love its beach and beautiful lagoon.

3. Sister’s Island

Sister’s Island is a magical place that comes with a legend. They say that two sisters were trapped on the island after being kidnapped by pirates. They tried to save each other during a storm but both did not survive. It is but the island that remains. To honor their memory, the island was named after their story. This island is just 39,000 square meters so it would be best for a day trip.

4. Kusu Island

You should definitely visit Kusu Island if you’re crazy about sea turtles. This island is also wrapped in another legend. They say that it formed because a tortoise wanted to save two sailors so bad, that it became an island. One of the sailors was Malay while one was Chinese. 

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After island-hopping in Singapore, it will be so easy for you to go ahead and visit beautiful spots in Indonesia if you’d be on a yacht rental service

1. Batam

Sailors who love golfing will highly enjoy Batam. It’s filled with a number of the finest golf courses in Asia and luxurious hotels. You should stay here if you have all the intention to spoil yourself with golfing, good food, and non-stop shopping. Sailors from Singapore usually choose this as their first stop in Indonesia. 

2. Bintan

Bintan is not as luxurious as Batam but it will delight you and enthrall you with its natural beauty. This is a must-visit island for laid-back and chill yachters. There won’t be as much luxury but you’d get a first-class view of nature’s many beautiful wonders. Bintan is perfect for trekkers, hikers, and geography lovers as you would experience numerous landforms and witness different plant and animal species. Bintan may not be as luxurious as Batam but it also houses championship golf courses. Its gems are its secluded beaches. 

3. Nikoi Island

Sailing further will bring you to beautiful Nikoi Island. It is just 8 kilometers away from Bintan. This destination is perfect for honeymooners or couples who want a romantic getaway. This private island is home to a 42-acre resort that comes with 15 beach houses. If you and your lover would stay here, you can be sure that your stay will be extremely romantic, private, and intimate. Most men prefer proposing on this island. 

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After experiencing breathtaking Indonesia, you may then set sail to beautiful Malaysia and check the following spots: 

1. Sibu

Sibu is the best place to visit if you love going diving and snorkeling. The island does not offer much activity and pleasures on land but it comes alive when you experience it from under the sea. If you’re up to staying longer on the island, you’d enjoy Sibu’s delicious dishes. You can also visit its numerous serene temples. 

2. Tinggi

Across the way is the enchanting Tinggi Island. It is yet another heavenly site for divers and snorkelers as it has pristine clear waters. Tinggi is known as the most peaceful and relaxing island in the area. Apart from being a relaxing spot, it also offers numerous activities to visitors. While on the island, you could go island hopping, hiking, jungle trekking, and even visit a turtle hatchery. You could also go kayaking and sightsee fireflies at night.

3. Tioman

We reserved the best for last with Tioman Island. Every diving and snorkeling expert knows that Tioman Island is the best spot to visit if you’d be sailing from Singapore and you’re after divinely clear waters. It will be quite a long way from Singapore but you won’t regret visiting it if you want a perfect expedition under the sea. Apart from diving and snorkeling, people also enjoy trekking on the island. You’d also enjoy going on food trips in the area as it offers many restaurant options for visitors.

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