Blogging in China

This month has been all about getting back to life in Tianjin, blogging in China and starting a new year of school. It has been a funny one I must say, I have had days where I am super motivated and other days that are just frustrating!

One of the most difficult parts of living and running a China travel blog is how infuriating the internet can be. Too many days this month have consisted of me being super eager to get a post up or to do some keyword research (yeah I have a super exciting life…) but the VPN has been down or the internet is just slooooooooooooow.

Blogging in China is hard (there is no doubt about that) however, this next month is going to be different!

Travel Bloggers Club – Blog Challenge

Yep, it is that time again where I attempt a blog challenge!

That means I will be posting a new blog every single day. I love doing these challenges because it keeps me accountable for the content I am putting out there. Since returning back to Tianjin, I have found it difficult to really get stuck in to writing, especially as I don’t even know where to start!

I want to write about our awesome summer in China but I don’t know what to write first! So this challenge has forced me to write a schedule of all the posts I will be sharing with you, and I am super excited!

On top of all that, I am not the only blogger attempting this challenge. I have joined by a community of other amazing bloggers and our supportive group is the thing that always gets me through these challenges.

Check out these awesome bloggers below:

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My thoughts

For those of you who are new here, I thought I would introduce myself!

I’m Katie. I am a Primary teacher from the South of England and now I work over at an international school in Tianjin, China. My husband and I have lived here for just over a year now and love sharing our travels and life on our blog and our Youtube channel.

Why do you love travelling?

I love travelling because it gives me an opportunity to be free. We get a chance to wander around, find new places, eat new foods, get excited about random things and do whatever we want, when we want.

Where is your favourite place to travel to?

In recent years, Thailand has been my favourite place to visit. After living in China, I think my favourite place is now Ping’an Village, in the Rice Terraces of Southern China.

I think your favourite place changes depending on what type of place you are looking for at any given time.

What is your #1 travel tip for saving money?

Book flights and hotels on an incognito window. When you search and compare holidays online, the website will store your data. That is why, with some websites, the prices can suddenly shoot up and be much higher than they were initially. By using an incognito or private window, the website can’t trace that you have recently searched this flight or hotel and will give you the best price available.

How do you plan your travels?

Spreadsheets! I am a big fan of the spreadsheet! We write down places we want to visit and use google maps to work out which of the destinations are nearest to one another. We start with travel – using Kayak and Skyscanner for flights and cTrip for China travel, we work out how much a trip will cost to travel from one place to the next.

Then, using Agoda for Asia, Expedia for Europe and for America, we plan hotels. I always cross reference hotels with their trip advisor reviews too.

Which is your favourite continent to visit?

Asia has always been my favourite continent to explore. It is cheap and every country is completely different. I am also a huge fan of Asian food too!

Blog Numbers and Goals

This month has been so productive! I tried the 7-day SEO boost and found it super helpful! Next month, I have decided to read more from Digital Nomad Wannabe because her tips are so helpful! We have continued to have sponsored posts this month and we have finally passed the Amazon threshold on our affiliate account – woo hoo!

Love and Hate


Cooking! This month I have loved being back in our apartment and trying to out new dishes! I even made a deep dish Chicago styled pizza (the authentic Chinese experience obviously). We bought an oven on our return to Tianjin and are loving it! My homemade nachos have never tasted so good!

Learning – yes cheesy but hey I am a teacher, of course I love learning! This month has been all about learning new things. I have learnt more about SEO and an working on my affiliate knowledge. Skimlinks has been a life saver – I LOVE IT!


Colds. Three days back at school and I managed to catch a stupid cold that has lasted over a week. I am not looking forward to the winter weather here in Tianjin, that’s for sure!

Highlight of the month

This month we saw one of our favourite bands Wolf Alice perform in Beijing! Awesome show and was great to see a concert in China.

We also booked our flights home for Christmas which was really nice, we fly home the day after I finish work and we have three weeks at home with our family and friends – we can’t wait!

What’s next?

September is a low key month for us. We plan to head up to Beijing for one weekend and see some the sights we haven’t had a chance to visit yet and as the summer heat calms down, we are hoping to see even more of Tianjin.

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Blogging in China
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Blogging in China
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  1. Alwaaaays use Agoda in Asia. Once I learned that tip I started to save a lot of money. Agoda actually has more options in Asia too. They are the area expert

    • Yeah, no matter whether we are staying in hostels or splashing at a nice hotel, Agoda always seems to offer the best price!

  2. We have always loved Thailand too, but I have to admit when I saw your images of China I have fallen in love. I have always wanted to go to China and I have a real longing to go there. Hopefully soon <3

    • GO! Thailand is great and cheap and fun but yeah, China is very different to most paces we have visited. Even two cities that are 30 minutes from each other, can be completely different!
      I would recommend using the visa free transit China offer – we did a video over on your Youtube channel but basically there are certain areas of China (Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guilin) that you can fly into and stay up to 144 hours without the need for a visa!

  3. Omg same here . I hate the cold. I get sick so easily just by the cold weather and everytime the weather temperature drop! But that doesn’t stop me from travelling during winter.

    • Yeah I love winter travel but just hate colds! I am a teacher so always seems to get a cold every now and then! Ironically it is actually still 28 degrees here most days!

  4. I promise not to bemoan my slow connection here again. That must be incredibly frustrating, but you seem to work around it with aplomb. It’s really interesting to read the monthly review. You’ve encouraged me to give spreadsheets a go for our travel plans; normally it’s a Pinterest board and a Word document stuffed with links. Good luck with the challenge.

    • Yeah, I find spreadsheets are the way forward! Plus, it really helps me prioritise and save. You can see where you are spending the most money and work out total costs etc. I also do it to keep an eye on dates and making sure I book the right dates!

  5. Good to read your monthly round up Katie and catch up with you! Lucky you going back to the UK again!! We still can’t go anywhere for another 11 months so planning more holidays in Australia! Can’t wait to explore more of Asia and get to the UK for Christmas!!!

    • Aww bless you! I am trying to persuade Calum for a trip to Australia next year! Are you enjoying it? When is your favourite time of year?

  6. Loved reading your monthly summary. I know how slow internet can be – extremely frustrating!! I can’t wait to read your posts from your recent trips. Good luck with the challenge. 🙂

    • Thank you! Yes that is my biggest downside to life in China!

  7. I had no idea it was so difficult to use the internet in China. I knew that you couldn’t use Facebook but wow! So happy that you are still able to get content out! I’m looking forward to all that you share this month.

  8. i glad you like Asian food ! can you eat spicy ? many foreigner they can’t not for spicy food but in asian we have so many spicy food !

  9. What an incredible life you’re leading!

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