budgeting a vacation

Looking to travel on a budget? These tips for budgeting a vacation will help you budget your travels and save money during your trip. 

World travel can be an intimidating experience for those unacquainted with different cultures, and for those who may have not traveled extensively. In addition to this being an overwhelming experience, it can also be quite costly.

On average, it can cost a solo traveler around 4,000 dollars for a week-long trip, and this is largely dictated by the season in which you’re traveling, and the country you’ll be visiting.

With the high cost of travel abroad, any traveler will most likely turn an ear to the mention of saving money while overseas. While you might not be able to get around paying for costly airfare, you’ll at least be able to budget accordingly when it comes to spending money on activities. 

Here, we’ll explore a few of the ways you can budget your expenses and save money while traveling overseas. 

budgeting a vacation

Save on transportation

While most major cities have some sort of a public transportation system within the United States, several overseas locations do not offer these services. Places such as the UK and most of the more populated areas of Europe will offer these services, but if you’re going to be staying in Tahiti, you can forget about taking a double decker bus.

While you’ll be at the mercy of the location that you’re in regarding transportation, if you’re within walking distance to major attractions, this is your best bet for savings. Even renting a bicycle will be much cheaper than taking shuttles or paying for cab fare if these services are offered.

In addition, many popular travel locations and countries such as Budapest and Prague have rideshare services available for you to consider. All that’s required is to download an app, and then you simply order your ride.

budgeting a vacation

Save on food as you travel

When you arrive in a foreign country, you’ll immediately notice that there might be several American style restaurants for you to choose from. Keep in mind that this is done on purpose, as most of these places will be much more expensive than local eateries.

Numerous countries abroad have learned over the years that Americans are notorious for splurging on the comforts of home, so naturally, these places are established to cater to tourists, and to your wallet. Share meals with other if you are comfortable. 

In order to avoid these kinds of tourist traps, spend time learning about the local cuisine of the region, and try to eat where the locals dine. This will not only give you a cultural experience to write home about, but it will also expand your palate, and you might be introduced to foods that you absolutely love. 

budgeting a vacation

Save on shopping

So, you’ve traveled this far, and you just have to buy something to bring back with you, right? Well, while most travellers set out with the mindset for budgeting their expenses, sometimes certain things catch your eye, and you know you’ll never be able to find an item with the exact uniqueness when you return home.

So what happens then? You end up spending much more than you originally planned for. 

The last thing you’ll want to do is to end up in the airport with only 10 bucks left to your name and munching on peanuts during a 27-hour flight. So, it’s best to keep a strict budget while shopping around. Ask the locals for the markets with low rates. While doing the grocery, always look at the discount racks in order to get good things in sale price. 

One of the best ways to avoid spending too much money is to keep your focus on the local shops and steer clear of the hotel or resort gift shop and the tourist traps nearby. This also holds true for the airport as well. You’re likely to find plenty of precious little things in the airport, but the items you’ll find here you can probably find elsewhere, for a much cheaper price.

Purchasing travel insurance entails putting money down up front with no assurance of a return later. Even so, if you have to cancel your vacation due to a covered cause or your trip is disrupted due to circumstances beyond your control, it can pay for itself several times over. Travel insurance is also available through your mode of transportation, such as an airline or cruise operator. Your premium will generally be lower in this situation, but it may just cover the carrier’s share of your vacation, such as flights or a cruise. Always find ease while travelling and look for the cheap ways as much as you can. 

Travel Insurance

budgeting a vacation
budgeting a vacation

Save money on accommodation

You may have heard of hostels before, but if not, know that they are locations that provide visitors with dormitory-style lodging, where you may obtain a bed for the night rather than a complete room. If you don’t mind sharing a bedroom with other travellers, staying in a hostel is a fantastic way to save your travel costs! I’ve discovered that staying in hostels is a great method to save money while travelling. 

Living in big hotels just for a good look can cost you a lot of extra penny. Save that money, travel and explore new place.

No matter where you travel, being financially conscientious is by and large the most responsible way to travel. 

You might be surprised, but many people who overspend on vacations abroad often find themselves at the mercy of vending machines and bottled water on their way back home, And this is an experience you’d probably rather pass on altogether. 

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