Located just off the popular pub street, the Cambodian BBQ is a brilliant experience for all those looking for an exciting meal. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to meats; with great options such as crocodile, ostrich and snake. Once you have chosen from a range of sets, you can get cooking your meats, veg and noodles on a built-in table BBQ, heated by coals underneath.

This is a really lovely experience, ideal for couples or groups of travellers looking for something different. The restaurant is a bit more expensive than others in the area but we felt the meal was worth the extra pennies. That being said, we are use to London prices so this restaurant is very cheap in comparison. The best BBQ set is the ‘special degustation’, offering 14 kinds of exciting meats, including Kangaroo, Shark, Snake, Ostrich and Crocodile. With this, you can get all you can eat vegetables, noodles and rice – all for $29.50 USD. Drinks are reasonable, with most soft drinks and beers starting at $2 and strong, delicious cocktails costing $4.50.

Book a table in advance as this restaurant can get busy. We enjoyed sitting outdoors but some people complain of local sellers; we said no thank you once and no-one else approached us but if you don’t like this then reserve a table for inside.

I don’t often talk too highly of restaurants but the staff were so friendly and the experience so memorable, I felt a whole blog was necessary! I urge anyone visiting Siem Reap to check out the Cambodian BBQ on Street No.8 – Pub Street.

Most people head to Siem Reap for the amazing Angkor Wat but don’t forget to check out a cooking course whilst you’re there!

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Cambodian BBQ
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  1. Yummy post! Would love to experience this (the veg options, hope they will be there, good ones)

  2. That sounds delicious! I totally agree on splurging a bit for a meal if it’s worth it, especially while traveling. Maybe that’s why I always gain many pounds while traveling? Haha. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love these kinds of places where you can get creative and cook your own stuff. I, however, would not want to eat kangaroos (I love them, they are adorable), snakes, crocks or anything unusual like that. In fact I have hardly been eating any meat at all and might be becoming a vegetarian without even realizing it. Thanks for sharing this though! I will be heading to South East Asia soon and I know my partner would love this place!

  4. Isnt it amazing how much a dollar can fetch you in Cambodia, compared to Europe? I loved the food in Cambodia and your pictures here have made me feel hungry 🙂
    Was there something for vegetarians?

  5. This sounds like an amazing gastronomic experience! Siem Reap already appeals to me, but seeing and reading your post gave it another boost. The food really looks delectable!

  6. This Cambodian BBQ sounds amazing! You’re not kidding when you say the meat was exciting. I’ve never heard of a place serving kangaroo, shark, snake, ostrich, and crocodile. I would definitely consider having a meal here.

  7. Well, I think eating Shark, Snake, Ostrich or Crocodile might be a little controversial. And I’m not sure if those meats are to everyone’s tastes. Did you try all those? What did you think?

  8. Cambodian BBQ looks like an amazing restaurant with great choice of food. Though we are not a great fan of meat we would love to try some BBQ specialities.

  9. That looks super interesting! I can’t wait to visit Cambodia and just taste everything (well, not sure if everthing-everything). Thanks for sharing your experience!

  10. never been to cambodia before and definitely didn’t know they have such bbq restaurants as well! it sounds similar to korean and thai bbq places, but with a whole new variety of meat! never knew we can eat kangaroo and ostrich in cambodia… well, not sure if i’m game to try either….

  11. […] Siem Reap we had the delight of visiting the Cambodia BBQ restaurant where we cooked and ate so many weird and wonderful meats – snake, ostrich, frog, […]

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