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Looking to camp for the first time? Deann shares these camping tips for beginners, so you can plan your first trip camping.

When I first started camping, I felt so nervous and felt like I’ll be flopping the whole time! But after that experience, I began to learn a lot of new things, laughing over my blunders and appreciating the lessons learned while outdoors.

And I’m sure a lot of you feel the same way! If it’s your first time heading out, tent in hand, then don’t worry! As long as you stay prepared and have prior knowledge (research helps!), you’ll be able to have an amazing time outdoors.

So stay prepared and read on as I show you a few camping tips for beginners to help you out.

Pacific Northwest with Kids

Plan Ahead

Make sure that you do your research and plan ahead, creating lists of things you’ll need to pack, as well as the itinerary. Set a date during times it isn’t peak season, but with good weather to avoid the crowds and inclement weather.

I recommend that you also search up campsite facilities, making your choice based on the location, amenities, and cleanliness of the camp. It pays to plan when you’re a beginner to avoid any hassles due to lack of research.

You could also use a tour group to enjoy your first camping experience, read here for our USA Summer Camp Experience, or learn about one of the best summer camps in Switzerland here.

camping tips for beginners

Get Good Grub

One of the enjoyable experiences while camping would be the food trip that happens! There are tons of things you can bring to stay energized and active for the next camping activities, but you also must make sure that you bring food that’s easy to cook and eat.

I recommend that you bring chocolates and nuts if you plan to run or walk on the trail, as well as canned goods and non-perishable items like bread. And if you want to have coffee while camping, you can also opt to bring your own percolator or French press for excellent brewed coffee on your camping chair in the early morning.

Stay Happy and Flexible

Yes, making a plan for your camping trip is essential, but that doesn’t mean all the activities and schedules will go down accurately. There will be some changes, may it be during the road trip or the sleeping schedule.

Either way, don’t let it ruin your trip and simply let things flow. As long as everyone’s happy and safe, continue with what’s happening at the moment and be flexible for any changes.

camping tips for beginners

Prepare a Survival Kit

A lot of people think that a survival kit is useless because “nothing wrong can happen.” But you never know if one gets lost or has an injury, which is why it’s crucial to pack survival and first aid kit filled with bandages, medication, signaling devices, a walkie-talkie or two-way radio, a camping fire starter, and a camping multi-tool that can help you stay alive when camping.

These kits are essential and must be brought wherever you are while in the campsite.

Organize and Bring ONLY What’s Needed

Yes, you may be tempted to bring all your baby’s toys or books along, but these will actually weigh you down and might not even be used when out camping. Only bring the essentials and use a quality backpack to put it in.

Organize your pack in a way where the heaviest items are at the bottom, working your way up to the lightest and most needed items.

Conestoga Ranch, Utah Unique camping sites

Start Investing In Quality Equipment

Do not scrimp on camping equipment, because investing in quality items will pay you back in the long run. You wouldn’t want your tent breaking down while setting it up, or your backpack tearing from heaviness.

Do your research and make the right investments on tents and bags, as these will last for many camping trips to come! Of all the sizes of tents available, our preferred ones are the 4-person tents, as they are a great combination of comfort and versatility.

Stay Creative!

Thank you for your support and love for Creative Travel Guide. If you are looking for more video tips, make sure to head over to your YouTube channel and follow us on Instagram for daily tips and chats.

Share any questions or comments below and happy creative travels!

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Ann Warren

Wednesday 14th of March 2018

Thank for nice tips. I love your pics, It's really nice.

Agness of a Tuk Tuk

Saturday 23rd of December 2017

I love camping but I am definitely a beginner in this type of travel. I desperately needed these tips, Katie. Thanks for the enlightening and educative post! :)

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