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Whilst in New York City, we had to find time to watch a Yankees game at Yankee Stadium! And that is why we found ourselves sitting on the train up to the Bronx one sunny morning in NYC.

As we were staying near Times Square, we decided to walk up to Bryant Park Station, spend a good 15 minutes trying to figure out how to use the automatic ticket booth and then jumped on the D line for the Yankee Stadium. The journey didn’t take too long, it was about 20 minutes on the train and you arrive right next to the Stadium so you don’t have to worry about walking for ages or getting lost.

Using the advice from other travel bloggers, we decided to go for the cheaper seats on the top tier of the Stadium, just behind the area the players hit the ball (yeah…I don’t know the correct term for this!). We were there for a New York Yankees vs Chicago White Sox game and seated in 420B section, row 7, seats 1-2. These tickets cost us $81 for two. This was perfect as we were on an aisle which meant we could go and get a drink and go for a walk frequently during the game.

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Creative Tip: There are lots of different ways to get baseball tickets when visiting America but to secure them in advance, we found the best deal on We double checked prices for tickets at tout spots around NYC and they were all triple the price for similar seats but there were places near the stadium that you can buy tickets an hour before the game at good prices. 

If you hadn’t realised already, we don’t follow baseball nor really understand the rules of the game – we’re British… Anyways, because we were there for the atmosphere and experience, it did mean we could wander around and see what the Stadium had to offer.

The Stadium has a whole host of stalls selling beer (including craft beer), cocktails, America food, sushi, Mexican food etc as well as merchandise stalls dotted around each level. We enjoyed our souvenir cups of cola followed by giant sized cups of beer. We also felt the need to buy a Yankee baseball plastic cap-shaped bowl full of nachos! They were pretty darn good too, with toppings and cheese on different layers of nachos. You can’t walk ten steps without being near a food and drink stand and there really was something for everyone (hint, hint Stamford Bridge and your awful pies)

Watching a baseball game at Yankees Stadium was a highlight of our time in New York and is a must for anyone interesting in sports. The atmosphere was great even if we didn’t quite know what was going on!

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We want to see as many different sports around the world as possible! Have you got any suggestions for must see sports? Share your experiences and ideas in the comments below, we would love to hear from you.

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Yankee Stadium
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  1. Hi Katie, it’s great to visit the Yankees stadium through your blog. I love our AT&T Park and Oakland Collesium, home of the golden state warriors.

  2. Hello Katie, thank you for your insight to Yankees Stadium. We are going to watch my favorite team (the Kansas City Royals) play the Yankees in New York this summer. I fell in love with baseball & the Royals the same day at my first live MLB game at “the K”, Kauffman Stadium, in Kansas City, Mo. You should check it out!

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