This month we celebrated Calum’s mums birthday! She chose to head to her favourite restaurant in Eastbourne – Charlie Brown’s Diner. A cute, family run American Diner, adorned with black and white NYC shots coupled with an awesome menu.

Ok so we don’t often write about restaurants in our home town but decided it was about time we did. The food here really is outstanding so we felt the need to share.

The Location

Charlie Brown’s is in the heart of Eastbourne, located on Seaside Road. It is just a 3 minute walk from Eastbourne Pier and a 10 minute walk from the Eastbourne Train Station.

The food

The food is the reason we wrote this blog post.

For starters I ordered the deep fried breaded Camembert whilst Calum loved the 1/2 rack of ribs – yes, ribs for a starter!

For our mains, I fell in love with the Charlie Brown Burger – the beef burger was juicy and thick, the bacon was crispy and the egg cooked perfectly. Calum enjoyed the steak, served with tasty onion rings, peas and chips.

We were so full by the end of this, that we didn’t sample the desserts but that will definitely be done next time!

The restaurant

The restaurant is easily overlooked when walking down this busy road. The decor is simple, with wooden tables and chairs in a smaller than average restaurant. The walls are covered in American decor, with black and white pictures of New York, Coca Cola merchandise and American number plates.

The staff are very friendly, welcoming and will give suggestions to their favourite dishes on the menu.

The value

Overall, this restaurant is definitely worth a visit. As you can see in the menu below, prices are reasonable for this style of restaurant. British chains charge similar or more but I promise you, chain food is nowhere near as good as the food in this little gem. Whilst in Eastbourne, don’t forget to check out Seven Sisters! 

I would highly recommend this restaurant when visiting Eastbourne!

The Menu

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  1. Your review of this local restaurant was interesting and informative. Sounds like great value for money too!!

  2. Will keep this in mind when I go to Eastbourne 🙂

  3. That deep-fried Camembert sounds divine – almost anything deep-fried is amazing! Also, who can resist delectable onion rings! I agree that sometimes, when you visit a place often, like in your home town, you tend to overlook writing about it. Great post!

  4. Such a lovely post! I will definitely give a try to that breaded onion rings with beef burger american style it sounds really good. enjoy your tavel, hoping to hear new feeds from you 🙂

  5. this is so sweet! i love supporting small businesses, and they usually have the best food and service!

  6. I love a good food review!! Seems like a great spot for a birthday and the burger looks delish!

  7. Good on you for posting about your home town, it’s easy to forget that home has some great stuff to see and do

  8. That looks so delicious! I haven’t had a burger in ages and now I definitely feel like one!

  9. A yum post to say the least! The Camembert looks delicious and so does the ambiance!

  10. The food look so delicious , especially I love onion rings .

  11. Well if I’m ever in Eastbourne I’ll be sure to check it out. The menu looks great. I love eating in family run places, there’s such more of a charm about them.

  12. Seems like a great place to eat. Gotta love a dinner with great food. The onion ring fries look especially delicious! I’ll have to remember to check it out when I visit.

  13. Ahhh, I love a good American diner! (Me, American.) And it seems like you’ve found a good one cooked with love. So much fun to explore something in your own hood, too, no??

  14. Mm I start thinking about burgers!

  15. I really like the layout of your site and post! If I’m ever in Eastbourne, I’ll make sure to check this place out! Looks so good!

  16. As a Canadian, I had no idea where Eastbourne is until I looked it up. I would certainly be willing to try deep fried camembert as that combines a couple of my favourite things. Thanks for the review, sounds tasty.

  17. The food looks delicious with affordable prices! Seems like a great place for dining! 🙂

  18. This is new for me ! But its a perfect Review for this place! I love reading your experience ! and your pictures making me hungry !

  19. That plate of burger looks so delicious. The menu has some great choices as well and everything seems quite reasonable.

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