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We have officially moved back to Asia (Bangkok to be more precise) and we love it here! Asia is varied, fun, cheap and exciting and there are so many amazing destinations to visit. So, let’s look at the cheapest holiday destinations in Asia!

A land brimming with rich and diverse cultural heritage, where magnificent civilizations have left their marks on the sands of time. Exploring mystical Asia, a continent with 48 countries, home to the most vibrant and exotic cultures, is an experience to cherish for a lifetime. The drool-worthy culinary treats, the breath-taking nature, UNESCO sites and an exotic, avant-garde aura awaits you here in the largest continent of the world – the bucketlist destinations in Asia are a must for many travellers.

Still, what draws most tourists to this fascinating continent are the vast options for budget-friendly vacations. Most of the Asian countries offer a mix of both luxury and backpacking opportunities. So, without much ado, let us dig into a list of the most economical holiday destinations in Asia!


The Philippines

One of the most renowned tourist attractions for those on a budget is the Philippines. It is home to myriad natural sites including beaches and bounteous coral reefs. Studded with a plethora of churches, rice fields, volcanoes, strange animals, 7000 islands, hidden lagoons and a warm environment that welcomes you with arms wide open. The happy-go-lucky people here will not refrain from going an extra mile to put a smile on your face. 

You can plan a holiday in the Philippines for a perfect getaway from November to April. Major tourist magnets include Manila, Cebu, Boracay and the Palawan islands. The serene cyan waters and moderate temperature will surely feel like paradise. You can easily access the remote island areas for trekking and sightseeing. The water sports mainly include kayaking and scuba diving. Other activities include canyoneering and mountain biking.

Exotic seafood and inexpensive liquor are sure to flood in your way! The real ice breakers are the plethora of festivals that are celebrated all year round in the Philippines. The affable locals will invite you delightfully to partake and rejoice. The nightlife is just as vibrant and registers karaoke as its main element.

Average expenditure per day is 36 to 45 USD (inclusive of stay, travel and food!)


A lavish exotic amalgamation of historic highlights and nature’s glory at its very best. Gorgeous islands, lakes with clear blue waters and rich coastlines are truly a sight for sore eyes. Borobudur is a must-visit stop for the most jaw-dropping temple and iconic, splendid stupas. Visit Balangan Beach or explore the majestic Bali beaches and Sumatra islands flaunt their own historic charm.  

For cutting the expense further, usage of local transportation is advisable. It also proves as an ice-breaker and if it’s your lucky day, may as well provide you with a glimpse into the rich culture and everyday festivities of the local folks. Safari rides, snorkelling, Bali sea walker are the activities you can indulge yourself in. Your longing to explore the underwater life and the thirst for marine exploration can be satiated at Tatawa islands, Batu Bolong and the Merah beach.

There are secluded beaches as well as romantic resorts on the islands if you are looking for a romantic getaway or honeymoon on a budget. This heavenly vacationing spot is worth exploring.

Average expenditure per day is 30 to 35 USD (inclusive of stay, travel and food.)



A dreamy paradise which is the most visited tourist destination for light-budgeted vacationing. Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi, Phi Phi islands, Pattaya, Koh Tao, Koh Samui and Koh Pha-ngan are the highlighted tourist spots. The outstanding hospitality of the people here is like icing on the cake. Asia’s most famous landscapes and monasteries are just a few hours away from beautiful beaches, forests and coral reefs. Plus the delicious, worldwide famous cuisine will leave you yearning for more!

The rich culture of Thailand can be tasted in its diverse, heavenly local food with warm satiating curries and herbs to bless the palate. There are open night kitchens for late-night food cravings as well. Apart from this, street food vendors are present almost at every nook and corner of the place.

Attracting bachelors from all over the world, it is the party destination of Asia. The night-life is as wild and happening as it can get. There are bars, cabarets, beach parties and not to mention, the Full Moon Party! This may sound like a perfect getaway for bachelors but it is also the most frequently visited tourist destination for newly-weds for their honeymoon. Secluded islands and romantic destinations are scattered all over the place and are a real treat for a couples’ getaway.

Average expenditure per day is 42 to 49 USD (inclusive of stay, travel and food.)


One of the most economical getaway destinations, serene, soothing and unfathomably beautiful, that’ll literally make you feel like you are on ‘Top of the world!’ In this ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’, the scenic beauty, landscapes, mountains, rich cultural heritage and monasteries fill the soul like none other. Apart from the tallest mountain in the world, the stairway to Heaven, Mount Everest, there are a plethora of lush green or snow-clad mountains according to the month you visit, in this country.

Apart from treks, you can indulge in exploring and learning about Hinduism and Buddhism religions via plenty of pilgrimage sites established in this religious hub with a rich cultural history. The weather is pleasant here throughout the year. Main trekking areas include Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga, Annapurna hills, Mount Makalu, Mount Lhotse and Mount Cho Oyu whereas other areas that top the charts in tourists’ lists are Kathmandu, Janakpur, Pokhara are Nagarkot.

The peaceful ambience of Buddhist monasteries will calm and fill your soul. The bounteous flora and fauna are picturesque and Insta-worthy. There are jatras for pilgrims worshipping their deities. The food here is warm, mild and satiating such as vegetable-filled momos (dumplings) with beer, lentils and boiled rice, tropical and subtropical fruits. Nightlife here is starred with pubs, bars, discotheques, drive-in theatres, cafes and restaurants. However, this may not be an ideal option for partying and adventurous nightlife due to restrictions and early closing hours for bars as well as pubs.

Average expenditure per day is 28 to 35 USD (inclusive of stay, travel and food.)

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