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We always love finding the cheapest, best-value destinations to visit and want to share that with you! So here are the cheapest countries to visit this year!

backpacking asia

Tips for travelling on the cheap

  • Compare prices on your favourite flight comparison websites to get a general price for your flight.
  • Head over to JustFly to check if they have any discounted flights for your route. 
  • Find your accommodation. We use for Europe and America whilst Agoda often offers better deals for Asia. If you are thinking of staying in hostels, Hostelworld has thorough listings of the different options for you but double-check that prices aren’t cheaper on Agoda.
  • Budget in advance. We have a collection of cost of travel posts that can help you plan your trip but check out attraction websites to help you make a helpful, accurate budget for your trip. 
  • Slow travel. When possible, choose to travel slowly and take slower routes such as buses and trains overflights. This is often cheaper but also gives you more time to appreciate and learn more about your destination.
  • Browse the internet to see if your chosen destination as a travel card or Explorer card. We love the city passes that include hop-on-hop-off buses, especially if we are only in a city for a few days.
  • Browse the free tours available for your chosen destination; you will be surprised at how many walking tours are free or how many free or cheap audio tours you can find on the app store. 

Cheapest countries to visit in the world

how to visit Thailand


You can not have a list of the cheapest countries to visit in the world without Thailand having a spot. Although prices have risen in Thailand, it’s only slightly – you can still find super cheap hotel rooms and tasty 40 baht meals throughout the country.

Explore Bangkok – an exciting, bustling city with so much to offer. Explore the free things to do in the city and head to the markets for delicious, affordable meals, snacks and beer.

If you’re looking for a more relaxing experience, you can find some perfect villas with private pools for as little as 300 baht a night. We love heading to Hua Hin or the quieter islands and finding a cheap place to stay on Air B’n’B. Alternatively, you can find quaint bungalows and resorts in most areas of Thailand – we use Agoda to browse and book because generally, they have the cheapest prices for Asia. 

You can also find some beautiful places in Thailand, especially when heading down to the gorgeous islands such as Koh Lanta, Koh Lipe or Koh Phi Phi.

Prices in Thailand


  • Budget – 250฿ – 600฿ for dorm beds or private rooms in guesthouses.
  • Mid-range – 800฿ – 1500฿ for private rooms in nice hotels
  • Luxury – top-end hotels can be found for as cheap as 2000฿


  • Streel food – 40 – 80฿
  • Sit down meals with a drink – 150 – 300฿
  • Buffet or high-restaurant 1000 – 2500฿
best things to do in Bangkok

Tips for saving money in Thailand

  • Book flights in advance with companies like Air Asia, to get super cheap flights around Thailand.
  • Look for private rooms in hostels or 3-4 star hotels to get decent rooms at cheap prices.
  • Avoid staying too near the major attractions, especially in the cities. Instead, opt for slightly further out in a local neighbourhood and not only save on accommodation but you are likely to also find cheap restaurants, street food and bars in this neighbourhood.
  • Always ask for the meter when you get in a taxi.
  • Drink bottled water and use the refill stations around the cities and towns to refill.
  • Eat the local food, it is a quarter of the price of western food.
  • Always check for happy hours, most bars will have happy hours throughout the day that often last longer than one hour.

A small town in Czech Republic Cheap travel destinations

Czech Republic

This European country is a popular destination, with Prague becoming a fantastic summer and winter destination. Personally, we love Prague at Christmas; the lights and markets just transform the city to something magical and beautiful. But, even though the city has grown in popularity, the prices have not.

Although more expensive than destinations in Asia, the Czech Republic is still one of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe. Make sure you explore beyond Prague to get cheap hotels and unique history but without the crowds.

Best things to do in Prague

Typical Prices in Czech Republic


  • Budget – 350+ CZK for hostel beds
  • Mid-range – 1500 – 2000 CZK for 3-4 star hotels

It is a great idea to rent an apartment from Air B’n’B, especially if you choose to stay on the outskirts of the city – you can get whole apartments from 900 CZK a night.


  • Beer in a local bar – 32 CZK
  • Deli lunches cost around 45 – 60 CZK
  • Sit down dinner for 2 costs 700 – 1000 CZK

Tips for saving money in Czech Republic

  • Eat the local food and particularly avoid the Italian and Sushi places in Prague.
  • Only use ATM’s attached to banks, most others in stores will charge an extra fee.
  • Try to pay in Czech crowns over Euros where possible.
  • A City Star card is a great option to save money on trains
  • Avoid hiring taxi services, these can be costly, especially in more tourist areas. Get around towns and cities by food or try the trams, buses and metro.
  • Using to find cheap accommodation.

Argentina cheapest countries to visit


Argentina has previously been crazy cheap, then that became known and prices jumped it. Luckily for us, prices have gone back down after the countries financial crisis, so now is a great time to visit.

Hotel and flight prices are affordable but not super cheap, however, once you are in the country, food, drink, transport and attractions make up for the price of accommodation.

Explore the glorious glaciers, famous Iguazú Falls and the city of Córdoba for the perfect picture.

colourful shop in Argentina cheapest countries to visit

Typical Prices in Argentina


  • Budget – 200 – 500 ARS for a dorm bed or private rooms with a shared bathroom.
  • Mid-range – Private rooms or homestays cost around 800 – 1500 ARS.


  • Street snacks or quick bites cost between 10 – 25 ARS.
  • Cafe meals cost around 100 ARS, double that if you want a drink too.
  • A sit-down restaurant in a decent restaurant will cost between 300 – 500 ARS.
How to plan a trip to Egypt


Prices in Egypt have dropped over the past 5 years, making a lot cheaper for people to visit the country. Pyramid tours are still going to set you back a pretty penny but general travel, accommodation and food are affordable for all travellers.

Explore cities like Luxor, Cairo and Alexandria or unwind in Hurghada or Dahab. Even though Egypt is known as the oldest travel destination in the world, there still is a lot more to explore in this country and you’ll be surprised and what you will find as you step outside of the cities

How to plan a trip to Egypt

Typical prices in Egypt


  • Budget – dorm beds cost around 60 – 80 LE
  • Mid-range – private double rooms with fan cost between 80 – 250 whilst nicer rooms costing 250 – 350 LE.


  • Street food – 4 – 16 LE for falafels, rice and meat dishes and snacks.
  • Egyptian pizza is popular and costs around 64 LE
  • Sit down meals cost between 110 – 200 LE
  • Beer costs around 40 – 80 LE

India skyline Cheapest travel destinations in Asia


India is a diverse and historic country with tourism booming in the last few years. Prices are still low here and the country is becoming more safer to visit.

There are so many places to visit in India, offering you different experiences. See the Taj Mahal in Agra or get whisked away in the busy crowds of Delhi. Explore the ‘pink city’ of Jaipur or visit the ganges at Varanasi.

Typical prices in India


  • BudgetBackpacking India on a budget couldn’t be easier – small hotels and hostels cost around INR 700 -1500 ($9-$20) whilst even cheaper hostels can be found in smaller cities.
  • Budget hotel rooms cost INR 800 – 1500 whilst boutique rooms cost around INR 2500, often with breakfast included.


  • Meals are cheap in India, especially if you stick to local restaurants. Lunch can cost you as little as INR 60 – 80 ($1) whilst meals at nice restaurants can cost around INR 250 – 500 per person without alcohol.
  • Eating at 5-star hotels start at INR 1000+.
Kyrgyzstan mountains


Google image Kyrgyzstan and be amazed at how beautiful this country is. I was surprised to see how stunning this country truly is and would urge everyone to visit.

Stay with a nomadic family or follow the ancient silk road, stay in a yurt and visit the historic sites around the country. Head to the breathtaking red mountains of Kyzyl-Oi and awe at the red rock Jeti-Oguz.

Kyrgyzstan mountains

Typical prices in Kyrgyzstan


  • Budget – dorm beds cost around 420 SOM in the big cities whilst staying in a yurt will cost around 700 – 100 SOM with a family but often dinner is included.
  • Private rooms in guesthouses cost around 800 – 1200 SOM.


  • Meals at cafes cost around 300 SOM
  • Sit down meals for 2 costs around 1000 SOM.
  • Beer costs around 80 SOM.
Indonesia Cheap travel destinations


With rice paddies, beautiful beaches, amazing dive sites and chic neighbourhoods, what is not to love about Indonesia? It seems like Bali has become everyone’s must-visit destination in the last few years but luckily, prices are still cheap and cheerful!

Of course, check out Bali but then explore beyond. See the sweeping mountains of Dieng Plateau or check out the iconic Komodo National Park. See the stunning Mount Bromo or visit the simply gorgeous Lake Toba.

Typical prices in Indonesia


  • 70k – 100k IDR will get you a dorm bed.
  • 200k IDR is the average price for a private room.


  • Street food costs under 30k IDR, as does beer.
  • A sit down meal costs between 55k IDR and 175K IDR.
Albania cheapest countries to visit


Full of castles and gorgeous coastlines, Albania is an understated but gorgeous country to visit. Prices are affordable and much cheaper than it’s European neighbours.

Visit the Ottoman style houses in Berat or relax in the quiet beach town of Himare. Step back into an old movie in Shkoder or visit the UNESCO sites of Gjirokaster.

Typical prices in Albania


  • Hostel beds cost around 300 – 400 UAH
  • You can get a decent hotel room for 600 – 800 UAH


  • Small meals and snacks cost 40 – 60 UAH
  • Sit down meals cost upwards of 350 UAH
  • Beer costs around 25 – 40 UAH
Malaysia cheapest country to visit


Prices in Malaysia are at an all-time low, making it the perfect year to visit this South-East Asian country.

Of course, explore the city of Kuala Lumpur but head outside of bustling hotspot and visit smaller cities and beaches. Check out the street of Georgetown or relax on the Perhentian Islands; popular with backpackers on a tight budget. See the sites of Malacca, quieter Kuching and Kota Kinabalu or admire the beautiful nature of the Cameron Highlands, Langkawi, Tioman Island and Taman Negara. 

Typical prices in Malaysia


  • Hostel beds cost start at 35 MYR
  • Private rooms in decent hotels range from 60 – 150 MYR, depending on location – there are lots of great places to stay in Kuala Lumpur to choose from.


  • Street food costs around 4 MYR
  • Beer costs 8 – 20 MYR
  • A sit-down meal for 2 will cost upwards of 60 MYR in most locations.

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Jen Ambrose

Saturday 28th of December 2019

We visited 5 of those places this year - and can confirm, they're all very cheap! :D

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