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Looking to travel without spending too much money? Here are the 32 cheapest travel destinations in the world you can visit on a budget! 

We all want to travel the world – well, at least if you’re on this blog then it is likely that you want to travel the world! The biggest problem most of us face is the cost and expense. Yes, you can stay in hostels and eat street food but the trick is knowing what the cheapest travel destinations in the world are! There are also ways to save money on food in these destinations too.

Here are the 32 cheapest destinations – take your pick! If you love backpacking around the world, read about these cheapest countries to travel to that are backpack friendly!

It is worth noting that some of the cheaper destinations around the world have not been included because of current safety warnings throughout the country.

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Cheapest Travel Destinations in the World

Cheapest Travel Destinations in the World

India skyline Cheapest travel destinations in Asia


Known for it’s incredible curry and amazing architecture, India is worth spending some quality time exploring. When you look past the Taj Mahal, India offers a wealth of history, national parks, forts and bustling markets.

India is one of the best affordable travel destinations with luxury accommodation still being relative cheap compared to other destinations (even other countries in Asia).

Honeymoon in India

Average prices for India

Daily cost: $20

Dorm per night: $2 -$7

Hotel per night: $6 – $10

Street food Meal: Under $1

Sit down meal for 2: $4 – $15

Pint of beer: $1.71

1L Water: $0.19

Cheap places to visit in India:

  • Udaipur
  • Gokarna
  • Darjeeling
  • Itanagar
  • Pushkar
Cheapest countries to visit

How to save money while travelling in India

  • Travel off-season – Finding out a destinations off-season then travelling at this time is always a great way to save money. The busy season in India is from October to March for the majority fo the country apart from the mountains, where the summer is the busiest time.  Visiting in April, May and September can help you save a lot of money on hotels, even 5-star options. 
  • Use a holiday package – If you are looking for an easy, relaxing holiday in India, you can take advantage of the holiday packages available. You can even book holiday deals with multiple destinations, just make sure to compare prices of packages first. If you are a backpacker, you ca choose a tour with G Adventures, who offer small group tours for 18 to 30(ish) year olds. 
  • Check the taxes – In 2017, the government introduces a Goods and Services Tax, which will impact your room rate. Check the tax on your room so you are not surprised by any extra bills. 
  • Include the breakfast – If offered a choice, get a hotel room with breakfast. Many hotels include breakfast with their price or offer it for a small price. Make sure to get a hotel with breakfast so you can fill up before your date exploring the city. 
  • Avoid the mini-bar – Whether you are in a local hotel or 5-star option, do not touch the mini-bar. These are super expensive and are sampled; so you won’t be able to replace the items with supermarket options later on. 
  • Take the train – If you do not mind taking a local train, you can save a lot of money by doing so. You can catch an overnight train for cheap prices and save money on a night a t a hotel. Just make sure to avoid buying snacks and drinks on the train. 
  • Eat local – As we always say, eat the local food to save money. India is known for its food so make sure you try as many local delicacies as possible. Make sure to stay hydrated during your trip and carry some Imodium with you. 
  • Carry snacks – When visiting major tourist attractions or exploring the mountains, make sure to bring snacks with you. There are times when the only food options nearby are super expensive, so those snacks will come in handy. 
  • Book domestic flights in advance – Whilst in India, you will probably want to travel from one destination to another. Book domestic flights in advance as many airlines offer discounts for this. Also, try to book flights that leave during the middle of the day as these often tend to be cheaper too. 
Luxury Getaways India
  • Book taxis online – Avoid using taxis on the street when possible. Instead, book your cab online (or an app if possible) through a reputable company such as Ola (similar to Uber), Uber, Meru, Savaari or Bharat Taxi. 
  • Avoid the touts – You can save money with package holidays and tour deals but book them in advance and online. Avoid the touts in tourist areas as they will overcharge.
  • Avoid recommendations from guides or drivers – When looking for a place to eat or shop, do not listen to your driver or guide. Often, guides will have a commission with a local restaurant or shop. It is best to ask locals or do your research on blogs before visiting. 
  • Go off-the-beaten track – Cities in India have increased their hotel prices dramatically over the past few years. To save money, choose a rural location or an area outside of the city centre. 
  • Haggle – When shopping in markets and even stores, make sure to haggle for the best price. Many vendors will quote double or triple the market price so offer a quarter of the asking price and haggle from there. 
A busy city in the Ukraine


Full of friendly locals, diverse landscapes, historic landmarks and incredible experiences, Ukraine is gaining popularity every year. Visit Odessa and Lviv or explore the haunting Chernobyl.

Ukraine is one of the cheapest places to travel to because all prices are low. Not only can you get cheap food and public transport but accommodation and sightseeing is also fairly priced. 

Average prices for Ukraine

Daily cost: $30

Dorm per night: $2.50 – $6

Hotel per night: $15 – $30

Street food Meal: $3+

Sit down meal for 2: $20 – $30

Pint of beer: $2.50

1L Water: $0.41

Best places to visit in the Ukraine

Kiev city in Ukraine Cheapest country to visit
  • Kyiv – The picturesque capital with historic buildings and beautiful St. Sophia’s Cathedral. 
  • Lviv – The ‘cultural cattail’ with western architecture and the UNESCO-protected Old Town.
  • Zhovkva – You must visit the small historical town of Zhovkva, just 30 minutes outside of Lviv. 
  • The Pink Lake – A beautiful pin lake on Arabatska Strike in the Kherson region. The colour comes from an altar attracted to the salt content in the lake. 
Pink lake in Ukraine Cheap travel country in the world
  • Odesa – Visit the popular port and beach city on the Black Sea. You can visit the famous Odesa Opera Theatre here after discovering the beautiful architecture. 
  • Vorokhta – A settlement offering something unique in Ukraine. Check out its famous dual viaducts as well as the gorgeous surrounding mountains and hills. 
  • Dzharylhach Island – The largest uninhabited island in the country and a beautiful place to spend a day. 
  • Kamianets-Podilsky – Visit the Old Town and famous 800 year old castle in this city which is surrounded by a national park. 
Neap beautiful pagoda cheapest travel places


Extreme hikers may flock to Nepal but there is more to Nepal than it’s beautiful mountains. Think temples, colourful flags, jungles, traditional villages and rustic cities. Read the complete guide to visiting Nepal for more details and join a Nepal Hiking Team to explore the mountains safely.

Average prices for Nepal

Daily cost: $22

Dorm per night: $4-$6

Hotel per night: $10 – $14

Street food Meal: $0.50 – $3

Sit down meal for 2: $4 – $6

Pint of beer: $2

1L Water: $0.37

Locals in the rice fields of Nepal cheapest destinations

Things to know before you go to Nepal

  • Visas – You can get a visa for Nepal on arrival when landing in Kathmandu. A single-entry visa will vary in price, depending on how long you are stay for. 15 day visas cost $25, 30 day visas cost $40 and 90 day visas cost $100. However, you must pay in cash on arrival and there is an ATM available too. 
  • Currency – Nepalese rupee is the currency of Nepal and is the best thing to use whilst you are here. Some hotels and vendors will accept USD and you can also use Indian rupees if needed. However, we recommend avoiding using Indian rupees, as some dominations are illegal to carry in Nepal. 
  • Pick up a SIM card – When arriving I Nepal, pick up a SIM card at the airport. You will need a copy of your passport and those at the airport will often help you set it up. You can get a cheaper one in Kathmandu but they can be hard to set up without a local helping to translate. 
Holys outside a temple in Nepal - a cheap travel destination to visit
  • UNESCO Sites – The 2015 earthquake did cause massive amounts go damage to Nepal’s roads, homes and historical sites but the UNESCO sites are still worth visiting. Make sure to head to Bhaktapur to see many of the incredible temples in the country. 
  • Blackouts – Previously, Nepal has experience blackout periods, meaning lanterns and power generators were often used. However, these are becoming less and less common, especially in hotels and restaurants. If you are looking to take some treks or visit more remote areas, make sure to bring a flashlight with you; just incase. 
  • Don’t take illegal substances – Although Nepal was once an infamous place for tourists to take legal marijuana, that is not the case anymore. It is still sold in Nepal today but police and undercover cops are looking to catch tourists and take bribes from those caught out. Being in possession of drugs in Nepal is a two year jail sentence. 
  • Always pack tissues – Similar to other destinations in Asia, Nepal is all about the square toilets. Bring tissues with you along with some hand sanitiser (many toilets won’t offer hand wash either). 
  • Stick to bottled water – Tap water is not filtered or purified so stick to bottled water, even when washing fruit and veg. 
  • Wear a face mask – This use to be an unusual tip but unfortunately, the world is very much use to wearing face masks now. However, face masks or scarves should always be taken to the country because of the amount of dust along the roads. 
  • Eat in restaurants – This goes against our best saving money tips but stick to eating food in restaurants. Refrigeration in Neap isn’t great, so street food can cause problems for even the best travelling foodies. Instead, eat local food in well-maintained and busy restaurants. 
Moldova a cheap country to go to in Europe


This understated country provides unspoiled countryside in a quiet, somewhat secluded part of Europe. Visit the wineries and monasteries and mingle with the locals who bring this place to life.

Average prices for Moldova

Daily cost: $40

Dorm per night: $10 – $20

Hotel per night: $25 – $40

Street food Meal: $2.50 – $4

Sit down meal for 2: $13 – $20

Pint of beer: $0.80

1L Water: $0.42

Reasons to visit Moldova

  • One of the cheapest countries to travel to, especially in Europe! Expect to pay under $3 for a meal. 
  • Whilst visiting the country, make sure to try the wine. Moldova started making wine back in 3000 BC and still produce some of the best wines in Europe. 
  • Make sure to try the food in Moldova. Try Mamaliga, a porridge served with sour cream or munch on brined cheese named Branza. Sarma is cabbage leaves stuffed with meat whilst Placinte is a sought stuffed with almost anything. 
  • The capital city of Chisinau is a lovely city full of interesting Society architecture. 
  • Visit Transnistria to step back in times of the USSR. This is a pro-Russia separatist region that is still technically part of Moldova but acts  as its own country. It has its own currency and you still go through immigration to enter. 
Bulgaria countryside cheap place to visit


Mountains, beaches, cities, history, art – there is so much more to Bulgaria than meets the eye. Head to the beautiful beaches of Sozopol or explore Sofia!

Average prices for Bulgaria

Daily cost: $35

Dorm per night: $10 – $18

Hotel per night: $25 – $50

Street food Meal: Around $1

Sit down meal for 2: $10 – $15

Pint of beer: $0.50 – $2.50

1L Water: $0.51

Bulgaria cheap travel place

Bulgaria on a budget

  • Stick to public transport – there are tourist transfers and taxis but these cost more than public transport. A one-way bus ticket in Sofia costs 1.6 BGN whilst taxis start at 5 leva. You can also save money on public transport by taking advantage of the discounts. Return tickets are cheaper when travelling on the same day whilst a daily pass for the bus, tram and subway in Sofia is available for 3 BGN. 
  • Stay in an airbnb – Bulgaria has a massive airbnb community, meaning you can rent entire apartments for as little at 23 Leva (or $15) in the city of Sofia.
  • Use the trains and buses – When travelling between cities and towns, we recommend catching the tran or bus. You can rent a car or book a private driver but these are a lot more expensive than a bus or train. Make sure to download the Movie app to plan your bus or tram routes and avoid getting lost. Renting a car is only essential if you are looking to travel off-the-beaten path. 
  • Save money on attractions – Most museums and attractions will cost you very little in Bulgaria but to save even more money, check out attraction websites for the free days. Museums and galleries always offer free entry on European Museum Night, which takes place every year in May. 
  • Souvenir shopping – Everyone wants some souvenirs but save money by picking up souvenirs from supermarkets instead of tourist shops. There are a fraction of the price so you can save or buy even more souvenirs.
  • Eat at the bakeries – You can eat at the bakeries of Bulgaria for super cheap. They serve fresh pastries and local delicacies for cheap prices; perfect for a quick breakfast of lunch. 
  • Use the fresh fruit and veg markets – If you have rented an apartment, you can save a lot of money bu picking up fresh fruit and veg at the markets, heading to the supermarkets and cooking your own meals. There are plenty of vegetables in the market to choose from and unlike other European countries, they are rich in taste. 
  • Eat lunch – When eating out in restaurants, aim to eat at lunch time rather than dinner times. Many restaurants will offer cheaper prices at lunch time, meaning you can save money by eating out during the day and cooking your own dinners. 
  • Where to eat – Similar to other European destinations, make sure to eat in restaurants that are not located near famous landmarks. You can ask locals for good, budget-friendly places to eat whilst blogs also offer great options too. 
  • Avoid Sunny Beach – This touristy beach area is overpriced and no appealing. There are many other coastal beaches to choose from if you are looking for a beach trip but avoid Sunny Beach and its high prices.
Street in Colombia - one of the cheapest destinations to visit in the world


Whilst in Colombia, you need to try the coffee. This is what the country is famous for and for good reason. The Colombian mountains are home to the Arabica seed crops, famous for a silky texture and aromatic taste. Whilst in Colombia, make sure to try the local brands and head to the many cafes for your morning coffee. 

Plan a trip to Colombia during one fo the carnivals. Latin American people know how to party and you can experience this to the max in Colombia. Each major city holds a carnival every year, so plan a trip during one fo the carnivals for a unique experience; Medellin’s flower fair is in August and Barranquilla’s dance carnival is in February. 

Learn how to salsa in Cali (with more than 90 schools dedicated to teaching the dance style) or visit Medellin and the neighbourhood built by Pablo Escobar; which was later attacked by terrorism from the same man. Around Medellin, there are several sites dedicated to the victims.

Colombia cheapest travel destinations

Average prices for Colombia

Daily cost: $30

Dorm per night: $8 – $15

Hotel per night: $12 – $30

Street food Meal: Under $3

Sit down meal for 2: $15 – $25

Pint of beer: Under $1

1L Water: $0.85

Macedonia Cheapest travel countries


Macedonia is a spectacular place to visit and a photographers dream. Visit the mountains, lakes, national parks and ancient towns during your stay here. 

Picture yourself relaxing in the historic waterside town of Ohrid, surrounded by beautiful lakes or wander around the capital full of monuments and museums. Ohrid Lake is one of the oldest and deepest lakes in Europe. It is estimated to have formed around 4 million years ago and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Don’t forget to check out the Matka Canyon!

Average prices for Macedonia

Daily cost: $25

Dorm per night: $10 – $20

Hotel per night: $15 – $35

Street food Meal: Under $2

Sit down meal for 2: $2 – $10

Pint of beer: $1.50 – $2

1L Water: $0.60

Read our guide to visiting Macedonia on a budget before you go. 

KAZAKHSTAN Cheap travel places


Adventure travelers will love Kazakhstan, as will most travelers looking for somewhere a little more unique. 

The locals are friendly and welcoming. This is a multicultural country, with different religions living in harmony together. Because of the country’s diversity, you can also enjoy a diverse range of foods here too.

 It is not yet a huge tourist destination, meaning you can escape crowds and touristy areas very easily.  Get out of the modernizing cities and visit the deserts and mountains for incredible landscapes.

Kolsai Lakes is beautiful whilst the Altyn-Emel National Park offers 4600 square kilometers of unique landscapes, cultural sights and endangered species of animals and plants. 

Average prices for Kazakhstan

Daily cost: $35

Dorm per night: $4 – $10

Hotel per night: $20 – $40

Street food Meal: Under $3

Sit down meal for 2: $5 – $15

Pint of beer: Under $2

1L Water: $0.32

Mexico cheapest travel destinations


Mexico is on my bucket list purely for my love of Tequila and Tacos! But of course, there is much more to Mexico than food and drink – the Mayan Ruins and fabulous beaches are popular tourist spots as is the amazing dive sites available. There are so many things to do in Mexico City too, so make sure you spend time there too. 

Average prices for Mexico

Daily cost: $45

Dorm per night: $4 – $15

Hotel per night: $15 – $50

Street food Meal: Under $1.50

Sit down meal for 2: $4 – $10

Pint of beer: $1 – $2.50

1L Water: $0.60

activities in mexico city

Things to know before you go to Mexico

  • Don’t worry about safety – As with everywhere in the world, you need to be careful of petty theft; being aware of your belongings at all times. However, Mexico is not the dangerous and violent country that is presented on the media. Yes, there has been cartel violence in the country but the central areas of Mexico City and areas where you find beautiful resorts are not the place for this crime. Avoid the suburbs to stay safe. 
  • When to visit – The best time to visit Mexico is from December to April but bring a jacket if you are heading to Mexico City; it can be chilly in the evening. These are also the coolest months when visiting the beach destinations so you don’t have to worry about it being too hot. Avoid hurricane season from June to November, especially when visiting the beaches. 
  • Currency – Tourist hotspots accept pesos and dollars but you are always better off paying in pesos. Take money out of an ATM and stick to using Pesos. 
Mexico cheapest travel destinations
  • Eat the food – Mexican food is not the same as the Tex-Mex food you are probably used to but make sure to try it. If you are a foodie traveler, make sure to try a cooking class to learn more about the unique cuisine. 
  • Make sure you visit Mexico City – With many visitors heading straight to the beach, it is easy to overlook the city. However, the vibrant and cultural city shouldn’t be avoided on your trip to Mexico. 
  • Learn basic Spanish – Many people in tourist destinations will be able to speak in English but if you are looking to visit the smaller towns, you will need some Spanish. Learn the basic phrases before your trip to help you get around with ease.
  • Visit the lesser know places – There are many beautiful places to visit in Mexico but make sure to see the more authentic colonial towns like Merida and Valladolid. 
  • Leave the drone – We love flying a drone over destinations we visit but do not take it to Mexico. Recent laws prohibit drone flying from anyone who is not a Mexican citizen and some travellers have had their drone confiscated as they entered the country.
  • Don’t underestimate the size – Mexico is huge, with Mexico City’s metropolitan area being the largest city in the Western Hemisphere. Traveling from one place to another will take longer than expected to plan carefully and expect to travel slow.
  • Visit the Cenotes – These cave-like sinkholes or natural swimming lees can be find across Mexico and are stunning Some look like underground caves whilst overs are open-air gigantic swimming pools. Either way, make sure to visit them on your trip.
Teaching English in Mexico

How to save money in Mexico

  • Visit during hurricane season – Visiting from June to November will get you some great travel deals and fewer crowds. Of course, make sure you have travel insurance for your trip.
  • Take the ADO buses – Domestic flights are available but you can catch ADO buses for most routes These are modern and comfortable buses that are also cheap; a trip from Valladolid to Tulum costs just 110 pesos (or $6). You can buy tickets online or at the nearest bus terminal. 
  • Arrange rides with your hotel – When traveling to and from the airport, arrange a taxi ride or pick up directly with your hotel. At the airport, you will find many cabs either overpricing their trip or selling timeshares. 
  • All-inclusive resorts – If you are looking for a beach getaway then opt for an all-inclusive resort. You can get good deals when booking in advance and the hotels can often work out cheaper than other hotels when you factor in the cost of food. 
  • Know the exchange rate – Make sure to check the exchange rate when paying for anything in pesos. Vendors are not always honest about the exchange rate if you are trying to pay in dollars. If in doubt, stick to pesos. 
  • Haggle – Street vendors expect visitors to haggle, especially near tourist destinations. Generally, we aim for offer 30% of the asking price and go up to 60%. 
  • Shop around – There are plenty of excursion companies and souvenir shops so don’t buy anything from the first one. Shop around and compare prices. If you are in a travel agency or souvenir shop, you can always talk tot he owners and tell them the lower prices that you have seen. 
activities in mexico city
  • Avoid using your card – Where possible, it is always best to stick to cash. Some vendors charge up to 20% in fees for card use. Also, vendors with wireless card readers have unreliable connectivity, meaning payments may not always go through the first time and it can cause confusion and concern of being charged twice. 
  • Buy eco-friendly, biodegradable sunscreen – This isn’t widely available elsewhere but so excursions will only allow biodegradable sunscreen to protect the wildlife and the reefs. Sometimes this is available on the excursion for high prices but save money by buying it in advance. 
  • Cook your own food – Many hotels and resorts will have a small kitchenette in the room, meaning you can cook meals for yourself. By doing so, you can save a lot of money on eating and drinking out. 
  • Try the street food – There are many street food stalls and local restaurants that over amazing, tasty snacks and meals so don’t be afraid to try them. You will save money by doing this too; we recommend choosing vendors where you can see the food being cooked in front of you. 
Poland cheapest places to vacation in the world


With so much history, Poland should definitely be on your travel bucket list. Spend some time exploring Krakow, visiting Auschwitz or going camping at the Masurian Lake District. There are some fantastic countries in Europe that can be traveled to on a budget. 

Poland is becoming more and more popular with travelers and for good reason. With a variety of architectural styles from street to street, you will never get bored of walking around the cities of Poland. With communist-era blocks of homes standing near epic castles and church spires, there is a lot of history to discover here. Whilst in the country, take time to visit the memorials, monuments, and museums that remember the suffering of Poland from the Second World War. 

Average prices for Poland

Daily cost: $35

Dorm per night: $5 – $10

Hotel per night: $25 – $40

Street food Meal: Under $5

Sit down meal for 2: $8 – $15

Pint of beer: $1.60+

1L Water: $0.70

Things to know before you visit Poland

  • Currency – Poland is one of the cheapest countries to travel to for many reasons The current is Zloty so make sure to exchange or withdraw money on arrival. 
  • Visas – As part of the European Union, meaning those from the US, Canada, or Australia can visit Poland for up to 90 days without a visa, whilst those from a country in the EU do not need a visa on their trip either. Just make sure that your passport has a minimum of six months validity and carries proof of medical insurance. 
  • When to visit – Visit Poland from March to May or September to November for pleasant weather and small crowds. 
  • Use the taxi stands – As you arrive at any of the major airports, there are designated taxi stands at the airports. Make sure to use these and avoid the drivers who approach tourists in the arrivals terminal. Only official taxi drivers will run on the meter and make sure to carry small notes to pay the correct fare. 
  • Tap water is safe to drink – Following EU regulations, tap water is safe to drink in Poland. However, the older generation doesn’t believe this and ordering tap water in restaurants may still get you a weird look. 
  • Try lemon tea – when ordering a cup of tea, don’t expect to have milk with it. Instead, you can ask for a slice of lemon, the Polish way. 
  • Go beyond Warsaw and Krakow – The cities are fantastic and offer many things to see and do. However, make sure to go beyond them. Smaller cities like Gdansk and Wroclaw offer a different view of Poland whilst the Crooked Forest is a weirdly wonderful place to visit in Poland. 
  • Use public transport – Getting around Poland is super easy. The country, although large, has an excellent train and bus network that can transfer you from one city to another with ease. 
  • The Language – The polish language is tricky to learn but try to learn some basic phrases. You may get a few giggles from locals when trying to use it but do not be offended, making fun of others is a sign fo friendship in Poland. 
  • Use the free walking tours – There are free walking tours in many of the cities. Whether you are on a budget or not, these tours are fantastic ways to see a city and learn more about its past. 
  • Poland cheapest places to vacation in the world – Make sure to try the food in Poland. You can expect everything from poppyseed cake to glazed cheesecake and that’s just dessert. 
Indonesia Cheapest travel destinations


Relax on a beach, explore a national park or hike a volcano – Indonesia offers so much for tourists and travellers. It is a super cheap destination both for budget travellers but also for anyone looking for luxury on a budget. Villas with their own private pool can be rented for as little as $40 a night! and a day trip to Gili Island is a must!

It is worth noting that double rooms are often easier to find at a cheaper price that hostel dorm beds.

Average prices for Indonesia 

Daily cost: $25

Dorm per night: $5 – $15

Hotel per night: $5 – $17

Street food Meal: Under $2

Sit down meal for 2: $4 – $12

Pint of beer: $1.15 – $1.70

1L Water: $0.46

Beautiful places in Indonesia

  • Ubud
  • Lombok
  • Dieng Plateau 
  • Mount Bromo
  • Borobudur Temple
  • Lake Toba
  • Komodo National Park
  • Raja Ampat
  • Was Rebo Village
  • Tana Toraja
  • Tanjung Puting National Park
  • Derawan Islands
  • Nusa Islands
  • Bukittinggi
Georgia cheapest travel destination


Georgia is often overlooked but is home to adorable locals, beautiful landscapes and perfect, quaint and somewhat unexpected villages. Explore Tbilisi and it’s incredible viewpoints, public baths and markets. There are plenty of Georgia tour packages to choose from, making a trip here easy and affordable.

Average prices for Georgia

Daily cost: $40

Dorm per night: $5 – $15

Hotel per night: $20 – $45

Street food Meal: $3 – $5

Sit down meal for 2: $10 – $30

Pint of beer: $0.50 – $1.50

1L Water: $0.30

Places to visit in Georgia

  • Tbilisi
  • Vardzia
  • Mtskheta
  • Katskhi Pillar
  • Chiatura
  • Juta, Chaukhi
  • Uplistsikhe
  • Batumi
  • Bakhmaro
  • Kazbegi
Albania Cheapest vacation destinations


Another overlooked destination but a super cheap one! Although underdeveloped compared to its European neighbours, Albania has a charm to it like no other. It is worth noting that you should try to use all your Albanian Lek before leaving the country as it can be very difficult to change it once leaving the country. Head to the beach, take an evening stroll and enjoy.

Average prices for Albania

Daily cost: $35

Dorm per night: $15 – $20

Hotel per night: $25 – $50

Street food Meal: $2 – $6

Sit down meal for 2: $15 – $30

Pint of beer: $1 – $2

1L Water: $0.45

Things to know before you go to Albania

  • The price – The reason that Albania made is to these cheap travel destinations list is of course, because it is cheap. You can spend just €50 a night for a 4 star hotel with breakfast included whilst meals are as cheap as €5 in local cafes. Museums and attractions are often under €5 too whilst fancy restaurants will cost around €15 per person.
  • When to visit – April to June and September to October are the best times to go to Albania. You can avoid the extreme weather and enjoy walking, sight-seeing, waterspouts, cycling and the beach at your own leisure. 
  • The people – Albanians are incredibly friendly, which is why this country is known as one fo the most friendliest countries in the world.
  • The Beaches – Make sure to visit the beaches along the Riviera whilst you are in Albania. They are gorgeous and easily some of the best beaches in Europe. Plus they are considerably quieter than those you will find in Italy, Greece or Croatia. 
  • Go beyond the beaches – Whilst in Albania, go beyond the beaches and explore the rest of the country. Visit the mountains, see the archaeological sites, get lots in the forests and visit the picture perfect ancient towns. 
  • Try the food – We love try food as we travel and Albania is no exception. Try Fegese (a slow cooked stew) or Tave Kosi (a lamb and rice dish baked with yogurt and eggs). 
  • Also, try the pizza – A strange one but Albanians make incredible pizza. With the Italian influence rubbing off on the nearby country, there are many pizza restaurants in the country with amazing pizza at decent prices. 
  • Getting around – Getting around Albania is a challenge. There is no international rail connections so you will be flying into the country. There are very few national trains too. If you are hoping to go beyond the cities, then use the buses or rent a car and get exploring. 
  • Know the history – When visiting Albania, it is important to understand its past. Until the 90s, Albania was under a communist rule with strict restrictions. After communism fell, 2/3 of the population had lost this savings in a pyramid scheme, resulting in rioting, government collapse and a 7 month civil war. 
  • Carry cash – Albania is very much a cash society with very few places taking card. When you arrive in Albania, make sure to get some LEK and euros; most businesses take euros. However, remember that ATM’s charge a fee for cash, so take out what you need if possible. 
Morocco cheapest travel places


Mosques, markets and museums are a few of the things that make Morocco perfect. Couple that with the amazing hospitality, cheap prices and delicious food and you are on to a win! Morocco truly is inspirational! Explore the capital Marrakech, full of incredible sights and amazing markets and enjoy the many things to do in Essaouira.

Average prices for Morocco

Daily cost: $30

Dorm per night: $5+

Hotel per night: $15 – $30

Street food Meal: $0.40 – $3

Sit down meal for 2: $10 – $20

Pint of beer: $3 – $6 (Alcohol is not readily available in certain areas of Morocco)

1L Water: $0.80

Morocco travel cheap destinations

Save money in Morocco

  • Stick to the street food – Try to stick to the street food and local restaurants as much as possible. For just a few dollars, you can get kebabs, barbecued corn, hot roasted chicken, sandwiches and sausages. 
  • Research your hotel – There are budget hotels and some hostels in areas of Morocco but they may not always live up to their star rating. Do your research, read reviews and blogs and make sure you choose your hotel carefully. Compare prices on and also check hotel rates directly with the website. 
  • Taxi prices – Agree on prices before getting into a taxi. Often they will try to overcharge and there are no set prices in Morocco, so you will need to negotiate a price. 
  • Avoid Drinking – Alcohol is uncommon in Morocco because it is frowned upon by locals. Therefore, you can find it but it is expensive. Try the Moroccan wine instead to save some money. 
  • Book car rentals on arrival – If you are looking to rent a car in Morocco, you can do so on arrival. Everything is negotiable in Morocco and you can save a lot of money by haggling a price on arrival with an independent car rental service at the airport. 
  • Walk away – Vendors will often encourage you to buy items if you look remotely interested and these prices are often a lot higher than they should be. Haggle for better prices or walk away if you are not interested.
  • Take the train – Train travel in Morocco is fantastic and reasonable priced. They have high-speed trains with first class tickets cost just $27 or 250dh. 
The Philippines cheapest destinations

The Philippines

From bustling cities to beautiful beaches, the Philippines has been on backpackers’ itineraries for years – with good reason! There is so much to see and do in the Philippines, even if it is a bit pricier than other South East Asia Destinations. Visit Manila or relax in the many hideaways around the islands.

Average prices for The Philippines

Daily cost: $45

Dorm per night: $8 – $20

Hotel per night: $18 – $30

Street food Meal: $1 – $2

Sit down meal for 2: $12+

Pint of beer: $0.70 – $2

1L Water: $0.33

scuba diving Philippines

Things to know before you go to The Philippines

  • Visas – Unlike many other countries, citizens from many countries can visit the Philippines visa free for up to 20 days. In fact, many foreigners can visit from 24 to 36 months with various visa extension options. 
  • Language – Most people in the Philippines speak English, with many children learning to speak Tagalog and English at school. Most restaurants offer menus in English too but it is always worth practising hello and thank you in Tagalog to impress the locals. 
  • The price – The Philippines is one of the cheapest travel destinations you could visit – with high-end resorts costing a fraction of the prices you would pay in the West. Food and drinks are cheap, transport is cheap and even shopping is cheap when you visit the markets and local vendors.
  • Safety – Although the country has a bad reputation, the Philippines is actually incredibly safe. There are some areas in the South that you should avoid due to terrorism but in general, you are safe here. Use make sure to keep hold of your belongs and keep valuables locked in your room safe as always. 
Beautiful beach in The Philippines cheapest destinations
  • When to visit – December to February offers the most pleasant weather whilst anytime from November to April is dry season, so an ideal time to visit the islands and remote areas. However, temperatures are at their highest during March and April, with highs of 35°C. May to October is rainy season and the best time to avoid if you are hoping to visit the beaches and islands; ferries only run during good weather. 
  • Fly domestically – Many travellers presume they need to use buses and ferries in-between the smaller cities and towns but that isn’t the case. You can fly domestically and cheaply, perfect for those who limited with time. 
  • Use GRAB – In South East Asia, the Grab app is the regions version of Uber. Download the app and use this in large cities like Manila and Cebu City. It is easy to use and will show you prices before you book, meaning you won’t have to negotiating with taxis who won’t turn on the meter. 
  • Avoid lotions – Whether it is sunscreen or moisturiser, stick to buying lotions before arriving in the Philippines. Like many countries in Asia, lotions often contain skin whitening agents to lighten your skin. 
  • Pack tissues – As with many destinations in Asia, pack some tissues and hand sanitiser  as they aren’t always available in restrooms. 
  • Book in advance – Many travellers in Asia love to visit counties and book hotels as they travel. Avoid this in the Philippines to get the best prices; the country is incredibly popular and rooms can fill quickly. 
Iran cheapest destinations to visit in the world


Explore the incredible mosques and ancient cities of Iran or take a trip across the desert! It is worth noting that Iran has a active couch surfing community to help you cut travel costs further.

Average prices for Iran

Daily cost: $28

Dorm per night: $10 – $30

Hotel per night: $20 – $50

Street food Meal: Under $6

Sit down meal for 2: $10 – $20

Pint of beer: $1 – $2 (Alcohol is not readily available in certain areas of Iran)

1L Water: $0.20

Things to do in Iran

  • Naqsh-e Jahan Square
  • Golestan Palace
  • Aali Qapu Palace
  • Eram Garden
  • Milad Tower
  • Pasargadae World Heritage Site
  • Imamsazeh Saleh Mosque
  • US Den of Espionage 
Sri Lanka countries with cheapest hotels

Sri Lanka

Jungles, temples and beautiful resorts are hidden away in the national parks around the city. Check out Adam’s Peak or the incredible Yala National Park for some stunning views. Plus, the prices help!

Check out this awesome guide to Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka trip cost

Average prices for Sri Lanka

Daily cost: $25

Dorm per night: $10+ – Hostel dorms are hard to come by in most ares of Sri Lanka.

Hotel per night: $10 – $15

Street food Meal: Under $3 -$5

Sit down meal for 2: $3 – $14

Pint of beer: $2 – $3

1L Water: $0.40

Things to know before you go to Sri Lanka

  • Visas – Most visitors will need a visa to enter Sri Lanka. In fact, only those from the Maldives, Seychelles and Singapore can visit Sri Lanka without a visa. These can be purchases online before your trip, printed and give to the immigration officers. You can obtain a visa on arrival but the entry process is long. 
  • Tourism growth is happening now – Sri Lanka is steadily becoming a tourist destination but isn/t yet wide spread. Although the capital of Colombo has touristy areas and a vast selection of hotels to choose from, other areas aren’t quite ready for tourists. Expect narrow roads outside of the city, little English spoken and less convenience stores and restaurants. 
  • It can be expensive – So Sri Lanka is a cheap destination to visit when you do it right (use the tips below to help you save money in Sri Lanka too). Avoid buying imported foods and liquor and stick to local hotels and restaurants for budget-friendly options.
  • Use a private driver – Because the country is slowly developing its tourism and the stressful driving conditions, most tourists find it easier to hire a driver to get around Sri Lanka rather than drive themselves or take a tour. Personal tour guides are available and most hotels can help you with arranging one for your trip. 
  • Take the train instead of the bus – Sri Lanka trains offer pleasant trips and are much more enjoyable than the bus. You can enjoy the scenic landscapes on the journey and the ride is cheap and comfortable. Make sure to book tickets a few weeks in advance as the train is a popular choice. 
Sri Lanka places with cheap hotels
  • Eat the local food – Sri Lankan specialities includes fresh crab curry and amazing local teas so make sure you try some. You will find it harder in Sri Lanka to find western dishes to stick with the local food during your trip. 
  • Don’t drink the tap water – Make sure to buy bottled water as the tap water is not safe to drink. It is also recommended you get the Hep A and Typhoid vaccinations before visiting Sri Lanka to protect you from contaminated food and water. 
  • See the wildlife – There is more to Sri Lanka than cities and temples. Head to the safaris and varied landscapes to catch a glimpse of breathtaking animals. The Yala national Park in the south has the highest concentration of leopards in Asia whilst Minneriya national Park is the place to be to see large gatherings on elephants. 
  • Avoid Monsoon seasons – Although you can visit Sri Lanka all year round, there are two monsoon seasons which effect different areas of the island. From October to January, the northern and eastern areas of Sri Lanka experience rain and wind whilst the souther and western rhinos receive monsoon weather from May to September. December through March is the peak tourist season so visit outside of these dates for cheaper prices. 
  • Try a tour – We usually recommend you book your trip independently but that isn’t the case for Sri Lanka. You definitely can travel independently here and it will save you some money but it is a lot easier to travel with a tour company. Travel around Sri Lanka is limited so choosing a company that gives you freedom once you arrive in a destination but arranges the travel between cities is the best balance for a trip here. 
Sri Lanka places with cheap hotels

How to save money in Sri Lanka

  • Travel off-season – As always, travelling off-season is going to help you save money in Sri Lanka. Peak season is from December to April, so visiting in November and May will help you save money whilst still avoiding the hot and rainy seasons. 
  • Online visas – You will need a visa for Sri Lanka and booking it online is easier but also $5 cheaper than getting it on arrival. 
  • Stay in hostels – Sri Lanka has a great variety of accommodation but for the cheapest kind, stay in the hostels. The Hangover Hostels are perfect options for travellers looking for reasonable priced and comfortable hostels, plus they have hotels in Seeduwa, Ella, Sigiriya, Mirissa and Arugam Bay. 
  • Use Public Transport – The trains in Sri Lanka are comfortable and cheap, so definitely use these when travelling long distances. You can check and book tickets on or arrange tickets in advance with your hostel or hotel. 
Sri Lanka trip cost
  • Use tuk-tuks and ride-sharing apps – For short trips, taking a tuk-tuk or ride share is super affordable. With tut-tuk, make sure they are the meter or agree on a price before your journey. Sri Lanka do have Uber and a similar app called ‘Pick Me’ but is only available in the cities at the moment. 
  • Buy from vendors – Cities in Sri Lanka have many street sellers and vendors, selling fruit and coconut drinks. Make sure to buy from these vendors; produce is fresh and often cheaper than supermarkets. 
  • The food – You can eat western food in Sri Lanka but it is often more expensive and won’t taste anywhere near as good at the local food. Even if you choose a cafe or restaurant with both western and local dishes, try and stick to the local food as much as possible to save money. 
  • Cheap tourist attractions – Sri Lanka is an affordable place to visit but there are certain attractions that are more expensive than others. When choose which attractions to visit, check the prices before hand and balance out which to visit and which to miss, checking those prices first. 
Uganda Cheap travel places


This African country offers some of the most beautiful national parks in the world. Hike through the forests, visit the gorillas in their natural habitat or go on safari. Uganda is home to gorgeous savannah plains contrasted with incredible forests and nature. 

This is one of the cheapest places to visit in Africa but avoid the exclusive luxury lodges; these are expensive and, although great for special occasions, are not good for those on a budget. 

If you want to explore Uganda to the max, it isn’t uncommon for visitors to get a volunteer placement for the opportunity to spend time and get to know the locals and the local life. 

Average prices for Uganda

Daily cost: $30

Dorm per night: $10 – $20

Hotel per night: $20 – $30

Street food Meal: Under $2

Sit down meal for 2: $15 – $20

Pint of beer: $1.50- $1

1L Water: $0.35

Romania places to visit on a budget


If you love exploring gorgeous castles, discovering old towns and trying delicious cuisine, then Romania is for you!

You have probably heard of Budapest; a beautiful historic city which is perfect for couples. Head here at Christmas for bustling markets and perfect festive vibes. Head outside 

Average prices for Romania

Daily cost: $25

Dorm per night: $5 – $14

Hotel per night: $12 – $35

Street food Meal: $0.30 – $1.30

Sit down meal for 2: $5 – $12

Pint of beer: $1 – $2.50

1L Water: $0.95

Romania places to visit on a budget

Things to know before you go to Romania

  • Romania is big – Do not underestimate the size of Romania; it is the 12th largest country in Europe. However, it is not as easy to travel across the country. Luckily, most tourist destinations are only an hour or so away from the capital of Bucharest but it is worth knowing distances between places before you plan a trip. 
  • Visas – At the time of writing, most European countries do not need a visa to enter Romania, nor do USA, Canada and Australia citizens.
  • The Currency – The currency in Romania is Leu or New Leu. Do not expect to be able to use euros in Romania; some hotels may take them but check before arrival. 
  • The Language – The national language of Romania is Romania – similar to French, Italian and Spanish. In tourist areas, you will find English speaking guides and hotel owners but try to learn some basic phrases before visiting.
  • Getting around Romania – There is an extensive network of trains, buses and minibuses in Romania, making your travel around the country easy to plan. Autogari is the website to check out when planning your trip and remember to book trains in advance during the summer season.
  • Take a taxi – When in the cities, use the taxis to get around. These will save you time and prices are competitive with public transport too! As always, make sure the driver uses the meter.
  • Rent a car – Romania is a great place to road trip around. Car rentals are cheap and roads are easy to navigate. By renting a car, you can get out of the cities and explore the untouched countryside and breathtaking landscapes of the country. 
  • Cost of travel – Romania is one of the cheapest countries to visit in the world. Vacationing on a budget, you can expect to send as little as $70 a day when staying in a hostel or small private room but eating out and seeing the attractions. 
  • Ideal for nomads – With the cheap cost of living and the super fast internet speeds, Romania is quickly becoming a great place for digital nomads. In fact, the country has the 5th fastest Internet on the planet, making it ideal for those who work online. 
  • Where to go – Whilst in the country, of course you will want to spend some time in the cities but make sure to head out to see Bran Castle (also known as the home to Dracula), Balea Lake, The Black Church and Corvins’ Castle.
Turkey cheapest travel destinations


From cultural cities to relaxing resorts, Turkey has a bit of everything and is a popular AND CHEAP destination for Europeans holidaying in the summer. Nothing beats explore the markets and mosques of Istanbul. 

Best places to visit in Turkey

Average prices for Turkey

Daily cost: $40

Dorm per night: $10 – $25

Hotel per night: $20 – $50

Street food Meal: Under $3

Sit down meal for 2: $10 – $20

Pint of beer: $1.20 – $2

1L Water: $0.50

Turkey cheapest travel destinations

Save money in Turkey

  • Visit in low-season – High Season in Turkey is July to September, so hotel prices rocket up during this time. Visit in April, May or October to save money on hotels and package holidays. 
  • Walk in prices – If you are visiting outside of the summer, it is possible to get reduce rates if you book your hotel on the day. Walk into the hotel to see if they have availability; you will be able to negotiate a price during the quieter months. 
  • Self-catering – When booking a resort hotel, you can save a lot of money by getting a self-catering apartment and cooking your own food. There are all-inclusive options in Turkey but food in these resorts can be hit or miss and you will want to get out of your hotel and try the local restaurants too. 
  • Eat where the locals eat – In Turkey, you will notice a lot of restaurants that cater to tourists. These will have western dishes or photo menus. For better food at cheaper prices, stick to restaurants that locals are eating in and avoid those with western food options. 
  • Avoid alcohol – Alcohol prices in Turkey keep rising, so if you are travelling on a budget, it is best to avoid drinking too much on your trip. Also, if you are going to drink, stick to local beers rather than imported spirits. 
  • Currency exchange – When travelling Turkey, exchange money in the country itself as a shop. Most shops do not charge a commission and will offer a better rate than your home country or the airport. 
Turkey Cheapest travel destinations
  • Avoid hiring a car – Petrol prices in Turkey are high, so hiring a car is an expensive option. Instead, use voucher code sites and deal websites like Groupon or Holiday Pirates, to find package holidays or tours. Also, you can use the bus system in Turkey for affordable prices and these buses often come with comfortable seas, tea, coffee, frequent stops and even cake. 
  • Don’t tip – It is not always expected to tip in Turkey, although hotel staff will appreciate tips. If you are only drinking in a bar or restaurant, you do not need to tip but some restaurants may add a service tip of up to 10%.
  • Get haggling – When in the markets or the bazaar, make sure to haggle. Foreigners will often be quoted higher prices, so make sure to haggle. If you aren’t happy with their final price, go to walk away and see if it changes their mind. 
  • Avoid your rep – Many resorts in Turkey will have an in-house rep who will be selling excursions to visitors. Avoid buying them from the rep and instead, purchase them online before you go or visit a local operator or company on the streets. If you are not sure if you are getting the best deal, you can always compare prices before booking anything. 
  • Avoid Buy-1-get-1-free deals – Not so much in the cities but when visiting the tourist resorts in Turkey, avoid the buy one get one free deals. These are often watered down so that two cocktails will be just as strong combined as one cocktail. Instead, stick to local drinks. 
Laos cheap places to visit in the world


Laos is the place for partying or temple exploring – the perfect introduction to South East Asia. Plus, it is super cheap!

Visit Don Det to relax and unwind in a hammock somewhere or float down the river then take a bug to Pakse, the major transport hub in Laos. Visit Wat Chu (an incredible Khmer temple) before heading to Vientiane; the capital of Laos. 

Laos cheap places to visit in the world

Average prices for Laos

Daily cost: $20

Dorm per night: $3 +

Hotel per night: $7 – $12

Street food Meal: Under $1

Sit down meal for 2: $6 – $18

Pint of beer: $1 – $1.80

1L Water: $0.60

Montenegro cheap place to visit


Known for its beautiful landscapes and rivers, Montenegro is cheaper and a lot less crowded than its European neighbours but is home to some of the best National Parks in the world.

Established as an independent nation in 2006, the small but gorgeous country is becoming a European tourist hot spot. It is still one the cheapest countries to visit in the world, with a beach vacation here costing a frailty of the price you would pay in Italy, France or Croatia. 

Visit the Venetian Old Town in Kotor, admire the stunning fjord-like bay, explore the national parks and underground caverns because relaxing by the sea with a delicious meal. 

Average prices for Montenegro

Daily cost: $45

Dorm per night: $10 – $20

Hotel per night: $20 – $50

Street food Meal: $2 – $4

Sit down meal for 2: $20 – $40

Pint of beer: $1 – $2

1L Water: $0.64

Is kenya safe


Safaris galore, Kenya has fast become a popular tourist destination but it can still be visited on a budget!

Kenya is known for its magnificent wildlife, with a variety of parts, conservancies and reserves available for visitors. This country has the most diverse population of wildest on the planet, with these gorgeous creatures living across the vast, stunning landscapes that make up the country. 

The country is a cheap place to visit but make sure you save up for those excursions to the parks and reserves; these are where the prices add up. Safari trips can cost up to $500 per person whilst fly-in safaris and private tours can cost anywhere up to $900. 

To save money in Kenya, travel in the off-season, book tour packages and special offers to the safaris, plan everything in advance and travel as a group where possible. 

Kenya cheap destinations to travel to

Average prices for Kenya

Daily cost: $20

Dorm per night: $3 +

Hotel per night: $7 – $12

Street food Meal: Under $1

Sit down meal for 2: $6 – $18

Pint of beer: $1 – $1.80

1L Water: $0.60

Cambodia cheapest vacation countries


Cambodia is an understated country but home to some of the most interesting sights in Asia. With a massive complex of ancient temples in Siem Reap and a capital steeped in history, Cambodia should be on your Asia Itinerary. There are so many things to do in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh but make sure to visit the beach destinations too.

Average prices for Cambodia

Daily cost: $25

Dorm per night: $4 – $12

Hotel per night: $11 – $30

Street food Meal: Under $2

Sit down meal for 2: $8 – $25

Pint of beer: Around $1

1L Water: $0.70

Peru Cheap vacation destinations


Famous for it’s wonder of the world Machu Picchu, Peru is a country full of unique opportunities, hikes and contrast. Hotels and Air B’n’Bs can be expensive during popular hiking seasons. Don’t forget to check out the Inca sites that are not Machu Picchu or enjoy the Chocolate Museum in Cusco Peru!

Peru is getting easier and easier to travel around with the merger of Lan and Tam airlines, connecting South American with USA cities. Flights between the cities are inexpensive and frequent, so you can visit more than one destination in this cheap country during your trip. 

Many people head here for Machu Picchu but also make sure to visit the capital Lima, explore the Sacred Valley and relax at the Buenos beaches. 

Peru cheapest destinations to visit

Average prices for Peru

Daily cost: $40

Dorm per night: $7 – $14

Hotel per night: $25 – $60

Street food Meal: Under $1

Sit down meal for 2: $8 – $28

Pint of beer: $2.10 – $3

1L Water: $0.34

Woman looking at Vietnam countryside 3 weeks in Vietnam


I do not shy away from declaring my love for Vietnam! Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh are busy and exciting, the towers of beer are cheap and the food is just amazing. Head to the beautiful Halong Bay or visit the historical Cu Chi tunnels.

Vietnam is a cheap, diverse country in South East Asia and the perfect destination for newbie travellers. However, there are a few things you need to know before you go to Vietnam. 

3 weeks in Vietnam

Average prices for Vietnam

Daily cost: $20

Dorm per night: $3.50 – $8

Hotel per night: $6 – $15

Street food Meal: Under $2

Sit down meal for 2: $5 – $20

Pint of beer: $0.70 – $1.40

1L Water: $.30

Malaysia cheapest country to visit


Kuala Lumpur is a world-renowned city full of top-class restaurants, stunning architecture and fantastic neighbourhood with their own character and culture. There is also so many activities and things to with family in Kuala Lumpur, as well as romantic experiences for those travelling as a couple.

Beyond KL, Malaysia offers golden beaches and must-do hikes through terrace fields, forests and mountains.

Cheapest countries to visit

Average prices for Malaysia

Daily cost: $25

Dorm per night: $8 – $14

Hotel per night: $10 – $25

Street food Meal: Under $1

Sit down meal for 2: $3 – $14

Pint of beer: $2.20 – $5

1L Water: $0.23

Save money in Malaysia

  • Track flights – You will likely spend most of your money on flying to Malaysia. Make sure to set up Google Alerts for flight prices and compare prices on Skyscanner but also on Momondo; a comparison site that shares the prices across time not just airlines. 
  • Travel during monsoon season – If you don’t plan on visiting the East Coast of Malaysia, you can travel during Monsoon without the rain affecting your trip too much. This lasts from November to March and hotel, flight and tour prices are hugely discounted. 
  • Eat like a local – Local food in Malaysia is super cheap, so make sure you try the local food. Breakfast can be picked up at a food stall or coffee shop, whilst there are 24-hour stalls that sell cheap food all day long. 
  • Use the food courts – If you are looking for a meal in air-conditioning, head to a food court. These are also great if you are travelling as a group because there are lots of different food options to choose from, plus the food is tasty and cheap.
  • Book a hotel with breakfast – Many hotel chains and budget hotels will offer rooms which include breakfast. Even basic, budget hotels will have some type of breakfast on offer. Choose a hotel with breakfast included so you can start the day off right. 
  • Use the bus – Bus travel in Malaysia is cheap and easy. Seats can be reserved online using websites such as Easybook and there are trains that take you to most destinations in Malaysia. 
  • Use the hop-on hop-off City Tour bus – We love these tour buses, especially if you are short on time. Save money on travelling around the city by jumping on a bus, seeing the sights and choosing when to hop on or hop off and explore an attraction. 
  • Low cost airlines – If you are travelling from another country in Asia or you are looking to fly between cities in Malaysia, you can save a lot of money bu sticking to the low cost airlines. Jetstar Asia, AirAsia and Scoot are all great options which have offers and promotions when you book directly. Just remember to pre-book luggage too. 
A temple in Malaysia Cheapest travel destinations Malaysia
  • Book hotels in advance – Unlike other South East Asia destinations, you will not be able to save a load of money by walking into a hotel on the day. Instead, compare prices on Agoda and book hotels in advance. Alternatively, you can contact hotels via Facebook or email to negotiate a price; this works more for those looking for an extended stay. 
  • Avoid the Alcohol – Malaysia is an affordable country to visit but prices of beer are similar to the prices you would expect in Europe and the US. Avoid drinking too much whilst in Malaysia, especially when travelling on a budget. 
A small town in Czech Republic Cheap travel destinations

Czech Republic

Prague offers that picturesque, perfect city that comes to mind when you think of Europe whilst Brno is a less touristy and cheaper destination to head to. Head out of the city and explore ancient castles, boutique hotels and some stunning churches.

Average prices for the Czech Republic

Daily cost: $35

Dorm per night: $10 – $18

Hotel per night: $40+ (You can save money with Airbnb when staying in Prague as hotels are costly)

Street food Meal: $0.80 – $5

Sit down meal for 2: $18 – $30

Pint of beer: $1.30 – $2

1L Water: $0.90

Where to go in the Czech Republic

  • Prague Castle
  • Charles Bridge
  • Old Town Square
  • The Dance House
  • St. Vitus Cathedral
  • Prague Astronomical Clock
  • Karlstejn Castle
  • Vysehrad
  • Wenceslas Square
Cheap places to visit Russia


An enchanting country that really needs to be on everyones bucket list! With a complex history, unique food and many hidden gems, there are so many reasons you should visit Russia. Plus, it is an affordable destination to visit. 

Places to visit in Russia

  • Moscow
  • St. Petersburg
  • Lake Baikal
  • Altay
  • Sochi
  • Olkhon Island
  • The Russian Tundra
  • Peterhof
  • Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
  • Vladivostok
  • Anapa
Cheap places to visit Russia

Average prices for Russia

Daily cost: $45

Dorm per night: $11 – $20

Hotel per night: $30 – $45

Street food Meal: $3 – $5

Sit down meal for 2: $20 +

Pint of beer: Around $4

1L Water: $1.05

Hungary cheapest travel destination


Hungary is a romantic, cheap and gorgeous place to visit. Whether you are touring Europe or looking for a romantic European break, Hungary is the perfect choice. 

Average prices for Hungary

Daily cost: $40

Dorm per night: $10 – $20

Hotel per night: $25 – $35

Street food Meal: Around $4

Sit down meal for 2: $20 – $35

Pint of beer: $1.60

1L Water: $1

Top things to do in Budapest

Things to know before you go to Hungary

  • Visas – As part of the EU, citizens from most countries in the EU, US and Canada do not need a visa for up to 90 days in Hungary. 
  • When to visit – March to May and September to November is the best time to visit Hungary and in particular, Budapest, without the crowds. The cities are overcrowded in the summer and the weather is warm. However, these shoulder months give a milder climate and cheaper hotel rates too. 
  • Getting to Hungary – The countries airline Wizz Air have growing every year, with direct budget flights available from many European cities. You can also catch a train or bus into the country from Vienna, the Balkans and even Turkey. 
  • Getting around – The train network in the country is good, offering routes across the country. The only downside is that most cross-country trips will require you to transfer in Budapest. Once in the cities, you can catch the metro, tram or bus to get around. 
  • The food – Whilst in Hungary, you must try their hearty cuisine. You can pick up the traditional Goulash soup in most restaurants but also try their stews and desserts too. 
  • More than Budapest – Hungary is more than its famous capital. Don’t get me wrong, you will want to spend time in the city but also try to discover more of the country. Head to other cities such as Szeged and Pecs or visit the landlocked Lake Balaton. Here you will find waterfront spa towns to enjoy and unwind. 
South Africa cheap travel destinations

South Africa

South Africa offers so many diverse experiences that make it one of the best countries to visit in the world. However, before you visit, there are a few things you need to know. 

Average prices for South Africa

Daily cost: $45

Dorm per night: $8 – $14

Hotel per night: $30+

Street food Meal: Under $5

Sit down meal for 2: $20 – $40

Pint of beer: $1.70

1L Water: $0.90

Bangkok market


Last but definitely not least, Thailand is the number 1 backpackers choice in Asia! And for good reason. Bangkok offers every experience you could ask for while the north shares the traditional Thai lifestyle. Want to relax by a private pool or on a beautiful beach for as little as $10 a night – head to the Southern islands of Thailand! Don’t forget to enjoy the amazing local food!

As expats in Bangkok, we are biased but Thailand really is one of the best place so visit, regardless of your budget. 

You can save money by staying in the low-season, eating local food (western food is double the price), taking advantage of happy hours and using the budget airlines like Scoot and AirAsia. 

We have a website dedicated to Thailand Travel so make sure you check out That Bangkok Life if you are planning a trip to Thailand. 

Average prices for Thailand

Daily cost: $30

Dorm per night: $4 – $10

Hotel per night: $14 +

Street food Meal: Under $1

Sit down meal for 2: $4 – $10

Pint of beer: Around $2

1L Water: $0.25

We hope you have an amazing time wherever you choose to go! Let us know when your chosen cheap destination is in the comments below! 

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Why You Should Visit India? Foreigner Sharing Their Living Experiences In India

Friday 29th of December 2023

[…] From stunning scenery, lush green landscapes, hilly wonderlands and roaring wildlife, India definitely puts the lust in wanderlust! A coveted land of wealth and wisdom, India has been visited by seekers from various parts of world and people from all walks of life. Foreign travelers have kept India at the top of their bucket list of ‘must-see countries in a lifetime’. Let’s check out why with none other then foreigners which have travelled India recently and shared there advices and suggestions on places to visit in India. You can also checkout few budget-friendly destination in India. […]

Babu kaji Sitaula

Monday 22nd of August 2022

Thank you for mentioning the budget trip destinations. For those who wish to travel quickly and affordably, it is really helpful.

Mr. Prakash Chandra Devkota

Monday 22nd of August 2022

Thank you for mentioning the budget trip destinations. For those who wish to travel quickly and affordably, it is really helpful.

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Thursday 26th of May 2022

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7 Do's and Don'ts In Thailand (That Will Save You From Embarrassment!)

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