Chengdu’s Giant Panda Breeding Research Base, China.

Giant Panda Research Base

For Panda lovers everywhere, the Chengdu’s Giant Panda Research Base is the place for you. Observe these beautiful creatures in a somewhat natural habitat and even hold a baby panda (for a fee).

Giant Panda Research Base

What to expect 

As a Panda Research Centre, you can expect vast space of greenery and plants for the Panda’s to wander and relax. There are feeding times throughout the day that shouldn’t be missed! Plus, you can see different types of Panda, like the Red Panda that resembles a fox!

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Entrance costs ¥58 for an adult and many guesthouses can run group or private tours to the base. We arranged a private tour with Sam’s Guesthouse; the place we stayed at, and visited the base with a local. Although he spoke very little English, our guide took us around the base the opposite way to most tourists and drove us there for opening time. This meant we could see the different Pandas without the massive groups of tourists and visitors.

Get there for opening time and catch the first feeding of the day: opening hours 8am – 5.30pm

Giant Panda Research Base
Giant Panda Research Base


For those who don’t wish to book a tour, you can catch a taxi from the city centre, costing around ¥30 or take bus 87, 198, 198A or 867 for the research base. To save money and time, we advise you to book a tour with a local guesthouse or hostel, head to the Panda base early and from there take a trip to see the Leshan Buddha.

Have you visited the Giant Panda Research Base or is it on your list? Tell us your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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Giant Panda Breeding Research Base
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  1. Pandas are like infant. So cute they are. The picture with panda chewing the stick is adorable. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. I never there is research centre for panda as well. Really a great information shared. Nice post

  3. It seems that the Pandas need all the help we can give them with their breeding program. How old do they live to?

  4. Chengduuuuuuu is my favorite place in China! They have pandas, best street food, live bands, pandas,lol! The first time I saw the Pandas was at another research base outside of Chengdu. That one was not crowded and I got to volunteer with the pandas back when it was still allowed. The second time I saw pandas was at this research base this past April. they’ve added a new museum or something like that! Really nice place!

  5. OMG!! These pandas are so adorable… It must have been quite a sight watching them in action. I’ve seen bear bathing and playing, but would love to see these cute black and whites too <3 Cheers!!

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  7. […] what drew us to Chengdu was the promise of seeing the amazing Giant Panda up close but it became so much more than that as we connected with locals at the community […]

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