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Heading to Japan? Visit in April to find the gorgeous places for cherry blossom in Tokyo, Japan – a must-see in the country. 

Cherry Blossom in Tokyo

Tokyo officially enters its cherry blossom season in March, making March and April the best time to visit Tokyo. Tokyo’s cherry blossoms are almost all over the city, with large cherry blossom forests and deep cherry blossom walks becoming the focal point of the city this season. The season is one of the best unique Japan experiences you can enjoy.

This article will focus on the seven most popular cherry blossom viewing spots in Tokyo, briefly explain the significance of each spot and the characteristics of the cherry blossoms, and include a map of Tokyo and related notes. This is a useful reference for those who decide to go to Tokyo to enjoy the cherry blossoms.

Tokyo’s special features: The variety of cherry blossom viewing spots is surely the biggest signature of Tokyo. These places include not only the major parks and popular spots, but also the night cherry blossoms along the river and the Dentetsu Arakawa Line, which runs through the rain of cherry blossoms.

Distribution of cherry blossom viewing spots: Tokyo’s cherry blossom viewing spots are spread out throughout the city, and are mostly located near famous Tokyo sights and shopping areas in Tokyo. The biggest difference is the number of cherry blossoms and the surrounding scenery, which is also the key point for tourists to do the screening.

Cherry blossom flowering period: cherry blossom from blooming to withering generally will experience 7-12 days, the annual cherry blossom carnival, also will stop at a shocking cherry blossom rain. By the time the rain falls, the cherry blossom viewing period in Tokyo is officially over.

Tips: Some of the cherry blossom viewing spots are close to each other and can be visited on foot in tandem. For examples: Chidorigafuchi and the Imperial Palace, Meiji Jingu Shrine and Yoyogi Park.

Tokyo Cherry Blossom Spots

Shinjuku Garden Cherry blossom in tokyo japan

Shinjuku Gyoen

Shinjuku Gyoen, once a royal garden in Japan, is now open to the public as a secluded place in the middle of the city. In addition to its vast area, the exquisite gardens showcase the beauty of Japanese culture, and the thousands of cherry blossom trees undoubtedly make it the most popular spot for cherry blossom viewing in spring.

The rich variety of cherry blossoms in the garden runs through almost the entire flowering season. Each species of cherry blossom blooms at a different time, which ensures that visitors to Shinjuku Gyoen will be able to feast their eyes on the blossoms no matter what time of the year they visit.

The close proximity to the Shinjuku shopping district makes it easy to fit in shopping and dining trips while enjoying the cherry blossoms with the skyscraper city as a backdrop. This definitely should be part of your Tokyo itinerary.

Meguro River Cherry blossom in tokyo japan

Meguro River

4km riverbank cherry blossom walk, night cherry blossoms, Japanese stores

This normally inconspicuous stream in Tokyo is crowded with visitors when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. The deep cherry trees on both sides of the stream form an avenue of cherry blossoms that stretches for kilometers. During the cherry blossom season, the entire stream is surrounded by cherry blossom trees, and the petals float on the surface of the water, creating a pink scene on the river.

The most important thing for Meguro River is the night cherry blossoms here. When the lights come on, the pink lanterns lining the riverbank make Meguro River a perfect place to enjoy cherry blossoms at night. The deeper the night, the more intense the atmosphere is.

Ueno Park Cherry blossom in tokyo japan

Ueno Park

Traditional cherry blossom viewing spots in Tokyo, picnic and cherry blossom rain

Ueno Park is the most traditional cherry blossom viewing spot in Tokyo, and its reputation has long been known overseas. Over 3,000 cherry trees in the park together form the largest cherry blossom forest in Tokyo. Every spring, a picnic and cherry blossom rain in Ueno Park is an essential spring activity for locals.

Several major cherry blossom trails in the park are the main areas for visitors to enjoy the blossoms, with the most spectacular view from the trail near the Bujinko pond. This is also the main picnic area for visitors. Spreading a picnic cloth under the cherry blossom forest, grabbing a few friends and chatting while watching the rain of cherry blossoms fall is the most Japanese spring experience.

Chidorigafuchi Cherry blossom in tokyo japan

Chidorigafuchi (Kitanomaru Park)

Chidorigafuchi, the moat of the Imperial Palace, is located near Ginza, the heart of Tokyo, and is a popular cherry blossom viewing spot for locals. The shoreline cherry blossom walkway circles the river for hundreds of meters and is compact enough. The leafy cherry trees shade the sky, forming a natural cherry blossom dome, and the lookup is full of pink, giving you a sense of shock.

Another special feature of Chidorigafuchi is the possibility of boating in the river. The two rows of cherry blossom trees on the river bank dropping down to the surface of the river give visitors a unique experience of rowing into the “pink sea”. If you are interested, you can walk along the river, and the stores of the cherry blossom festival on both sides of the trail are full of a festive atmosphere, and you can also visit the Imperial Palace (the residence of the Emperor of Japan).

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