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Another month has come and gone and I haven’t written one blog post about day to day China living. In fact, I haven’t written much about living in China at all.

So this month it’s all about China! Yep, I’m not sure about other bloggers but I find I have so many blog posts I want to write, that I completely forget about the here and now. A few months ago, I did a month blog challenge, with a new blog post every day. This was great, because we had just returned from two weeks in Thailand and it motivated me to write all the content I wanted to about our time traveling the country.

But I have been so busy, writing about the places we have visited and explored in the last 7 years, that I haven’t properly stopped, reflected and written about what life in China in like. Living in China is amazing yes, but there was so many things (and there still is so many things) I’m unsure about or don’t know how to do. Catching a metro, navigating supermarkets and figuring out how to use our air conditioning was our big challenges that first week we moved to China, but now we know more, we have learnt more and I am ready to stop and share.

Our first year in China is almost over and I am super excited to say we will be spending our summer travelling the country. It will be awesome I am sure but this month, I will be posting all about China and ONLY China!


Remember, if you have any questions or areas of interest in regards to China living, leave them in the comments below and I will be sure to write about them this month.

Blog Numbers and Goals

This month has been better.

Pinterest views are back on the up and sessions are steadily growing. I have also been enjoying updating older posts and I have set myself a challenge to only write about China. We have more guest posts and sponsored posts this month, which is always exciting for a growing blog.

We also finished our YouTube makeover and have enjoyed an increase of engagement. We will be sharing our travels in China this month and we are even experimenting with weekly vlogs. If you want to see more of our videos, don’t forget to subscribe > CTG TV

Love and Hate

Previously in this section, I listed some blog posts that I loved but was always too nervous to be negative about what I disliked that month. Yeah, let’s change that.


Summer holidays! I mean yes that is a given but as someone who is writing this on their first proper day of the summer holidays, I am simply loving it right now!

Chinese food – as part of our “enjoy China more” approach, we have been wandering around Tianjin trying everything and anything! Here’s to eating more local dishes.


Goodbyes. As it is the end of the academic year, it has also been a time of goodbyes. I said goodbye to my first class here in Tianjin and goodbye to some close friends and colleagues who are moving on to other schools.

Highlight of the month

The start of the summer holidays and buying a new drone – yes, Calum NEEDED to buy the Mavic Air before our travels.

What’s next?

I am super excited for our summer plans!

We have organised a tour of the places in China we have yet to visit as well as a few we are dying to return to! This week, we start off with a flight to Shanghai and a visit to Disneyland! Followed by some time in Changzhou (to visit a gaming themed theme park?!), Nanjing, Hangzhou, Huangshan, Guilin, Chongqing, Chengdu and Pingyao!

Look out for a posts all about China living coming up this month!

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China Living
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China Living
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